Poisoning zombies

Arrows and crossbows would be greatly improved by adding poison arrows.


Ooh, yes, this would be cool. Although the thought of poisoning zombies who are already dead in a certain way and probably are poisonous themselves is somewhat weird.

Then again, they do move, so they do have some kind of a nervous system, with neurotransmitters and everything. So a paralytic poison such as curare would be effective and probably even incapacitate them to a point where you don’t have to pulp them – if they do come alive again, they’re still inanimate so not really dangerous.

Yeah, poison arrows definitely would be fun, probably posing dilemas like “you can take down the thing faster but can’t use any meat from it”. Like, making mutagen from poisoned tainted meat would not be an option.

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Based on how the Blob works, I don’t think poison would be particularly effective on zombies. It might be good for hunting though, if you used something not poisonous to humans when ingested.

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There was an idea of having anti-zombie poisons extracted from mutated animals.
For example, giant wasps could have a de-zombifying poison that makes zombies killed while poisoned act as if they were pulped.

Except instead of Giant Wasps…how about the Mycus? They already purge the body of Blob.

The shrooms would be somewhat less interesting considering they’re common, grindable, and already have their effects on zeds. Plus, the whole mycus thing seems to be more like refined shrooms, high level stuff not for normies. Spore ammo for liquid launcher could be interesting, though.

Giant wasps currently have no such role. IRL some wasps turn cockroaches into “zombies” by damaging and poisoning their brains (or equivalents). Having wasps have anti-zombie powers would be pretty thematic and would also explain how they managed to survive in cities full of zeds.
A less interesting variant would be just making giant wasps be allied with zeds under the assumption that they got all nearby zombies “converted” with wasp sting brain surgery.

This is gonna sound weird but my mom had an awesome idea. Y’know how we have the venomous mutation? What if those with it could, as an action, spit on their arrows/bolts/weapon to apply a poison effect to it?


And who should it poison? Poison-immune zombies?

I dunno, whoever we’re supposed to poison with the venomous mutation?

ARE the zombies immune to poison?

NPCs and mundane animals.