Needful things part 2



Dumb thing: A hearing aid. I always take poor hearing (cause it doesn’t matter that much for my playstyle) but I’d like some ability to recover from it for alarms or even recognizing noises which I myself have made, barring CBMs or mutations. Tier 1: Ear horn, maybe wield it to hear better. 2: Ear horn hat: very encumbering, but let’s you not need hands. 3: Hearing aid: lowish power consumption or rechargeable, low encumbrance, only for hard hearing and doesn’t enhance. Tier 4: Faster draining hearing enhancer, CBM, and mutations. Tier 5: things which provide enhancement and protection. Maybe you’d need multiple stacks for hard hearing to become enhanced, but only one item for normal hearing to enhance.

Edit: another thing: a place-able thing to cook with coals! Charcoal cookers only can have 50 charges. Maybe rename it to a “Portable Grill” and add a rock structure (rocks + frame) or grill (tank, metal, etc, must be placed) so I can place an object and load it with charcoal. As far as I know there is no option to just cook with coals easily. For ‘realism’ maybe they’d need a sack or can (for storing and then prepping coals).


A vehicle coal cooker part would actually make a ton of sense. Just about every portable grill i can think of has wheels. Can we make them spawn in backyards like shopping carts spawn at stores?

A construction would also make sense for those bolted down barbecues that you see at parks.


For my own suggestion: a towel rack that you can load with one or two towels, so you can just examine the towel rack to dry yourself without having to mess with your inventory.

Also, a washbasin construction that can hold water and wash clothes. I’m tired of ending up with my washboard in my inventory.


A rocket launcher battery to mount on vehichles.

Basically several survivor rocket launchers strapped together and rigged to fire in a volley.


That sounds freaking amazing. And terrifying. But mostly amazing.


I mean mostly not making ranged weapons miss 80% of the time two tiles away would be nice


I’ve concluded that you’re pretty much meant to always precisely aim.


Yes, ALWAYS either wait or use precise aim. Even at super high markmenship it’s still a terrible idea to do otherwise


Although, it would make sense that there should be a 100% chance to hit the target, graze or not, at point blank range.


No kidding, you miss when a human sized creature is two feet in front of you at point blank. Seriously, are you turned opposite way or something?
Stupid, it is. - Yoda


I wasn’t going to say anything, EDIT: But this conversation has come up multiple times. People, including trained professionals, miss enemies that are only a few feet away. It’s called panic fire and it happens all the time. Most of the time when you hear about a police shooting, they’ve frequently fired 5-15 shots and hit two or three, even when in the same room with a perpetrator.

I agree that the aiming system needs work because distant shots, even with appropriate rifles, have a very low to-hit. That said, I use a pistol and a shotgun all the time at around 8 tiles (shotgun) to maybe 12 tiles (pistol) and with a low skill level. I find them to be just fine. I spend two or three ‘waits’ before firing and it almost always works out for me.


I seem to have a fair bit of luck with throwing weapons however, just to point out. Maybe it is just luck or something, but I seem to hit more. Excluding when I have a broken arm(s), obviously. In my experience guns specifically have always just not worked very well, so I just don’t use them. Plus, the fact that I can be silent is always nice.


Protip: Manhacks aren’t a good enemy to gauge your shooting on. For some reason, people do this.

God of Slaughter Noble Culver has 24 Perception and Marksmanship 17, and he still misses Manhacks at 6 tile ranges.

Size and Range are important; remember manhacks are about the size of a human heart/fist.

…Now I kinda want to play a Perception-based Bird Character and see how high I can get my Perception. If I start with 12, I could theoretically get as high as 30 if I pushed it.


I did some zombie science in the other gun thread with scoped rifles against a standard zombie. The results were not great.


Some sort of indication that an item is modified in the clothes layering ui.


Tank mod really needs a tank recovery vehicle. It could be based on the Main Battle Tank’s chassis as is tradition, the turret replaced with a telescopic cantilever or something.


I really think we could use vehicle installed charcoal kilns/smokers. It would also be good if we could upgrade the existing FOODCO/kitchen/forge to include stuff like waffle irons, metal tongs, swage and die sets and whatnot.


Since speedloaders and clips are a thing now, it’s time to add them to the old M1903 and Mosin-Nagant rifles. The BB gun could get a BB bottle with dispenser nozzle.


This one’s easy, and someone’s probably done it already: split the unused mags_military itemgroup between mags_milspec and mags_surplus. The STANAGs go to milspec, the rest goes to surplus.


Wait clips are an actual thing now!?! Or do you just mean magazines?