Nimian's Manufacture weapons mod

Um, hello there. I was making this mod mainly for myself (+I’m getting somewhat valuable experience from this), but I thought it could be a good idea to share it with people, maybe someone will like this.

So, Nimian’s Manufacture guns are very reliable, lightweight and accurate, but most are suffering from small clip (because balance uh… complex mechanisms of these guns take a lot of space, making them not able to hold much), high recoil and long reload time.
There are also specialist 32mm grenade launcher, or ‘flaregun’, you can actually reload spent casings into any type, not just acid\buckshot\flechette.
As well as two self-charging weapons (yes, infinite ammunition): laspistol with pathetic damage, and lasrifle with normal damage (but it’s heavy, because balance complexity).
And two tesla cannons: one just deals large amount of damage + lightning, other deals even larger amount of damage + lightning which bounces around. Both are energy hogs though.
The link is provided below.

New version, with more stuff:

Old version:

I hope you’ll like it. And feel free to criticize my bad decisions.

Now before I test this mod out, I wanted to see what you meant by small ammo capacity… Jesus Christ, you weren’t kidding. From a gun nut like myself. Guns like these in the real world are not gonna sell. A “Sniper Pistol” with only two bullets? That outrageous! All I need is a Ruger Blackhawk and a Sniper Scope and i’m good. But the infinite laser weapons and the arc cannons are a cool idea. I have not testing this mod out, but those electric weapons seem pretty cool. The guns though? They better be OP or else weapons like the Ruger 10/22 are gonna beat you mate…

So… I was right about the electric weapons. The NMT01 and its v2 counterpart are very good, mid game weapons. Or for survivors with UPSs. But the guns, they are not too bad, better then I expected. But they have WAY to long reload times. Their reload times are so long that a crawling zombie could catch up to me if i’m reloading one of the 223 rifles.

Anyways, I like the backstory of your company. Kinda fits in with Cata’s lore, and just a company trying to make a quick buck. That one shot 12g that they shoveled out to worrying civilians would make sense in this scenario. Love it.

Overall, I like this mod. The guns need a bit of tweaking, but the electric weapons could be life savors in mid to late game characters. Blasting a zombie to bits with a M72 law, pretty cool… But with a Arc cannon made in Russia? That’s even cooler.

Nice job on your mod mate, hope to see you around making more cool stuff! :smiley:

Well, I’ll think about increasing ammo capacity of some guns. By 1. Probably.
And yes, I made reloads to slow. Time’ll be reduced, but will still remain big.

And yes, I have some more ideas. Cheap guns, non-recharging laser rifle (won’t use UPS, just… another kind of ammo), their own caliber, melee weapons and probably some lightweight tools.

EDIT: Oh yeah, it’s not an arc cannon, it’s tesla cannon. Tesla, Soviet Union, don’t you get the reference? :wink:

I’m still playing around with the system, and as a result:
New version is up.
What has changed:

[ul][li]Reduced the reload time of most guns, from ~10% to ~33%[/li]
[li]Increased the clip for some guns, like .45 sniper pistol (2->4)[/li][/ul]

There’s also a few new weapons of course:

[ol][li]Laser rifle (and heavy laser rifle) which requires actual ammo (like bullets, but they’re energy cells actually, there’s three types: factory-made, handmade and handmade from plutonium cells)[/li]
[li]Completely silent sniper gun! Makes 0 noise, but ammo is rare.[/li]
[li]New and useless pistol caliber, and 4 guns to fit it.[/li]
[li]25mm anti-materiel rifle! Bullets come in the AP, APDS, HE, HEI and HEFI types. All are very damaging, but very rare.[/li]
[li]And few cheap guns to drain more money from populace.[/li][/ol]


(also added to opening post just in case)

Feel free to leave opinions, critics and suggestions.

You had me at twenty-five millimeter anti-materiel rifle… I assume we’ll have to steal all these new toys from our local military outpost/bunker?

Not everything, of course, but 25mm rifle can be found in bunkers and vaults. They are rare though.
[sup]I should probably get some hand-reloading recipes for that. Can average survivor reload these?[/sup]

I certainly don’t. Probably because Nikola tesla was Austrian.

And hated the soviet union for attempting to steal the Teleforce design.

And lived in america.

Which is kinda far from russia.

Have you ever played Red Alert?

Long story short, tesla coils technology was used by EVIL SOVIETS as a weapon, making infantry and tanks very shocked and crispy. I really seem to fall out of trends, thought everybody played the game.

[quote=“GreatTuna, post:8, topic:10031”]Okay…
Have you ever played Red Alert?

Long story short, tesla coils technology was used by EVIL SOVIETS as a weapon, making infantry and tanks very shocked and crispy. I really seem to fall out of trends, thought everybody played the game.

I have played the red alert series. I love those games. I may or may not have a tanya poster. With a hole in it.


I always thought he was Serbian

At the time I think that part of Serbia was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire…

Austria-Hungary was the overarching empire, which contained several ethnic groups. Among these ethnic groups were serbians.

So to recap:

Born in Austria-Hungary
To Serbian Parents.
And he was not russian.

Also, why do i care?

Do you have a fresh download link for this? Chrome hates rghost, for reasons unknown.
edit: Reason is now known. rghost is a malware host. avoid avoid avoid.

Greattuna, I’m rehosting the newest version on google drive, if you’d like me to take it down let me know.

[glow=red,2,300]Google Drive[/glow]
[glow=red,2,300]Most Recent Version[/glow]

Any updated versions around???

I would like to update this mod and host it at GitHub, can I have your permission GreatTuna?

I edited the durability of civy, military, and prototype weapons down to 10. The game seems to like it.
No longer crashes on newest experimental.
Will be testing.

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