Steam Dark Days Ahead

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is coming to Steam soon (All Steamworks is now set up and ready to play - I already played on Steam yesterday).

What is done

  • Steam overlay support (screenshot etc.)
  • Steam achievements* (check below)
  • Steam fees
  • Steam description
  • Graphics (banner, Win / Linux / MAC icons, screenshots, etc.)
  • Linux, Windows, Mac compilations uploaded to the server
  • No DRM
  • Steam forum/group
  • Steam Cloud (you can play on another device, Steam syncs game settings, saves etc.
  • Trailer

Help wanted

  • Steam achievements (if we want, we need to discuss what achievements Eg. Kill 10 zombies, play the game for 30 real years etc.)
  • Testers needed who have a Steam account
  • Editors. Steam page product is like Wikipedia, I can add some people to my Steamworks account who developed better descriptions, screenshot etc.
  • Need a small fixes for Steam overlay (need to add a little thing to code - I know what :smiley: )


  • We can use the Steam Play together function.


  • I working on cool tiles.

Top 10 Steam games


There’s alreayd a bunch of achievement in the game

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Just to clarify, they ran this by me via email, and while I’m not a fan of steam, the license the game is released under allows this, so I stand by that.


I assume that the version that will be on steam will be the Stable version?

Because if it’s the experimental, the major and most important thing that needs to be done is to be crystal clear with potential players about the fact that the game is in constant development and constantly changing, as well as to who is managing the “steam side of things” for the game, if it isn’t going to be done by the devs themselves.

I see several potential issues cropping up:

  • Potential broken new features / fixes to existing features:

If something is introduced to the game that happens to be broken or to have a glaring flaw that breaks the game - which can happen - or something that is introduced but never really explained properly because its still a WIP (Like proficiencies were, for example), this would lead to people either “review bombing” / trashing the game because they don’t understand how the game is maintained or to completely refuse to give the game a go later down the line because “those evil developers keep on breaking the game and its literally unplayable™”.

  • constant update logs:

everytime a new build is put out with fixes / introducing new mechanics / tweaks to already existing mechanics, there would have to be a proper log detailing the changes. That is something i’ve mentioned in another thread, the fact that the “changelogs” are super vague (and currently non-existent) so people updating the game (or having steam forcing the updates on them) would have no idea as to why a game is being updated several times a day and what changes the game is having.
(and yes, you can tell them to check the build numbers on github but that only shows us the code, and maths equations highlighted in green and red don’t really mean anything to people who don’t understand programming languages).

  • people starting to use steam forums for support:

This would probably cause a lot of misinformation to be spread quite quickly, and bugs being reported on steam instead of being reported where they should be. It would also lead to people being pissed off if they think that it’s the actual developers/maintainers putting the game on steam (which, correct me if I am wrong, does not seem to be the case?). It could lead to those situations where people would throw insults and accusations at the team for things they have no fault on.

  • People complaining about the lack of current/up-to-date information.

The Wiki is vastly out of date in most of its articles, google searches often uncover results that are months out of date (hell, even week-old threads can already be out of date due to updates/tweaks done in regards to a similar problem). This will most likely get people to be confused as to why there’s no main source for information on gameplay mechanics or a comprehensive list of things™ that’s updated as they’d expect it to be.

  • People wanting to trouble-shoot faults with their system because CDDA (according to reddit) can run even on a toaster.

Everyone has a different system and thus a lot of potential bugs/glitches/problems can occur with the game. Namely the fact that some people might look up streamers and old (pre-Forced Z-Levels) videos and see like “oh shit the game processes so fast!” but when they see that the game is horrendously slow in some specific areas, or that the game starts slugging along after 2, 3, 4 in-game months, they’ll start complaining about how the game “is this and that and it’s literally unplayable because its too slow when crafting/sleeping!”.

Just my opinion here though. I personally won’t be using steam for the game, as I feel there’s no need to do it - the game runs well on both my Operating Systems, the only complaint I have is what I mentioned above about the Change Logs but that’s me personally.


I mean Steam achievements.

Yes but basically you can copy the achievement that already in game. Although I don’t know how hard it would be to connect in game achievement to steam achievment

Steam allows you to create a beta page, example: . You can explain a lot of things to players.

“Changelog” appeared on Steam 1-2 months ago, because most Steam users were never interested in it (they only read the announcements about update).

I can redirect traffic to github.

Yeah :/, there will always be such people. If you want write current/up-to-date information, changelog etc., I can give you access. It would be fantastic, what do You think?

If you don’t want to use the Steam version, nothing changes for you. This is another reason… Unfortunately the player will never play Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, because… Because the game is not available on Steam. Kevin and the community are doing a great job and we should help the game reach as many players as possible. This game is fantastic, let’s give Steam users a chance to get to know it. We can delete the game at any time.

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Thanks. I will see. Achievements on Steam are simple. I need to send information to the server to unlock the achievement.

The Steam version will have different graphics and high-quality sounds and music.

And maybe I’ll add some effects (optional)

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That is a non-issue. Steam users of CDDA should be using Steam forums (or contact Steam publisher by any other means) to seek support as CDDA version distributed through Steam platform is not the same as the one distributed on other platforms by other people.

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If someone wants, I can share my tileset later when I’m finished (+music and sounds) . I don’t have a github account, so if someone wants to upload it, let me know.

Actually it looks like this:



Banners for Steam etc.

Expermintal (gif)

That is actually something that im looking forward, at leat to try it.

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You will not be disappointed.

Valve approved the Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. So, I will give you the address of the Steam website soon. More stuff coming soon (high quality music and sounds, new screenshot, video etc.)


So I find this troubling. I’ve never seen you around in the community and I am concerned by this. Are you charging for this release?

If this is simply putting Cataclysm on Steam, I think that’s fine, though I think it’s a whole can of worms that will require a lot of attention to keep things running smoothly.

But my main question and concern is whether you’re charging for this or is it free?

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  1. “I’ve never seen you around” - I’ve killed a lot of zombies…

  2. Absolutely not. There is a lot of work to do with graphics, music and sounds, but the game will be 100% free… As long as it’s on my account. If current developers eg Kevin or someone else decide to create a Steamworks account partner I will transfer Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead to this account. What will happen then? The license allows you to sell the game. If this were to happen, I recommend: the game should still be free on Steam and have paid DLC (scenarios, soundtrack, tiles, etc.) - as a support for developers.

  3. About bugs. The Steam product page will be set to “beta”, so no need to worry.

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That’s all I wondered, really. I’ve seen other open source games (notably Nethack) have someone come in, make a few changes, and sell it. Whether it’s permitted or not, I would have had an issue with that.

So you saying that it will be free eases almost all of the concerns I had. I’m interested to see how it all shakes out.


I do have a suggestion, you should try joining the official development server, as it’ll help being able to communicate clearly with you about this beyond email or discourse.


so does this mean that we no longer need the launcher?

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