All the mods & mainline mods reactivated (Goats Mod Compilation) v0.0.6

Goats Mod Compilation
Totaling at 203 mods
next update somepoint this week
Todo list for .E

  • Once E arrives I will be stricter with the mods that pass (no errors what so ever but that will be a separate download for E and I will continue an experimental mod compilation) (until then you will see errors on some mods, remember that they don’t all work together)

  • I will keep this updated to the best of my abilities

  • If there is a mod you would like to add to this pack add a pr or comment below

  • If a mod becomes unplayable I will remove it and add it to the removed list

  • As of V 0.0.6 I think I have added all the working mods if anyone has any fixes to the mods in the removed section feel free to upload and ill add them back in

  • If you run into an issue report it on github also report it to the mod creator

  • Some mods have allready been implemented i will rectify this but i you know what mods they are please coment below

Remember and delete the mods from cdda/data/mods

Download link - Reactivated mods only


V 0.0.6

Added Mods

  • 3x_Healing
  • Ammo Boxes
  • Anesthesia Crafting
  • Antifungal Gears
  • Basement extension
  • Battle Maid Redux
  • Bayonet Mod
  • Broken Admins Makeshift Items
  • CBM arms
  • Climate defying farming
  • Food Preservation by irradiation
  • Cloth Rollmat
  • Crazy pets
  • Crused Thighs (quivers)
  • Dual Wield
  • Dumb Sabaton memes
  • Egg + Egg Plant combo seed Mod
  • Even More Mutations
  • Flour ModIncinerator
  • Kingsman Umbrella gun
  • Large Capacity Storage CBMs
  • Lean
  • Lightsaber Mod
  • Agent bandits Mod
  • Nimians Manufacture
  • Makeshift canteen
  • Materials Plants
  • Metal Elemental
  • Misc Gear
  • Gunslinger Mod
  • Mo Creations
  • Mo Insects
  • Mo Monsters
  • Mo Vehicles
  • Modern weapons pack Expanded
  • More Survivor Notes
  • More Armor
  • More Military
  • More Tea Leaf
  • Mutant insects PK Unofficial patch
  • NBC items Pack 09.2
  • Oa early game mutations Mod
  • Odds N Ends
  • Offal Sausage
  • Old Healing
  • Pipe-revolver-rifles
  • Pistol crossbow (hybrid crossbow)
  • Pixels fuckery
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Power armor Additions
  • Pressure weapons
  • Psychiclym
  • Recruitment Options
  • Reds odd Additions
  • Sarcophagi Access
  • Shrub it Off
  • Soy Mod
  • Stats are bullshit
  • Summons Animals
  • Survivor Crowbar
  • Sirvivors lost item
  • Tame bugs
  • The Vermillon Mod
  • Thershold
  • Uekibati Mod
  • Vorpal weaponsWith Extra Mushrooms
  • Xenos SAS4 weapons
  • Xtal
  • ZsFixed CDDAXP

Mods that need colour updated

  • CBM Equipment
  • Fallout New England
  • hybrid corssbow
  • kingsman Umbrella
  • mod to grow tea leaves
  • Modern Weapon Pack Expanded
  • NBC Items pack 09.2
  • Pressure Weapons
  • More Monsters
  • Incinerator
  • Battle Maid Redux
  • Compatible Add Bandits
  • Red’s Odd Additions
  • Rivtech Beam Swords
  • Xeno’s SAS4 Weapons Pack
  • Compatible Nimian Manufacture guns
  • Odds N Ends
  • ZSFIXED_C:DDA Extra Professions & Gears
  • Compatible Jury Rigged Robots

Removed Mods

  • Pk Rebalancing
V 0.0.5


  • fixed relistic fridge size mod now fridges hold 300l (300000ml)
V 0.0.4


  • Dorf_Life
  • Throwing
  • Necropolis_findable
  • Whaleys New Hair Mod
  • cdda_medieval_mod
  • cdda_ups_thermal-master
V 0.0.3


  • AdvancedGear (now works)
  • Realistic_Fridge_Size (now works)
  • Civilianpowerarmor (only one power armor working)
  • Mutan_Animals (now works)
  • MST Extra - works fine


  • Nechronica_Redux - still throughs up error
V 0.0.2

Mods that work but through up error

  • Nechronica_Redux
  • Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions


  • Fallout-in-CDDA


  • AdvancedGear-CDDA-Mod-master
  • BioCo-master
  • Civilianpowerarmor-master
  • Dorf_Life
  • Locked_Lockers
  • M_Ninja-master
  • More_City_Locations
  • Morlock_Village
  • MST_Extra
  • Mutant_Animals
  • Realistic_Fridge_Size
  • Stormtrooper
  • TCW_Box
  • Water_Tower
V 0.0.1
  • AdvancedGear-CDDA-Mod-master
  • Animatronics
  • antifunguskit
  • Armor Up! PA Utilities
  • Armor Up! Survivor Expansion
  • Arsenal_Breach
  • Artyom Emporium v.1
  • Battery_Migration
  • bio_mod
  • BioCo-master
  • blazemod
  • Boats
  • Bootleg Walkers
  • Car_color_variation-master
  • Cataclysm_Fiddlehead-master
  • cdda_wrecks-master
  • CDDAMewbModsb
  • cdda-tool-bundle-master
  • cdda-variety-pack-master
  • cdda-youre-gonna-get-canned-master
  • Civilianpowerarmor-master
  • Craft_Gunpowder
  • DeadPeople_Chesthole
  • DeadPeople_Hybrid
  • DeadPeople_No_Debug
  • DeadPeople_No_Highlight
  • DeadPeople_No_Status_Icons
  • DeadPeople_Old_Floor_Tiles
  • DeadPeople_Xotto
  • DeoxyMod
  • Dorf_Life
  • DracoDogMod
  • DracoPigMod
  • Dried fruits
  • EW_Pack
  • Expanded Archery (Temp Lite Version)
  • fast_healing
  • Fast_Zombies
  • FictonalWeapons
  • Filthy_Morale
  • Food_Irradiator
  • Fuji_Structures
  • Graphical_Overmap_FujiStruct
  • Graphical_Overmap_More_Locations
  • Graphical_Overmap_Urban_Development
  • Growable_pots
  • GunCotton-master
  • HeavyMining
  • Hydroponics
  • Jury-Rigged-Robots-master
  • Lighting_Ammo
  • Locked_Lockers
  • M.A.G Armory
  • M_Blazemod_Extension
  • M_Nimian_Manufacture-master
  • makeshift
  • ManualBionicInstall
  • Medieval_Stuff
  • Mining_Mod
  • Miscellaneous Magiclysm Expansions
  • Modular Turrets Remake V 0.1
  • Modular_Turrets Original
  • More_City_Locations
  • more_classes_scenarios
  • More_Locations
  • More_Survival_Tools
  • More-Survivor-Stuff-master
  • Morlock_Village
  • MST_Extra
  • Mug_NPCs
  • Mundane_Zombies
  • Mutant_Animals
  • Mutant_Insects
  • Mutant_NPCs
  • Mutation-Changes-Snofielf-Patch-master
  • Nanites
  • National_Guard_Camp
  • Nechronica_Redux-master
  • necromancy
  • No_Acid_Zombies
  • No_Anthills
  • No_Beehives
  • No_Big_Zombies
  • No_Bloated_Zombies
  • No_Boomer_Zombies
  • No_Explosive_Zombies
  • No_Faults
  • No_Filthy_Clothes
  • No_Flaming_Weapons
  • No_Hulk_Zombies
  • No_Krecks
  • No_Medieval_Items
  • No_Mi_Go
  • No_Mutagen
  • No_Old_guns
  • No_Recreationals
  • No_Religious_Books
  • No_Reviving
  • No_Rivtech_Guns
  • no_scifi
  • No_Shady_Zombies
  • No_Shocker_Zombies
  • No_Smoker_Zombies
  • No_Spider_Zombies
  • No_Survivor_Armor
  • No_Triffids
  • No_Zombie_Animals
  • nocts_cata_mod-master
  • No-Freeze-master
  • novitamins
  • NPC_Traits
  • NW_Pack
  • PKs_Rebalancing-master
  • PKs_Rebalancing-master Unofficial patch
  • realguns
  • Realistic_Fridge_Size
  • RL_Classes
  • Safe_autodoc
  • Salvaged_Robots
  • SD_Magcrafting
  • SD_Magcrafting_Extension_Realguns
  • Sleep_Deprivation
  • Slow_Zombies
  • Space_Heater
  • Stormtrooper
  • Tanks
  • TCW_Box
  • Tolerate_This
  • Tough_Zombies
  • Urban_Development
  • Water_Tower
  • Whaleys Collectibles
  • XEAS-master
  • XottoCosmeticsmod
  • Zombie_Nightvision

I would like to add these mods back in future

  • BioCo
  • Locked_Lockers
  • Ninja
  • More_City_Locations
  • Morlock_Village
  • Stormtrooper
  • TCW_Box
  • Water_Tower
  • miso_jikomanzoku
  • shardstuff
  • Road_Warrior_Mod-master
  • Alchemic_bomb
  • Bionics Recipes
  • Convenient-Constructions-CDDA-mod-master
  • Gel Walls
  • MaddreMod
  • PoraComp-1.5.2
  • RF_Food_Keeper
  • The-Cool-Mod
  • WildLiving
  • window_door_frame
  • M_Ninja-master
  • Modular_Turrets_no_blacklist
  • Rice
  • battletech (i will fix this mod as its easy to fix)
  • camping_mod
  • Locked_Lockers
  • Machine
  • Make_a_Lot_of_Items_Mod
  • mycus
  • oa_additional_buildings_mod-master
  • PKs_Rebalancing-master
  • PrepperCache-master
  • Randomized_Mall
  • Stormtrooper
  • TCW_Box
  • Tekitoumap
  • trailerparkmod-master
  • Water_Tower
  • miso_Touyou
  • SD_Winterclothes
  • Food_crops
  • More_crops
  • Ore_crops

I do not own any rights to any mod in this pack and will remove a mod if the mod owner doesn’t want it in the compilation


Seems odd to host something like this as a RAR, so people can’t select what mods they want, or PR updates or bugfixes for you

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i have fix github now

Thank you for your efforts
so this is basically the counterpart to which hosts only non-mainline mods.

Please rename your read me.txt to ‘’ so everyone visiting can read it on the page


i actually had no idea that there was another that hosts ill go through the mods there as well see what still works

Hey! My Modular Turrets Remake mod is in this compilation, I feel famous!

Thanks dude, you’re amazing. Keep up.

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I will remove main-line mods when there reactivated if they will be so this will only be all the working mods in future, I may delete the reactivated and mods that come with base game once E is here

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That’s alright man, you too. I’m looking forward to further update to your Modular Turrets Remake

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Well, that’s insteresting. You can test something for me? I experience that all the turrets I code shot only in semi-automatic mode, even if I set the robogun to shot automatically, it shot only one round per turn. It works but I couldn’t resolve that problem by myself.

i can test it, wont be right now. ill get back to you and reply on your post

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It might be cool to have an archived working version of blazemod hosted elsewhere, since I don’t intend my rework of blazemod to only include minor changes as time goes on.

Hopefully what I plan to do improves it enough that people don’t bemoan the loss of anything to pave the way for new stuff, but from what I’ve seen that would be wishful thinking.

If you don’t mind continuing to host the old blazemod as an option for people, I don’t mind providing assistance with bug squashing in the future.


thats fine and thank you :smile: i shall keep it in the compilation i hope more people will do the same. i havent had time to go through anything with my pc going through its life changes… i hope to get into changes and learning some json for next week but untill then there will be no updates from my side if people want to help with bugs or want to update there mod through github i would appreciate it

Some of these mods HAVE been mainlined like the space heater mod so there are probably more in both of the linked folders that are now in the base game and should be removed.

Whoever spends time going through the mods to update them etc make sure the mod hasn’t already been dumped into the game first. This is where text editing/coding software really helps, you can compare by searching the items folder’s json files.

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Thank you!
After Malkus kidnapping by yetis I was lost hope of old mods updates.
(Just want to say “Thanks” but page demand 20 characters)
Edit: Perhaps the problem is just in my side but the mod Mutant_Insects_PK Unoffical patch ask for a different PK name.

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I shall check everything out soon just atm not got the time

i don’t know what you mean? I changed it from pk to unofficial pk so the mod would load, you have confused me belcanzor?
edit: perhaps you are loading the wrong mod? there are 2 mutant insects or maybe I need to edit the ident Untitled