Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

Best to worse offroad performance (as I recall):
Off-road wheels
Standard wheels
Racing wheels
Road rollers
Armored wheels
Rail wheels

Best to worst on-road performance
(Rail wheels on rails)
Racing wheels
Armored wheels
Road rollers
Standard wheels
Off-road wheels
Rail wheels off rails

It’s fairly hard to have a huge vehicle that goes really fast and gets good off-road performance. You can a heavy vehicle that goes fast with good off-road performance with treads and a powerful engine, but then you consume fuel like a M1 Abrahms tank because that’s basically what your vehicle is.

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I really did mean ideally when I wrote it, not that it’s necessarily easy or worth the effort. So that means traction must be recalculated that often to determine how many wheels touch road or off-road tiles? Yeah I guess that does make a mess of things.

But can’t you make it simply ignore wheels that impede traction during calculations, unless it is necessary for the vehicle to drive? I guess there are probably some complications I’m not thinking of, not very familiar with coding.

Thanks a lot for the list. I’ll have to try some different combinations to see what suits me best. Being slow really doesn’t bother me since I treat it as a mobile base and tend to park for many days without moving it, using my exploration vehicle instead.

But it’s hard to beat rollers for street sweeping potential, not even ramming through buildings tends to put much of a dent in them. Shredders on the other hand…

The current code just sums the move costs of all the wheels relative to an ideal move cost and uses that, total contact area, and vehicle weight to get a traction value.

Figuring out which wheels are not needed to maintain the current cruise speed would be really complicated and not entirely realistic.

Police and Riot bots. Where are they coming from? Is there a location I can loot and/or shut them off? How can you disassemble them, butcher screen just says I don’t have the right tools. NVM says I need soldering iron

Anybody know where I can get the Mutant NPC mod?

i thought it was a main mod, but you can check the link and downoald basically all the currently working mods and check for it there

the only reason i can think of police bots spawning, is because there is an eye bot around, according to the wiki they “take” a picture of you with a cooldown x turns and they spawn a police bot


What has been up with the ‘CDDA Item Browser’ for the past few days? I keep getting 402, 405 and 500 errors. Servers shitting themselves?

I thought it was a main mod too, but it isn’t in the 0.E stable release. Thanks, i’ll check that out!

Edit: after poking around I foound out what it was. Mutant NPCs along with a bunch of other mods are in the stable release but they have an Obsolete tag in the mod_info. Anyways that mod pack has a bunch of other mods I wanna try out.

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I had busted a window to a locked electronics store, which spawned an eyebot, yes. I figured it had to do with breaking and entering, but I thought maybe there was an actual location affiliated with those robots. Maybe they just appeared though.

Try clicking on the “version 0.E” link at the top of the page before you search.

Doesn’t help. Searching for stuff and clicking any links (like to other items, or the crafting, recipe tab etc.) tends to lead me to a server error.

I can get to the main page just fine and sometimes I can view items by going through a search engine, but not always.

Sorry I don’t know what to tell you. I get the same errors until I hit either the version 0.E or 0.E experimental link, then it works fine. This is both Firefox and Chrome.

what mods are you using ? could you post your error here

Oh no, I’m not talking about the in-game crafting menu or something, but the CDDA item browser site

Anyway, today it started working perfectly fine again after constantly giving me errors for multiple days straight.

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I’ve not really touched mutagens (except for the occasional tornado brew) so looking for some starter tips.

Is it a waste for me to craft and consume basic mutagens rather than serums, or is the opposite true and using serums when you have 0 mutations becomes a waste? Not exactly sure what their difference is, do serums have a higher chance of granting mutations belonging to its specific category? Higher chance of positive mutations? More mutations at once?

I can craft mutagens but still need a tool with fine distillation to make serums, though I do have some serums on hand from a lab raid.

As for which mutation branches I want to delve into, I’m thinking medical and alpha are both solid foundations for my character.
I’m playing with magiclysm and am currently a bit of a jack of all trades, I have good spells for both offense and defense, my melee, cutting and dodging is at a 4 (using Kelvinist flamberge with Ninjutsu) and my marksmanship and rifle skills are at a solid 6.

I really want to evolve the mana related mutations (have all the lesser versions) and would like to evolve my High Night Vision (evolved from a tornado before it was removed from experimental), Fleet-Footed and Quick for maximum sanic to stack with my Technomancer’s Bless and Synaptic Stimulation. Other than that I’m mostly looking for QoL mutations and those that help me survive/make me tankier.

Serums give more mutations per use, strain your body more, and can let you pass a threshold. You can start mutating with either mutagen or serum. I would recommend using mutagen until you are ready to pass a threshold, then applying the proper serum until you successfully pass.

This is a reasonable assumption, Medical is possibly the most OPed tree in the game and Alpha doesn’t have serious drawbacks. However considering that you are playing with Magiclysm and want to be a mutant wizard Medical may not be a good category to pursue, because medical decreases your max mana bar to 1/3 of its normal size and regenerates mana half as fast as normal. You could of course try to purifier dance it away but that is extremely tedious and may cause more harm than good in the end. Before mutating keep in mind that Magiclysm makes it hard for most mutants to effectively use magic with the exception of Plant, Elf-a and Alpha.

I thought I’d do some casual medical mutation without diving in super deep to avoid the negative mana traits.
Elf-A actually looks like it has a lot of fun mutations that suit my character.

I’m only limited to 1 set of threshold mutations and can more or less get anything else, correct? But my current mutations/traits make certain mutation classes more or less likely to appear, meaning it may be hard to acquire some specific ones if I’m already fairly heavily mutated?

Yes, post threshold mutations can not be acquired until you past a threshold and each character can only pass one threshold.

I may be wrong here, but if i recall correctly this is mainly a concern if you are trying to use regular mutagen. Specialized mutagen will always give you mutations from the tree on the label. If you want to become a heavily mutated abomination with compatible mutations from every tree you get your hands on, there is nothing stopping you from doing it (this might not be a great idea but if you know what positives you want and what negatives you are fine with you can mix several trees for your own benefit).

Also if you decide to go the hybrid mutant route you might want to cross the threshold first and then branch out into other trees as otherwise crossing the threshold may get difficult.

Question a bit unrelated to mutations, but I’m suddenly getting negative stamina regen when walking. Been fiddling with bionics so not sure if I installed something that messes with it.

According to the wiki regarding stamina regen calculations I should be in the clear. Just in order to go down the list:

  • I do not have a Joint Torsion Racket installed.
  • I’m neither too warm nor too cold.
  • My mouth encumbrance is 0.
  • I’m walking, not running.
  • I’m not over encumbered.
  • I have no mutations which should affect stamina regen.
  • I have no listed active effects like downer.

Wiki says the specialized ones highly increase chance but do not guarantee, however a lot of info tends to be outdated so no idea.

But yeah it’s probably wise to lock down a threshold sooner rather than later. Leaning towards elf-a but while its post threshold stuff is decent, it’s not amazing (though less sleep sounds pretty great QoL-wise).

Maybe you’re dragging a shopping cart with half a ton of loot in it?