Weapon Mod changes

Silencers: From what I’m told by those who would know. A silencer only works if all the gas is escaping out the front of the weapon. Revolvers, from what I’m told, have very poor sealing. Thus the noise is made by the gas escaping from many points on the weapon.

Extra Magazine: I find this mod to be kinda silly. I’d rather just find magazines and be able to load them. Also being able to harvest magazines from duplicate weapons. You wouldn’t really need all that much extra code to do it. Just have it as another ammunition item that has a very short reload time. To reload the magazine itself have them wield it and reload it like anything else. All of this code exists somewhere and would mainly just need to be copied and adjusted to work on this item. Can add magazines as a spawn item. In Iraq I carried 210 rounds of 5.56mm. Seven magazines. This would also affect extended magazines (which they are trying to illegalize in America).

IR Laser Sight: This one I state from personal experience (10 years US Army). When wearing Night Vision Goggles you can’t look down your weapons sights. Therefore you put an IR Laser Sight on the weapon to let you know what you are pointing at.

The ‘extra magazine’ isn’t conceptualized as strictly just having a magazine around, but having one that’s clipped onto the currently loaded one (or a speedloader, etc) that facilitates a very quick reload from any position. No need to find the right pouch and get into it without dropping anything, or having to move to make it possible to get into the pouch… It’s an abstraction like 90% of this game (and most RLs).

If I were to make suggest changes to it, perhaps make it slower if anything. Can’t make it craftable, because then even more complaints would come along to point out how it’s not designed for this or that, or should be lying around more.

Another one tired from ammo-related BS in CDD?

In Real Life, in a combat zone, I wore seven 30 round magazines for my M16A2 5.56mm Rifle. They were on the front of my body armor.

I’ve worn and carried my share of combat loads, and if you’re saying you always had access to them as easily as one that would’ve been attached as a double mag, you’re full of it.

Not as a double mag. The infantry guys in my unit use those too. They are easy to make though. 100 mile an hour tape and two magz. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, hence my line about them not being craftable, because duct tape won’t help you a bit with a revolver or a fixed magazine :stuck_out_tongue:

PS Sorry to hear about you carrying an M16. Always thought it was BS that they didn’t issue M4s for all troops. Hell they don’t even use M16s in Basic or AIT from what I hear.

Actually the spare mod is a compromise for in-code game infrastructure* and not wanting to go over the line into “firearm equipment simulation game”, having separate magazine items would introduce such issues as having magazines that match your gun and only hold certain rounds, etc…

Basically we aren’t simulating gun operation at the level of detail you’re describing. We can revisit that at some point, I think it’s mostly an issue of figuring out a UI for it that doesn’t make you want to rip your hair out.

*The proposed magazine items would require quite a bit of infrastructure rewrite.

Herm. I was thinking it wouldn’t require that much of a rewrite. You wield the magazine like anything else you reload and reload it. When the time comes to reload the gun it should be looking for magazines and not rounds. You swamp the information in the existing magazine for the information in the weapon. A weapon that is magazineless could have a - next to it instead of a + and have it’s capacity reduced to 1 to simulate hand loading rounds into the chamber. Of course, some weapons have internal magazines, such as some shotguns and revolvers of course. I don’t see the huge amount of coding to do this. Mainly I see some copying and pasting and modifying to make work in a new location. We may need a new command to (h)arvest magazines, but it could be used in future farming code too. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a matter of extent, adding spare magazines required adding the gunmod and some support for it in the reload code. Adding magazines as an object in the game would require updating every piece of code that has anything to do with handling ammunition in the game, including large portions of the inventory code. Yes parts of this would be mechanical replacements, but it’s still a rather large undertaking.

What it boils down to is among the active devs, I seem to be the one most interested in this area, and my enthusiasm for it runs out before making it as far as supporting removable magazines as a first-order object in the game. It’s a “nice to have”, but there are a lot of “must haves” to get out of the way before working on this one.

Not to mention it’s come up before and been heavily opposed by a number of players and a few devs.

the need to hoard & carry magazines, and removing the ability to load single rounds directly, would be a nice nerf for guns.

I think there was only one “opposing” troll. Dev reasons are pure technical, because of heavy rewrite required to handle things more realistically. At least we have drinks mixing and socks :smiley:

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