Needful things part 2



I’d suggest nerfing mutant NPCs, there are ridiculously powerful hulking HUGE, xtra strong with talons, horns and hooves NPCs that mutilate anything in your path, and all they require to recruit is some social skills.

I’d suggest making them exclusively aggressive bandits post-threshold to counter this for more bestial powerful NPCs, but this could probably end a pretty high end character easily.


I thinks it’s easiness of recruit that’s need nerfing, should be a much, much harder to train speech and to recruit, not NPCs themselves.


And maybe “stronger” NPC should be significantly harder to recruit on top of that. The logic is the following: being recruited by the player means agreeing to taking order from someone else. A powerful NPC wouldn’t have much motivation to do it - since he/she has good chance to survive on his own. The main potential motivation would be “friendship”. Weak NPCs on the other hand might look for protection from stronger player character or want to team up with an equally capable survivor which would translate in lower requirements (but still should not be easy).
In short: add a hidden “power level” stat for each NPC and make it a factor in recruitment chances calculations. How to calculate this “power level” is another problem but it’s not impossible. Base stats, skills, positive traits, positive mutations, working bionics would all add to the “power score”. Bad mutations, traits or faulty bionics would lower it. It doesn’t have to be precise.

The end result would be that getting weak, relatively less useful npcs to work for the player would be easier than making someone really strong and useful to do the same.


We need a way to “sheath” our quarterstaves please for i want to be donnatelo the looter ninja wannabe.

Im aware that this is a mod related thing but please i want working auto loading ammo racks for vehicles, because you know how tedious it is to brake your car every time you want to reload the damn slingshot cannon.


I don’t think we should nerf powerful NPCs especially end game when you get access to the survivor crank rifle, an ammoless auto laser rifle, and have the skills to kill them untouched in melee.


The crank laser rifle is from Cataclysm++, which is pretty badly balanced. I don’t think that’s a good thing to include in any vanilla balance discussion.


With few exceptions home improvement superstore hasn’t been updated to include several new construction tools and doesn’t spawn as much raw materials as it should. Raw materials such as bricks and 2x4s should spawn in huge stacks there.


Accurizing crossbows. Is there any reason for not being able to do it?


What’s involved in accuratizing a crossbow?


I can link some articles and forum talks on it I just found, but I don’t know jack myself. Apparently besides restringing it or adjusting the cams and spines (whatever those are) most of the tuning relies on the bolts themselves.
Now, what exactly means accuratizing an item ingame? Is it about finetuning it like you do an instrument, or just keeping in pristine state (clean, oiled and what else)? Because while the latter seems to makes complete sense with crossbows, the first one not that much.


You can also “accurize” most modern bows with a set of allen wrenches if you know what you’re doing. Some serving (strong thread) and a bow square helps too.


Allowing us to set the zoom key via options to have two zoom ranges, one normal, and one out as a toggle would be beneficial for gameplay for those that want the nicer looking tilesets, but the functionality of being able to see lots on screen when necessary without a 4k monitor.


Is there any chance that we could get a reload time modifier for gunmods? And possibly an internal magazine size modifier?
It would let me realise some AWESOME ideas in my mod.


I would also find it nice to be able to make a gun mod that modifies weapons with internal magazines to accept detachable magazines.


that would be difficult for most many weapons, and would be different for all of them, Im thinking a much higher skill level required then most mod mags, and would be diffferent for almost all guns, trying to think of how to balance realism with game here, and Im thinking realism is too much hassle to simulate here, so probaly just do it like normal mods, but harder than most things invloving mags.
The internal mags that come to mind are:

tube mags-like pump shotguns, but other weapons do similarly. Don’t think you can extended mag these without being ridiculous as you would either have to change the entire method of feeding ammo in, or extend the tube past the barrel, unless you could figure out some kind of corkscrew feeding method.

true internal mag-basically all your higher caliber rifles, like sniper rifles, seems like there should be a reason for the consistancy of internal, probably a heavy tradeoff on stats especially mobility for increaded weight and bulkiness and a much higher chance of jamming… is that a thing in cata? I’ve not messed with guns enough yet :frowning:


The idea is to make pneumatic weapons (and possibly others) modular so that you can customise them entirely to your liking. I’d also like the option of a bow and/or crossbow mod that automatically feeds new bolts/arrows in.
Both of those ideas require a gunmod modifier like I described.


automatic bow/crosbow isn’t a thing. You have to pull the string back.
you’d have to have a crank crossbow (or do a similar clip feed and then still have to manually pull the string back.) would shorten load times I’d think, but the most time consuming part is heaving the string back, so the gains would be minimal for the added maneuverability penalty while crank bows are much less accurate, and might even require a more stationary setup, more of a crank-able bolt cannon at that point.

Edit: I take it back, its a thing with repeating bows which can actually be relatively quick firing, though what I saw was mostly pistol crossbows.


I’m aware. The idea was something along the lines of a set of magnets that automatically fed arrows into a bow for you so you could just keep drawing and loosing without fumbling an arrow onto the rest.
For a crossbow, obviously it would need some sort of magnetic rail or winch to pull the string back, but at that point it might just be easier to switch to pneumatic.

That said, I still want the option. Reload time and internal magazine size are some of the only gun stats we can’t modify through gunmods.


That sounds like my bb gun. Arrows would make more sense having a clip of some sort and a simple mechanical pullbar of some sort for the string. Actually the cocking mechanism could be similar for both.


I wonder what the effects of sticking an actual stick of dynamite inside of a roughly fitted metal pipe would be in comparison to our typical pipe bombs?