New Idea Bionic animals

personaly i would see bionics for animals being a thing. either bionics that work for animals or modified for them or built for them in the first place. think bionic police dogs. know the main animals i would think this is for are mostly horses birds (ravens,hawks,eagles) and dogs. its kind of useless on cows since your just going to kill them anyway at some point. and yes wolfs if you somehow manage to tame one. also i would say can be added to humans tho they may have strange effects. ideas. Bionic jaw a dog bionic to improve bite force. radio sights for birds to help you with scouting. not really useful for a human. i a little blank for horse specific outside of something like bionic spine and muscles to help with running and cargo
these are just examples that i could think of

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I like this idea quite a lot, but it would might be necessary to at least somewhat have this system at least partially implemented for it to work better.
You might be able to have it without animal handling, but I feel like it would have to be much more crude.
But then again, I don’t know much about tamed animals in the first place.

haha i also had the idea of robot animals that work more like vehicles still outside the largest take a single tile but work more like a vheical with upgrades and stuff.
Robot horse/ motorcycle
robot camel/ suv
Robot elephant/ RV/Tank and the only more vehicle like in in game design (take a lot more tiles its ment to be huge like real elpehant)

A cyberdog would be pretty neat.

And it’d make sense compared to actual robots (which are glitchy as all hell both IRL and in lore, and that was before the Cataclysm struck).

I have a pretty good idea of how to make this work (though coding it is out of my reach, most likely). You have a tamed dog in a Pet Carrier and an Autodoc nearby, and then you can make additions to the animal through the use the Autodoc like a crafting recipe.

Perhaps, however, new code should be written to allow bionics to work on dogs and other animals. I don’t know how to apply modifications to a creature like that…

I for one would love a dog that can regenerate and survive attacks from zombies.

While I’m sure CBMs would be in certain animals. I am also certain that most animals wouldn’t just willy nilly have them. Presumably they would be rather expensive and this coincides with most people not having them in game.

Not everyone can afford them. So only guard dogs in a mansion or the police/army would have them kinda thing.

oh no i, not saying you find animals with them that often its more. some Human bionics are not Human specific and can be added to animals or by a skilled survivor modified for a animal and some animal bionics can be found but actually finding one in a animal is rare. its more for the player to help any keep any animal companions up to stuff with the zombie hulks and other that’s running around. mostly bionic animals would be police dogs or military dogs. since i can see them being used and government paid

Could always attach a klaxon bionic to a bunny. Let it go free after you turn it on and let a herd chase the bunny all over the place as you chill in a building or something lol

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yeah while i would say there is no real this animal can’t have bionics the main three were said ealery as the ones i found the most practical

This could be a wonderful expansion to the animal collars/basic armor added with 0.D. Perhaps we could have power armor for dogs.