Request for Comments: C:DDA Mod Registry for C:DDA Launcher

Hey folks! I’ve been talking with remroy, the awesome dude who put together the C:DDA mod launcher, about ways to enable more decentralized management of mods that show up in the launcher. To that end I’m trying to collect people’s thoughts and throw together some kind of proposal for a theoretical mod registry that the launcher (or any other interested consumers) could read from.

Is anybody aware of similar efforts or work done in this arena, in C:DDA or elsewhere? Github issue on the launcher for reference:

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@dpwb from Discord pointed me at a big project in the Kerbal Space Program game community that has their own solution to the mod management problem:

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I can see the need for such a registry. I think All the mods & mainline mods reactivated (Goats Mod Compilation) v0.0.6 and make downloading and updating mods pretty accessible. Plus, if the owner of that repository leaves, you can go on in a different repository. CleverRaven does not seem to be owned by anybody (or rather, has multiple owners?) so having something like that might be interesting.

Perhaps the launcher can download mods from such a registry on github. In [TOOL]: mod summary I noted that it may someday become some kind of mod manager but i’d rather work together on something.