Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

It appears that humans don’t sweat in CDDA :thinking:

Maybe they’re canadian. :rofl:

Also found that, no, with 12 str and wielding a Homewrecker with 35 blunt damage, does NOT break down concrete walls nor sealed metal doors. However, this combo can break open reinforced glass walls.

“You don’t seem to be doing damage.” Doesn’t mean “wait for a crit”, it seems.

Those metal doors are faster with an acetylene torch, and from what i have seen, a mining tool (like a pickaxe or jackhammer) can break basically anything, just remember that concrete walls have another layer of reinforcer rebar when you mine them

The heat penalties aren’t very realistic right now.

Eh, good to know that I wasn’t just whining about this, then! :stuck_out_tongue:

Since my question went unnoticed I’m asking again, politely :slight_smile:

im not sure, but have you checked the thread?

im confident that it should be there, since it has even the obsolete mods

Still haven’t fixed my negative stamina gain issues. Got around to pulling out all my bionics and removed all mutations with debug menu. I’ve reset my characters needs and maxed its health, I’m still losing stamina by just walking when I’m below max weight and with 0 mouth encumbrance.

I’ll ask again, is there anything in the save file I can look for that might indicate an issue or some other resets I can apply to my character? Issue suddenly popped up out of nowhere and new characters in the same world don’t experience this.

If you increase your max stamina does it still drop?

I’m not sure how to do that, editing the stamina in the save file to be above 10k has no effect and in debug you also can’t set it above the limit.

I gave myself the indefatigable trait and yes, I’m still losing stamina.

I’ve done some testing where I reduce my speed. All of this is with 91 base move cost and moving the same distance (~60 tiles if I counted correctly).

  • With 177 speed I go from 12500 stamina to 12321
  • With 147 speed I go from 12500 stamina to 12461
  • With 110 speed I go down to 12494 stamina for 2 tiles every 3 tiles but I recover to full again after that

Obviously my speed makes it harder for my stamina regen to keep up but according to the wiki it should be 20 stamina per turn, with 0 mouth encumbrance I should be fine even with high speed.

EDIT: On second thought walking while not encumbered by weight shouldn’t be costing any stamina whatsoever, right?

The stamina loss is actually in vanilla too, it’s all related to movement speed.

I made a completely fresh world with no mods, created a character with Fleet Footed, Parkour Expert and Quick. With no mouth encumbrance I can see the first stamina bar flicker but it keeps resetting to full like in my third test in post above.

But if I spawn in a gas mask and give myself 30 mouth encumbrance, I’m actively losing stamina by simply walking. After walking around for a bit I’m at 9279/10000 stamina and steadily declining.

EDIT 2: To clarify, if I pump up movement speed even further with something like road runner and hollow bones, even at 0 mouth encumbrance you’ll lose stamina.

I didn’t think that walking was supposed to drain stamina but it clearly does and if you can walk multiple tiles per turn but only regenerate every turn, you’ll end up with a deficit.

That’s just silly, if 2 people were to do a 100 meter sprint with both putting in all their effort, the one that reaches the goal before the other shouldn’t be more exhausted than the runner up is when he finishes as well.
(Of course it’s not quite as simple as that, considering individual endurance etc. but I think my point gets across.)

EDIT: This is all on the latest experimental build but I could also recreate it on an older build from 24th of April I had lying around in my trash bin.

That s got to be a bug, you shouldn’t lose more stamina simply because you’re faster than an ordinary person, it should be the opposite of anything.

I would report it in GitHub.

Maybe I’ll give it another try with a different email but I never got the confirmation link when I tried to sign up a few weeks ago.

Is turning off z levels midgame ok?

On a lab start run, I only noticed some zombies teleporting into my current level, several slime pit traps disappearing and giant ant/zombie corpses mysteriously appearing on laser dissector traps. Game saved and loaded fine.

On android, with z levels on, the game ran ok, but chugged when fast forwarding. Like during crafting and even slower when sleeping. And the screaming monsters on other levels constantly interrupting shit.

I’ve read that it can create some jankiness but shouldn’t demolish your save or anything.

Noise canceling headgear is your friend. And unless nessecary, just don’t sleep in the vicinity of enemies. It even chugs down the desktop version a fuckton.
Also items within your crafting reach (7-8 tiles and not blocked by walls/doors) can impact performance if there are an excessive amount, such as a loot pile.

I turn z levels on and off all the time. If I get somewhere and find that my performance is grinding to a halt it’s the first thing to go.

not unless you have fuckin super strength, just try to find a pick and (a)pply it on the wall

in which case you wouldn’t need some flimsy tools, you’d just SMASH those things down with your bare fists! :rofl:

I can’t, the lab start likes to spawn noisy monsters. There’s the garunteed protoype cyborg who’s constantly yelling, plus the game spawned 3 yodelling mi-gos on the levels above/below me.

Ah yes, that’s super useful. So the “Dig 1” trait on the e-tool didn’t mean “you can dig through walls if you attack the walls with this.”

How do I deal with Mi-go Scouts and their fire damage?

I was hit once from off-screen, spent a minute trying to put out the fire and had both my demon chitin boots and armor destroyed by it (they have 14 fire protection, how the fuck do they even catch on fire?).

The demon chitin stuff is the strongest fire protection gear I know of, even other specialized anti-fire gear only goes up to 12.

Yeah for a lab start you almost always need noise canceling headgear unless you get lucky or play without z levels.

As for the “Dig 1” on the E-tool that just means it’s a tool that can dig a shallow pit. I could have sworn the entrenching tool was Dig 2 though.