Stuff And Whatnots

So lets see if we can’t get some more fallout and other games in this b*tch.

Fusion Batteries: It’s the future, why not? It would provide a large jolt of power for less than a turn.
Fission Batteries: More commonly found version of a fusion battery. It provides a moderate amount of power for a short duration.
Fusion/Fission Powered Tasers: Zombies less reactive to electricity? Use more for an epic stun effect. (Note: May not work on larger or tougher enemies)
Microwave Gun: Ever wanted your zombie more than well-done? Well this gun cooks 'em thorough. (For use with fusion/fission batteries)
A.T.T.A.C.K. Grenades: Automatic Terraformed Terrifying Automatically Controlled Killbot. Just activate the grenade, throw, then get a new friend! This horrifying golem is made from whatever is around it, be it trees, dirt, asphalt, or flesh! It then follows its creator (determined by a DNA scan of skin cells from your hand. Don’t wear gloves!) and attacks anything that seeks to do it harm. (Mind the wires this thing shoots out to gather material for building itself, or you might become a part of it!)
Scent Reducer: Ever smell bad? Ever want to have no smell at all? Well use this new spray and smell like nothing! (Caution: Never wear metallic or Kevlar clothing, the acids inside eat it away)

More to Come!

For scent reducer, how about anti-antiperspirant? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am also hoping for generators to make batteries while running. And to have generators.

Agreed, but I kinda get the feeling that generators are on their planned list of items. I really feel like we should have roving bands of zombies. Once you add in generators they’d be attracted to the noise. So you’d have to fortify your house pretty good. Also, if it’s a gas generator, you should have to put it outside or deal with smoke accumulation inside. So as for generators, I’d more have a question about what are the current plans for them, if any, and get more into detail about how they should function. You could go the somewhat simpler route and add them as a stationary vehicle type construct.
I hear you about the batteries current, but I’m wondering about solar panels and storage batteries. Couldn’t you use these too? You also have questions about powering the structure. IE, being able to have lights in rooms and the refrigerator helping preserve food. Also, if you can get power, shouldn’t you only be able to get water from a house that has power? Otherwise the water pump isn’t working.
IRL to supply power to a structure that is tied into the grid you need to switch the circuit breaker so you don’t feed back into the larger power system. Though obviously there are work arounds for this IRL as people can have solar panels on their house. Maybe add a single tile to the outside of every building to provide a power hook up/circuit breaker switch. Power Box?
Then you have to consider buildings that would have emergency generators, such as police stations, firestations, hospitals, military buildings, etc… Why don’t you rename the thread to generators and we can start the discussion for em here? :stuck_out_tongue: