iOs Version - Licensing ok?

Hello there,
so I have contacted Yury Appollov, the Developer of the Current iOS version.

I had a look at the app, found it passable.
When I reached out for support, he responded instantly.

What I am unsure is, if his attribution to the developers of the actual content of the game is sufficient.
Please have a look at the App in question here;
Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead & BN on the App Store (

And share your feedback in this thread or (preferably, he responds quite fast) via his contact;
Catalysm Roguelike RPG support - Jira Service Management (

Thank you for your time and warm regards

The page doesn’t really enter into it, unless he’s misidentified it as not cc-by-sa or something. The attribution requirements are that you do not remove existing attribution, so the question is, have they edited the about tab in the dda main menu, which afair is the only user visible attribution in the game.