[In-progress] Base mod! generators

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my scottish is over powering in text :sweat_smile:

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hmm im confuesed at why you dont understand? you answered it perfectly and i havent played cdda in a year just want to add content till i revisit this awsome game

could easily be implemented, why not use “use_fuction” for menu text and transform into the electronic appliance but this require double JSON, would still need to be told its powered ( a diffrent way of doing this)

i refuse to go over it again and make it understandble. and cdda needs a alternative build menu/process for building non vehicles.

okay your logic if it has wheels its a vehicle is wrong all i take from this, but yes only way you can make a generator with wheels to work properly is using vehicle build menu.

I think its backwords that we have to use the vehicle build menu to make a base work and the potential is being held back because of this.
i don’t mind either way though implement or not.

Please reread [In-progress] Base mod! generators - #13 by mlangsdorf and [In-progress] Base mod! generators - #16 by mlangsdorf

The vehicle class is would be the base for a new appliance class and a new facility class that would use a different interface than the current vehicle interaction menu. An appliance would almost look like furniture and a facility would look like a lot of furniture and terrain. Internally to the game engine/C++ code, they would operate much like vehicles without wheels, because vehicle is the C++ class that already has support for burning fuel to produce electrical power, storing electrical power as electrical energy in batteries, and using electrical power to run electrically powered devices.

I’m not saying that a stand-alone generator (SAG) would be presented to the player as a vehicle, and actually said the opposite several times.

So when you say this:

cdda needs a alternative build menu/process for building non vehicles.

Yes, I kind of agree and laid out the current developer vision for what that would look like. I don’t care to do the work, but I offered repeatedly to assist someone else in doing it.

And when you say this:

i refuse to go over it again and make it understandble.

I refuse to attempt to communicate with you any longer until you’re willing to make it a two-way process.

and that’s due to an intelligent insult that I won’t quote. my attempts at communication are responded with fix your sentence structure. you have clearly had higher education in english that i dont care for.

The only thing I can glean from what you write is that you do not seem to get how coding works, and that you are trying to do something with generators. The rest is incomprehensible.

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show me what is incomprehensible and don’t make me laugh. clearly, people don’t understand basic English. I’m not worried about having a normal relationship or what I’m not here to make friends. if you are unwilling to actually read as well as mlong I see no point in entertaining this discussion.

if the devs feel the need to pass this on to another contributor then fine. you are holding back the games potential because you know where the code should sit and have already had this discussion. I couldn’t care regardless. I am not changing the way I talk and wright because a few entitle people can’t be arsed.

everything I have written is understandable if you are unwilling to make sense that your problem, not mine and I don’t care. this discussion is pointless because it happened before and you know what to do so why the fuck are you wasting time. I’m done entertaining conversations on here for topics like this because this should have been done

if you want to hold cdda back, by all means, fuck about all yous want

the only place anyone will get to speak to me is on my Discord I’m done with this. if you don’t implement it your self well you’re holding back an idea that’s been there for a long time, there’s games with more content that have been a thing less time than cdda has. all I see is time wasters, not my problem

if you want to hold cdda back, by all means, fuck about all yous want

Please, you clearly don’t understand the code so the fact that the people willing to help you don’t get what you’re trying to say is not really hurting cdda.

Not for me to understand how the hard code works, that can be implemented around json and if you can’t see that not my problem and all it would need is functions you don’t need a heavy expansion on hard code to implement electricity. Clearly I’m hard to understand. Its either on or off and the function for on allows menus to work off means nothing it’s basic you can add appliance if you want

Ok we’ll go with that then.

Not for me to understand how the hard code works, that can be implemented around json and if you can’t see that not my problem and all it would need is functions you don’t need a heavy expansion on hard code to implement electricity. Clearly I’m hard to understand. Its either on or off and the function for on allows menus to work off means nothing it’s basic you can add appliance if you want hard stuff isn’t it. Fact you have left base building out this long is a joke.

My idea was with out an “e” xamine and how it would work

I’ll not expand this idea


Not for me to understand how the hard code works


that can be implemented around json

um, hadn’t mlangsdorf already explained (like,. 2 times at least) why it is not so? Anyway, if it is so easy why didn’t you implement it already?

and if you can’t see that not my problem


and all it would need is functions you don’t need a heavy expansion on hard code to implement electricity.

So, understanding the code is not for you but you definitely know if something is hard or easy to add. okay…


Don’t really see the point of this argument. If you think you can code it, code it. Settles whatever the heck this argument is about pretty handily doesn’t it?

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Oh boy, well, I’d like to get involved in this as well…

So, to preserve myself from having to write “in my opinion” or “as far as I understand” or “if I read this right” every two sentences, I’ll just state this outright. About everything that follows in this post falls into one of these categories.
If I undestood something wrongly, please let me know how it was actually meant.

If your time’s too precious: You’ll find a summary at the bottom.

@TheGoatgod, as far as I can see you started this topic as a mod idea and you had three questions;

So, 1. & 2. seem to got answered pretty well, and for 3. I’d say give it a try after you’ve fleshed out the mod and got it working.

You state that you got it working… So I’m not sure what the followup discussion is all about…

But I do see that you and mlangsdorf seem to talk/write past each other. It seems like he describes how he invisions the power grid to ideally look and offers help to bring that vision into reality (and to increase the likelihood get it merged if you make a GitHub pull request). And he suggests that, if you (or anyone) goes to take a stab at creating such a powersystem, to rely on and (ab)use the already existing C++ code for vehicle power structure so you don’t have to code up everything from the ground up (It also helps by keeping redundancy out of the game, as it makes it slow (lag).), it doesn’t mean that it should actually be (or represented as) a vehicle.

If you found a way to do all that in/with existing JSON, that’s great. Go with that for your mod.

Now to the other part of this topic… The “english text” thing.

This is absolutely fine. Everyone has a time schedule and can decide freely on what s-/he wants to spend that time. If you don’t want to spend time on that, everyone has to accept this.
However, the thing is, as written, this applies to everyone. If someone in return decides that based on that they no longer want to talk/write with you, there’s no obligation to do so. And you just have to accept this, too.
Was his statement diplomatic? No, at least not that I can tell (and your’s neither). But if he doesn’t want to put time into diplomatic answers… you get the point.

For your first question, here, one example:

Second, no, I don’t understand “simple English”.
Let me go into more details on that:
As Swiss, we have British English in school. Or at least that’s what they call it. If you saw jokes or videos about Germans who pronounce th like an s, you pretty much know what I’ve learned (in addition to having no skill whatsoever in “learning languages”). I’m sure you don’t want to see any English texts I’ve wrote at that time.
I’ve improved my English skills with online gaming and watching Youtube gaming videos (yay for Yogscast). I’m not proficient on it, but I can communicate - at least - on a basic level. But it comes at a cost… I’m slooooow.
I’ve decided to time myself on this one. I’ve started writing this post at 05:00 am spot on and have written without pausing. For almost every single post I make on here I have Google Translate open in the background. For this text alone I’ve used it 23 times (yes, I’ve counted it).
Reading any English text is painful and hard for me. Reading a text of someone who didn’t put much effort into writing it understandable, proof reading and using the right punctuation marks increases the difficulty unnecessary.
Of course, I bring this upon myself by choise. I invest time into this on my own accord and I’m fine with that.
However, exclaiming that I and everyone that does invest time to help you with your idea or is adding their opinion to it is wasting your time is just… hate- and hurtful. And - I’m not going to put that diplomatically - having a tantrum about this isn’t helping either.

So, why is so hard for me (and apparently others) to understand your texts? It’s not being scot. It’s that you seem to change your thought-train midsentence, as well as, as I’ve stated, missing punctuation and stray/missing words.
It might not be obvious for you, but (for me) it’s hard to follow and might make a difference.

  • Stray word: you its not a standalone [...]
  • Missing word: [...] and add a to the description it needs an alternater.
  • Changing thought mid sentence and/or missing punctuation: be nice if you could drive up ramps as well would work normal and not brake the vehicle, i haven’t tried this and also a pump with a hose - my idea of using generators starts here
  • Missing punctuation (this acutally took 4 rereads and 2 minutes for me to understand, as I could not grasp why I could understand if I’m unwilling to make sense): everything I have written is understandable if you are unwilling to make sense[...]
  • A point where punctuation actually changes the meaning (probably not inherently wrong, just hard to understand for me): but I see no reason why not right now. (is it: but I see no reason why, not right now or but I see no reason why not, right now)

Just a side note that demonstrates the importance of punctuation I’d like to throw in there: It’s a big difference if I state that “I like to eat children and birds”, or to state that “I like to eat, children and birds”.

Now, let’s get to the summary (and I mean everything seriously here - no jokes, no sarkasm):

  • You can get the mod working - that’s great!
  • You don’t want to change the way you write - that’s fine.
  • People like me don’t understand you or don’t want to invest time to understand you - that’s our problem.
  • We can’t help you with your projects because of that - that’s going to be your problem, but if you can accept that or work around it, that’s fine too…

I hope it’s fine by you all that I’m not going through the struggle to reread and redact all this?
It’s now 06:45 as I write this… So this post took me about 2 hours to write up. Time well spent (I’m still going to be so pissed when I wake up and realize that I didn’t got any work done).


There’s a right way to code some things, and a wrong way to code some things. I think TheGoatGod’s approach is the wrong way, in that it will be harder to maintain and support and cause performance issues that will be harder to fix, while my way is easier to maintain and support and any performance issues will be fixed as part of addressing performance in vehicles overall. I could be wrong, though.

But yes, if TheGoatGod would write some code, that would go a long way to resolving the discussion.

I’m not volunteering to write the code because it doesn’t particularly interest me and I have a long, long list of projects that do interest me and that are going to be of great benefit to the game. I’m a volunteer contributor, not a paid employee, and I can decide to work on the things that interest me and not the things that someone else thinks are more important.

Slightly in my defense: I didn’t realize that TheGoatGod wasn’t a native English speaker. I would have been more understanding of some of his writing had I known that at the time. However, the key issue with his writing is “[he] seem[s] to change [his] thought-train midsentence”, as you noted, and tolerance for a non-native speaker doesn’t help much there.

Thank you for making the effort to explain the situation to TheGoatGod.

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yes and is pack of my compilation

I did not realise he was talking about a power grid that would be an ideally better solution but I think would be unneeded, It couldn’t be a mod or i lack the code knowledge to do so

this is vague and needs to be expanded to make sense all I was trying to say as the first instance you could just make electricity simple (in a mess) and I tried to explain how but if game vision states that you have to have it fully implemented fair enough.

English is my first language and I didn’t do very well at it in school. that video is pretty funny. far as i can tell i need to add more and fix punctuation. but its vague

not the problem, the out lash was more due to not having my prescription, but that happened.

I “sink” so too :smile: . But living it isn’t that fun, especially if stuff like that actually happens to you :neutral_face:

I think it would help me to understand you easier. If you could give it a try, I would welcome it very much.

Sorry to read that. But I’m happy to “have you back”, so to speak.

By the way, happy 1. forum-anniversary to you, and happy Halloween to everyone!

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Basically, if you use a power grid the “appliance” would be added JSON side, having appliance means it “can” be powered whether that is true, false or more in-depth this would link to the power grid id assume you would install yourself with wiring and such. a simpler method would be giving the JSON “appliance” and making it work with menus artificial electricity. You could add “cables” like extensions at “attach” to your vehicle/base generator or however you power it and it drains power from the vehicle/generator.

implementing this I don’t know what to do in src json side wouldn’t be hard.
obviously “appliance” would need to be added to src C++.