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FMS: Frequently Made Suggestions (10)

This is a list of frequently made suggestions, and the current stance on how viable they are. Broad categories are “This is already implemented”, “Someone is working on it now”, “This will go in as soon as someone imple…

About the The Drawing Board category (1)
One question about frozen food (9)
Crazy idea about adding various USA states ( 2 3 4 ) (77)
Tip of the Day: suggestions (13)
Solid Frozen Rivers and ponds feature (4)
Merchant caravans, camps, and the merchant life (8)
Who's idea was it to make it so you can only change tabs with... tab? (16)
Camping Gear for the Fun of it! (13)
Free aim stystem? (10)
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Multiple Character Mod (8)
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Diverting river for farming irrigation? (9)
Filthy Camouflage (12)
Better vehicle battery management, Hoe function, Health regen rebalance, Food preservation, Fire, crafting (10)
Speed calculation UI (2)
Needful things part 2 ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ) (161)
Improved (E)at menu (8)
Why pre-treshold mutation "Rapid metabolism" became not-purifiable? (1)
Integrated toolset can't heat food with pot? (1)
Should diazepam reduce dispersion? (2)
Standardizing Tool Qualities (6)
Semi-automatic firearms with no magazines should be single-shot with slow reload (13)
I was wonder if there will have walkie-talkie on the game? and how about riot shield? (11)
Is there any way to reload from crafting distance? (13)
We need anti-nasuea meds (13)
Chopping wood and felling trees should be noisy work (13)