In the fire menu, switch from aim and fire to just aim

Hi folks.

I have a suggestion.

How would it be if you could not shoot in the fire menu with the three selection options, but only aim. Then you should execute the shot manually.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pressed the aim button and wished for it.

And i know i can press [.] to aim, but i would like to have an option to get to the different target modes with one button press, without having to press [.] 15 times and then shoot…

As the opponent gets closer, the target values also change. I want to be able to react precisely to this.
That’s why the idea with the three different options is not to shoot, but only to aim.
If you press precise aim for an example and the target suddenly gets closer, the opponent might hit you, because you pressed the button for precise aim and couldn’t react…

Or if it were possible, let us switch between the two options (aim and fire) or just (aim).