[GMC] Goats Mod Compilation V 0.1.8 now with GMC.exe

this comes from the mod its self i havent touched any colors yet that will be a later fix, i dont see any problems with the color errors if you use a tileset i could be wrong. ill see if there is an update on there page. i dont own any mods im only wanting them fixed so people can play them. thank you for the feed back though. you could help out by posting issues on github :slight_smile:

edit: ill fix this just now other mods ill do later
edit: fixed it now

Thank you for doing this @TheGoatgod it is very much appreciated!

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HI Goatgod, I finally resolve the issue I have a while back with the turrets only shooting at semi-auto mode, a very dumb mistake. Soon I’ll post the 0.1.5 V to resolve that problem and adding a new turret.

Another thing, I found a very dumb coding mistake in one of your mods compilation:

Basically the problem is a unnecesary " , " in the modinfo.json of the mod Civilian Power Armor. Very easy to resolve.

Hi Dueu im glad to hear :slight_smile: and i fixed this on my end but never commited it, I was very tired lol I fixed something in that mod that was abit more dumb then that

before  ["Civillian_depower_armor", 3],
before ["power_armor_Civillian", 2]
after  ["Civilian_depower_armor", 3],
after ["power_armor_Civilian", 2]
before = "id": "power_armor_Civillian",
after = "id": "power_armor_Civilian",
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Thanks for fixing my dumb mistake on the mod!

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Oh hey. I was just getting back into CDDA and was in the process of fixing up The Vermilion Mod for myself, but I guess you beat me to it lmao. Thanks.

Not sure when I’ll have the motivation to add onto it more, but at least what exists works thanks to you.

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hey, vermilion that’s fine lol you can update it on your page if you like or let people get it from here if you want to leave it here and add more content you could pr I want to get more people updating the mods either there own or others, thank you for the comment :slight_smile:
ill make time to update this tomorrow hope you enjoy the compilation there some nice content in there :smile:

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Hey Goat, not sure if you’ve seen this:

Some user updated the Artyom Emporium mod in January and it def should be included in the batch.

Also I noticed the Modern Weapons Expanded mod and Artyom Emporium mod have a lot of crossover and each have unique weapons so it could/maybe should be combined into one mod. How well coded/balanced the weapons are though they probably need some work.

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hi mewb, ill look into it im doing an update somepoint to do and ill add the changelog, i want to merge some minor mods as well, if gun values arent the same ill see what ill do then leme have a look :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: i fixed the color issue but didnt know how to do the 40mm one this is great ill add it in

Hey Goatgod didnt know if you knew or fixed it but bioco was murdering people with autodoc but this person fixed it. Sorry if you already fixed it or already knew


thank you for the reply, i have found all the japenes mods that i will be translating and adding into my mod pack, removing all mods that through up any kind of error for next update (doesnt mean the mod doesnt work at all) i actually found a bunch of mods that will need updating that ill add in later.

thank you for informing me of this mr clambell


you are very welcome, I love the mod pack by the way

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thank you, the 0.1 official should be here by end of next week (want mods fixed and back into the pack)


I am using the Rivtech Beam Sword mod in the pack. One of the beam sword components requires ‘plutonium slurry’ to craft.
The recipe for plutonium slurry has been obsoleted. It is found in puddles on the ground under damaged reactors, but being a liquid it cannot be picked up. This leaves no way to craft the component.

I suggest you either re-implement the plutonium slurry recipe as a recipe in the mod, or change the ‘beam sword emitter matrix’ recipe to use an intact plutonium cell instead.

Wow, nice work! You are going to be busy for at least a few months fixing so many errors :smile:

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Unless something has changed fairly recently you can get drums of plutonium slurry from toxic waste dumps.

it took me 3 tries to find it spawned so the spawning is low for plutonium slurry, i might make it craft-able plutonium slurry in a sence of dismanteling batterys

There is another place it spawns, I think it might be the power station but I might be misremembering.

could you post a feature request on github and name the mod and label as a feature request or just post it and ill sort if out in future. (plutonium slurry craftable or something like that and ill add it in)

@crazykiddeath ill look into that just now couldnt find a power station anywhere, i looked at the json files but cant find the paticular json for this it is a think though for sure

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thanks for this its awesome mate :).

I am getting some errors I am using a lot of the mods I must admit LOL

I am seeing these errors

there is a load more errors not just these but they seem repeated a few times 223,223c, ETC ETC

Thanks in advance (if ya need mod list let me know)


I added my modlist :slight_smile:

thanks again