Needful things part 2



That’s weird. Have you updated your game? Update #7307 added them. With a quick glance, the stripper clips seem to be named 3006_clip and 762R_clip in the code. Here’s the link to the log for proof.


not getting frostnip with lots of warm clothes thrown on on day 1 due to a bug that’s easily fixed and has been here for many days now


That would explain why the version I downloaded to check that feature was 7306.


I’m not sure if anyone has suggested this yet but wouldn’t it be great to have multi-calibre magazines?

The one above works only with the AR-15 platform but I imagine that by 2045 there might be quite a few ‘former’ preppers who may have stockpiled some of these for different gun platforms.

Also why is it that most soldier zombies have absolutely no spare magazines to speak of? It’s not military procedure to just dump your magazines on the ground even in a firefight.

“Training on how to do proper reloads where you pocket your mag is considered a fundamental.” — “If a guy is sloppy with his equipment he is corrected.”

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Higher capacity magazines. STANAG Magazines that have capacities as high as 90 or 100 exist.

…I’ve brought this up before, and I think it’s been long enough that I can bring it up again…


I think the modern weapons mod has them but I think the highest capacity vanilla mag is is 50.


Floran likess bacon meatsss. Floran want bacon makersss. Bacon generatorsss maybe? Floran not undersssstand how generator worksssss, but floran like generator. Floran alsssso like to stab thingssss, more stabby thingsss should be added. Never too much thingsss to sstab.

  1. This was not off topic, as I would indeed like a magical device that generates infinite bacon.
  2. Just so you know, this was not of topic.
  3. I’d also like an immense amount of stabby weaponry, unless I have missed a bunch of it in the crafting menu I haven’t seen a whole. I said that earlier, thus this was not off topic.
  4. If you really insist it was off topic, then I guess so and remove. That would be inaccurate, but I’m not going to try and help you ‘see the light’ since that would be off topic.


Thanks for reminding me that the SKS uses a speedloader @DeWolf

This clip for the SKS should be added to the game:

    "id": "762_m43_clip",
    "type": "MAGAZINE",
    "name": "rifle clip - 7.62x39mm",
    "//": "Provisional.",
    "description": "A small crimped and folded piece of sheet metal designed to quickly load the internal magazine of a rifle.",
    "weight": 60,
    "volume": "100ml",
    "price": 1000,
    "material": "steel",
    "symbol": "#",
    "color": "light_gray",
    "ammo_type": "762",
    "capacity": 10,
    "flags": [ "SPEEDLOADER" ]

It can be added to the SKS by adding the following entry to the SKS’s entry:

"magazines": [ [ "762", [ "762_m43_clip" ] ] ]


The reinforced vending machine only drops glass when broken into; this should be changed to heavy steel armor, concrete debris or reinforced glass debris. It should also have a unique broken form different from the ordinary vending machine.

EDIT: the standard vending machines need electric guts and plastic.

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Poison arrow can be used against NPCs.

Its about time to convert the crucible tool entries in recipes into tool qualities.


We can make deployable chairs now.


The player really needs the ability to control automatic fire if they have skill. Preventing automatic fire targeting the ground and shooting dead enemies is bad.


How about an option to ignore all warnings about errors when starting a game? I run a lot of mods and the errors aren’t game breaking so I don’t really care. Be good for QoL.


You can press I to ignore a specific error message, but there isn’t any general system for disabling them that I know of.

The Medieval and Historical content pack needs a Balearic slinger profession.


Cows should spawn on the ranch area. Because I wanna try Stardew: Dark Days Ahead.


Here’s a weird one, but I want to be able to cannibalize integral mods on some guns (probably destroying the firearm in the process) to put them on other compatible firearms. I’d love to be able to use that Sight that the Rivtech Scout Rifle has on other guns, as well as cannibalize those Leadworks guns for their special modifications.

Naturally, this should require a very high skill in Mechanics, since you’re taking apart entire weapons and putting their parts on other weapons. That’s not against the rules, right?


-I press ‘I’ a bunch of the time, that doesn’t mean the game cares about me doing so :neutral_face:
-We also need a faction called the Great Raccoon Army. Why, you might ask? BECAUSE REASONS! And because it sounds amusing. That too.