More Survival Tools Mod not working

Returns to main menu after this error shows up before character creation.
how do i fix?

Using build 10739 (6 hours ago) - latest build available
Version: 0.E-3006-g54fa33c

This mod is not included in the main download of the game… Did you perhaps get this from @TheGoatgod’s mod compilation or from the launcher?

If you got this from TheGoatgod’s compilation, download it again, it should be fixed with this commit.

For users with the same problem with not (yet) updated mods, make changes similar to the linked commit:

"type": "CONTAINER",
"category": [...],


"type": "GENERIC",
"category": "container"


"rigid": [...],
"contains": [...],

and add this instead:

"pocket_data": [ {
    "pocket_type": "CONTAINER",
    "rigid": ['rigid' VALUE FROM BEFORE],
    "max_contains_volume": "['contains' VALUE FROM BEFORE]",
} ],

Don’t forget to replace the text between (and including) the square brackets [] with the correlating values.

You may get a faster answer if you post questions/errors like this in the topic of the related mod or by opening a github issue on the github of that mod.

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Beat me to it Valase, but yea, the mod was removed as dead a couple months ago

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Yeah, I saw you type, so I quickly flushed my half finished answer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

ive fixed this mod in my obsolete&updates, if you have a look fixed it last night im fixing the mods that are mainlined as well

i should update volume to 2502 g i think

You guys are damn quick! thanks! :smiley:

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