Needful things part 2



Poison arrow can be used against NPCs.

Its about time to convert the crucible tool entries in recipes into tool qualities.


There was an idea of having anti-zombie poisons extracted from mutated animals.
For example, giant wasps could have a de-zombifying poison that makes zombies killed while poisoned act as if they were pulped.


Except instead of Giant Wasps…how about the Mycus? They already purge the body of Blob.


The shrooms would be somewhat less interesting considering they’re common, grindable, and already have their effects on zeds. Plus, the whole mycus thing seems to be more like refined shrooms, high level stuff not for normies. Spore ammo for liquid launcher could be interesting, though.

Giant wasps currently have no such role. IRL some wasps turn cockroaches into “zombies” by damaging and poisoning their brains (or equivalents). Having wasps have anti-zombie powers would be pretty thematic and would also explain how they managed to survive in cities full of zeds.
A less interesting variant would be just making giant wasps be allied with zeds under the assumption that they got all nearby zombies “converted” with wasp sting brain surgery.


We can make deployable chairs now.


The player really needs the ability to control automatic fire if they have skill. Preventing automatic fire targeting the ground and shooting dead enemies is bad.


How about an option to ignore all warnings about errors when starting a game? I run a lot of mods and the errors aren’t game breaking so I don’t really care. Be good for QoL.


You can press I to ignore a specific error message, but there isn’t any general system for disabling them that I know of.

The Medieval and Historical content pack needs a Balearic slinger profession.


Cows should spawn on the ranch area. Because I wanna try Stardew: Dark Days Ahead.


Here’s a weird one, but I want to be able to cannibalize integral mods on some guns (probably destroying the firearm in the process) to put them on other compatible firearms. I’d love to be able to use that Sight that the Rivtech Scout Rifle has on other guns, as well as cannibalize those Leadworks guns for their special modifications.

Naturally, this should require a very high skill in Mechanics, since you’re taking apart entire weapons and putting their parts on other weapons. That’s not against the rules, right?


-I press ‘I’ a bunch of the time, that doesn’t mean the game cares about me doing so :neutral_face:
-We also need a faction called the Great Raccoon Army. Why, you might ask? BECAUSE REASONS! And because it sounds amusing. That too.


I’d suggest nerfing mutant NPCs, there are ridiculously powerful hulking HUGE, xtra strong with talons, horns and hooves NPCs that mutilate anything in your path, and all they require to recruit is some social skills.

I’d suggest making them exclusively aggressive bandits post-threshold to counter this for more bestial powerful NPCs, but this could probably end a pretty high end character easily.