Needful things part 2

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So I’ve seen a video of a high-power airgun comparable in damage to the pneumatic guns ingame, and the thing was noticeably noisy, like a silenced firearm. Maybe the pneumatic guns with damage in .32 ACP range could have their “loudness”: set to 27-36.

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Good idea.

The Necromancy mod really needs something to spice it up, so I vote that the dormant minion should spawn a friendly jabberwock instead of a zombie. The recipe ingredients could be increased to match the butcher yield of a jabberwock, or the weight of ingredients equal to 1 jabberwock corpse (440.92 pounds).

I think Laser Weapons should be changed; they should have high damage and worse overall penetration than normal firearms. It just seems weird having it the way it is, with such high penetration values.

Have explosives tell you the blast range so you know how far to get before throwing them.

Have higher capacity magazines. 100-Round STANAG Magazines apparently exist, but apparently no one in New England has one. The only one who makes large magazines seems to be Rivtech.

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There are ammo belts which can be used on most assault rifles with the ammo belt feed mod which is craftable. Also as for the 100 round stanag mags have you look int the m249s on armored cars all that often or what places do you normally check for these things. (Correction now that I think about it in the armored cars I actually only recall finding 50 round mags possibly disregard)

Well, if I have to use them on an M249, it’s pretty much useless because that gun exclusively fires on full auto, and it’s impossible to aim on full auto (unless you use a Laser Rifle).

The reason I want 100 round STANAG Magazines is so I can put them on weapons like the AR-15.

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Make a beltfeed adapter mod. It lets you use belts on that gun but you can no longer use magazines. Make sure to attach a brass catcher to collect the belt links, then you can put the belts back together with new rounds between fights.

You can take the magazines out of the m249s and use them in other guns. That was the design philosophy of the stanag series of magazines they can be used in most of not all nato guns chambered in 556.

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Has anybody advocated moving the future-tech items, itemspawns, buildings and lore into Icecoon’s Arsenal and renaming it Cataclysm Era: 2055 instead of removing them totally?

Just wondering is it possible to get the engine to support vehicles moving sideways? Vehicles like this don’t have to be in vanilla, but with this it should be easier to mod in walking robots or alternative power armor using the vehicle system, or just allow pushing boats sideways.

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That actually brings up a question. What happens if a vehichle with an anyone has no steering wheels which way does it start moving?

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I think it starts in the direction the controls are paced (with forward beeing the direction the controls are facing). But I could imagine you can’t turn it because the wheels are fixed.

Vehicles have a front and back side, if the engine is on and you accelerate forward it moves forward, if you accelerate backwards you move backwards. Controls have no orientation. The front is just whichever direction it’s shown as in the vehicle menu.

Some ideas in descending order from easiest to hardest.

  1. Military Fatigues
    I always like to get kitted out in full military gear, but when it comes to summer, I start dying of heat exhaustion. Some sort of hot weather/summer/desert/light gear would be a nice addition.

  2. Ability to weld stuff to external tanks
    In my mind, I think of the external tanks like a tanker truck. I would assume you could weld stuff to a tanker with causing too much damage. Bonus points for a chance to damage the tank depending on your mechanics skill, but that’s not the easy part.

  3. More Mutations
    Mutating is !!FUN¡¡

  4. Add flavour to cities
    This would be quite difficult to add, I assume. I wish the cities felt a little more real. First off, the size of cities would need to be much, much bigger. The center, or downtown, would have all the high-rises and office buildings with skyways connecting them. Then suburbs would sprawl out from the center. Second off, make the buildings closer together/make them bigger. The buildings right now seem way to small/too far apart. Adding in more two-story houses, commercial buildings, and stuff like that. Third, the addition of flavour objects like street lamps, traffic lights, fire hydrants, etc. would add a bit of immersion without adversely affecting the gameplay.


Dumb thing: A hearing aid. I always take poor hearing (cause it doesn’t matter that much for my playstyle) but I’d like some ability to recover from it for alarms or even recognizing noises which I myself have made, barring CBMs or mutations. Tier 1: Ear horn, maybe wield it to hear better. 2: Ear horn hat: very encumbering, but let’s you not need hands. 3: Hearing aid: lowish power consumption or rechargeable, low encumbrance, only for hard hearing and doesn’t enhance. Tier 4: Faster draining hearing enhancer, CBM, and mutations. Tier 5: things which provide enhancement and protection. Maybe you’d need multiple stacks for hard hearing to become enhanced, but only one item for normal hearing to enhance.

Edit: another thing: a place-able thing to cook with coals! Charcoal cookers only can have 50 charges. Maybe rename it to a “Portable Grill” and add a rock structure (rocks + frame) or grill (tank, metal, etc, must be placed) so I can place an object and load it with charcoal. As far as I know there is no option to just cook with coals easily. For ‘realism’ maybe they’d need a sack or can (for storing and then prepping coals).


A vehicle coal cooker part would actually make a ton of sense. Just about every portable grill i can think of has wheels. Can we make them spawn in backyards like shopping carts spawn at stores?

A construction would also make sense for those bolted down barbecues that you see at parks.


For my own suggestion: a towel rack that you can load with one or two towels, so you can just examine the towel rack to dry yourself without having to mess with your inventory.

Also, a washbasin construction that can hold water and wash clothes. I’m tired of ending up with my washboard in my inventory.


A rocket launcher battery to mount on vehichles.

Basically several survivor rocket launchers strapped together and rigged to fire in a volley.


That sounds freaking amazing. And terrifying. But mostly amazing.

I mean mostly not making ranged weapons miss 80% of the time two tiles away would be nice