Error with bayonete based martial arts mod

from The Goats mod compilation.

build 10746

Then you should really post these in the goats mod thread, not just scattered all across the forum. That way the folks using the mod know there’s problems.

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This is not an officially supported mod.

Please post it on @TheGoatgod’s GitHub Issue Tracker or in his forum topic, just as he states in his main post.

The same goes for all the other 5 error reports (Civilian Salvaged Robots, Trailer Parks, Jury-Rigged Robots, PK’s Rebalancing & Wintertime classes) you’ve made so far.


Please post all your issues on github if not the forum page provided above thank you guys
@Alcatraz_2725 I’m trying to make the forms less cluttered so it’s easier to go through Im on my phone and will update these soon if Kenan hasn’t fixed it lol wasn’t for him the pack wouldn’t be this far on


oof… you got it man lol. My bad. @TheGoatgod i assume you would rather have the reports on github right?

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I’ll fix your errors though if they haven’t been done :slight_smile:

Bayonete based martial arts seems to be working for now. I will report any other errors on your github as i see them. (much appreciated my guy! :grin:

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id rather all the errors on git though easier to look at lol, i will look into bayonete based martial arts, i have alot to do though most mods have errors in some sort, my priority is to make the mod pack post (game loads) then fix all the errors in the loading screen

umm…sure lol sounds great :slight_smile: