Late-Game Lab feature: 3-D/Advanced Printing Equipment

Essentially in certain deeper areas of the lab the player could find a highly advanced 3D printers with a damaged power system.

If the player brings some materials and equipment and builds a power source they can build cutting edge professional quality items.

To use the printer the player needs a laptop, a USB with the required software/blueprints, the raw materials (Maybe in spool form?) and some form of power (A generator, battery etc)

The draw is high and the printer takes time to finish, making lots of sound.

With enough skill and proficiency (Computer + related crafting skill + required Proficiency) the player could program custom gear designs into a USB.

This could allow crafting of specific CBMs, Weapons, Factory quality Ammo, Armor (Environmentally sealed, powered or heavily armored while maintaining flexibility) and maybe comestibles (Designer chemical substances or high quality concentrated mutagens and primers?)

The generator would be built into the structure and should be unable to be moved.

This would give the ability for the Player to acquire top-tier gear at the cost of finding or making the blue prints, and constructing/maintaining the advanced equipment.

To balance the machines use could attract (Summon) entities that the player needs to fend off, or could have a chance of breaking on completion of a project, or has a limited quantity of materials inside and once everything is printed out the machine shuts off (Similar to a gas pump)

There could also be several types of printers with their own specific item types they can make (ex: a munitions printer that could make factory quality ammo/explosives), a manufacturing printer for weapons/items/armor, a chemical printer for comestibles (Designer pharmaceuticals, Highly precise chemical compounds, mutagen cocktails, etc)
Increasing the difficulty by having to find the right printer in the right lab.

Already exists in the Nanofabricator. The list of possible items to acquire templates for is mostly limited to advanced technological items, as lore wise there was no real need or interest in using cutting edge tech to produce widely available consumables like ammunition or the like.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here development wise. While the Nanofabricator still spawns in its map special, the functionality of it seems to be getting slowly subsumed into the Hub as a faction reward functionality, printing stuff for the player.

I’ve never run into one, I’ll have to look for it then.
Also the Hub too, never run into them either.
Thanks for the info