Culinary Days Ahead

Hey there!

Fatalmojo and me are working on expanding cooking by adding new recipe fitting for the Survivor that needs to survive and make do with a filling meal

Recipes that are added:

ketchup soup (with Canned variants)
hotdog soup (with Canned variants)
glassed eggs
Omelettes / -Deluxe
Fruity French toast
Garlic bread

“If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.” -Napoleon

Fetch the Mod here Here

If you have any suggestions or found any problems,or just want to tell us how you think of the mod, please tell me here! you can also message me on discord!

Future Plans:
Adopting more recipes and also some from a book called “Food for thought”, a cooking book sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary , Deparment of Pennsylvania.

Credits: Fatalmojo, Eirenex


Awesome stuff, looking forward to cooking: tasty morsel days ahead expansion :slight_smile:

added to GMC

Ketchup soup? I’ve been poor but that’s a new one for me. Someone care to explain?

A friend of mine got me that idea when i talked with him about some improvised meals. they had it for rough times but also because its rather quick to make. it is made with hot water and ketchup, then stirred until its dissolved. the ingame variant also requires some kind of wheat addition. So any kind of bread, flour or crackers added to it for a more filling taste. the hotdog one is the same but with sausages pieces in it hence the name. the advantage with ketchup is, that by itself it is already seasoned depending on the ketchup and for a poor survivor that might be the only warm soup they can make during winter when there are no normal tomatoes to find


I’ve definitely made hotdog soup before, but the ketchup one was what got me. Thanks for the explanation. I like that.

For a while in college I did “boring sandwiches” of just leftover hamburger buns from work with butter, toasted, and then with ketchup and/or mayo added.

Garlic bread. :heart: I always knew my apocalypse was missing something.

Doing gods work over here.

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Ought to just have it added to the base game.


definitely PR this to the base game

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the mod is far from being done, and requires balancing and typo stuff, both i dont know if i am doing a good enough job for such. right now its just a portion of recipe, but i want to add atleast up to 10+ more. the adding part is luckily stress free for me aswell, haha


keep up the great work!