[GMC] Goats Mod Compilation V 0.1.8 now with GMC.exe

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Need help installing the mod pack

if your new or need help installing or don’t want to read this post :+1: :love_you_gesture: (I will make a new one that isn’t as long)

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Experimental - 0.1.6

Next Release

  • 0.1.7

0.E-3 - Beta 2

Next Release

  • Beta 3/release

Goats Mod Compilation

Post issues on Github
Post issues on the forums

incase people are wondering about
  1. More Factions - will start after F.0
  • _base (abstracts) -I will use a lot of abstracts-
  • current plans are to make the characters(NPCs)
  1. More construction - will start after F.0
  • start work on variant’s construction (id like to make weaker and stronger variant’s or just weaker you can build -build menu might end up hectic well see how it works, I can add category’s for weak, normal and ?strong-superior?)
  1. More items - will start after F.0
  • This will be done in bits and will start with a merge of all items mods id like to include with the owner mentioned in credits.txt or within the modinfo.json
  • I will expand every magazine add new ammo, to-begin with
Content E
  1. Contains over 190 mods
  2. All the Obsolete mods
  3. All the no mods I can find
  4. Undead peoples Tileset
  5. More Fonts! (with pictures and expect a big font update after E) (5-10 more fonts) (easy to install
  6. Tools for the cataclysm ( they do various things don’t affect gameplay)
Known issues
  1. if you are changing mods around restart your games for some reason some files keep loading even if the mod isn’t enabled (and in this case does weird things on loading not sure about in-game)
  2. These two mods don’t work together Pk rebalancing → Mutant insects (both have the same monsters and use different code)

Goats mod compilation Instructions

1. First Downloads (skip if you have the game/launcher)

You have to choose a or b or jump over to the launcher forums

2.A - E Release Goats Mod Compilation Download link
2.B - Experimental Release Goats Mod Compilation Download link

GMC Latest Experimental - Download link

3.A - Installing the mods - Any version
  1. grab all "mods" folders inside /data/"example_mods" within the release.rar
  2. place any of the folders inside example - unleash_the_mods/"mods" goes into yourgamename\data\mods
4. Sound packs, tilesets and other links (updated regularly)

Sound packs
Workshop mods
BrightNights Compilation - not in working order right now W.I.P

or download the unreleased mod pack (updates every day or so )

Second instance of the official website for Goats compilation
mod compilation website (pointless really thinking about deleting)

Tweaks to mods

Cata ++ - all robots are hackable

Fixes for various things as we come across them
  1. SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault
  • Fixed it by deleting my options.txt file cdda\config/options.json (delete)

Seems odd to host something like this as a RAR, so people can’t select what mods they want, or PR updates or bugfixes for you

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im new to github and it said there was a 100 folder limit

i have fix github now

Thank you for your efforts
so this is basically the counterpart to https://github.com/roaringjohn/CDDA-Mods which hosts only non-mainline mods.

Please rename your read me.txt to ‘readme.md’ so everyone visiting can read it on the page


i actually had no idea that there was another that hosts ill go through the mods there as well see what still works

Hey! My Modular Turrets Remake mod is in this compilation, I feel famous!

Thanks dude, you’re amazing. Keep up.

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I will remove main-line mods when there reactivated if they will be so this will only be all the working mods in future, I may delete the reactivated and mods that come with base game once E is here

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That’s alright man, you too. I’m looking forward to further update to your Modular Turrets Remake

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Well, that’s insteresting. You can test something for me? I experience that all the turrets I code shot only in semi-automatic mode, even if I set the robogun to shot automatically, it shot only one round per turn. It works but I couldn’t resolve that problem by myself.

i can test it, wont be right now. ill get back to you and reply on your post

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It might be cool to have an archived working version of blazemod hosted elsewhere, since I don’t intend my rework of blazemod to only include minor changes as time goes on.

Hopefully what I plan to do improves it enough that people don’t bemoan the loss of anything to pave the way for new stuff, but from what I’ve seen that would be wishful thinking.

If you don’t mind continuing to host the old blazemod as an option for people, I don’t mind providing assistance with bug squashing in the future.


thats fine and thank you :smile: i shall keep it in the compilation i hope more people will do the same. i havent had time to go through anything with my pc going through its life changes… i hope to get into changes and learning some json for next week but untill then there will be no updates from my side if people want to help with bugs or want to update there mod through github i would appreciate it

Some of these mods HAVE been mainlined like the space heater mod so there are probably more in both of the linked folders that are now in the base game and should be removed.

Whoever spends time going through the mods to update them etc make sure the mod hasn’t already been dumped into the game first. This is where text editing/coding software really helps, you can compare by searching the items folder’s json files.


Thank you!
After Malkus kidnapping by yetis I was lost hope of old mods updates.
(Just want to say “Thanks” but page demand 20 characters)
Edit: Perhaps the problem is just in my side but the mod Mutant_Insects_PK Unoffical patch ask for a different PK name.

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I shall check everything out soon just atm not got the time

i don’t know what you mean? I changed it from pk to unofficial pk so the mod would load, you have confused me belcanzor?
edit: perhaps you are loading the wrong mod? there are 2 mutant insects or maybe I need to edit the ident Untitled

I use PK from the official and you mod. Its probably that.
Modinfo from the one I got:

“type”: “MOD_INFO”,
“mod-type”: “SUPPLEMENTAL”,
“ident”: “PK_REBALANCE”,
“name”: “PKs Rebalancing”,
“description”: “Rebalances spawn list, adds new monsters and items, adds new buildings and fortifies old buildings, and strives to create a harsher enviornment to survive in.”,
“category”: “creatures”,
“author”: “pisskop”,
“version”: “5.7.2j_UO 0.E”,
“//”: “For the CDDA Launcher Program.”,
“path”: “”
“items”: [ ]
Apologies. I try to check more carefully next time.
I suppose the error with the spider is for that too.

ive updated pk rebalance from the respitory now works not sure if it works with mutant inscects yet
edit: hmm mutant insects doesnt require any mod to use ill remove my edit

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I think you accidentally put the color of orc mutagen as
“lgray” and not “light_gray” in miscellaneous magiclysm additions.