How do you play the game?

Hello fellow survivors!
I played C and some early D back in the days, when the world was not actually infected :slight_smile: and didn’t even know of the debug menu. When I recently came back to CDDA and wanted to see the newest developments, I had a really hard time keeping up with all the changes.
From small things like the pointy stick to whole scenarios, I didn’t get anywhere and was mostly struggling with the mechanics.
What frustrates me the most atm, is the conflicting and often completely missing documentation.

So right now, I am using the debug menu regularly, because otherwise, I’m not going anywhere, as I have to try out every little thing before actually being able to “really” do it (rogue like FTW!).

So how do you play the game?
I’m really curious!

May your days be calm and unbloody.

Ps: Does YouTube count as documentation nowadays? :wink:

Mall cop was my absolute favourite as I always liked the mall scenes in Z-movies. When all the stupid consumers turn into equally stupid Zs :rofl:

EDIT (I just have to add this)
One thing that did not change, is the awesome community around this game :grin:

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I usually play high-powered characters. Not talking stats in all 20s, but definitely characters with a minor leg up (like a Rougelike Classes Knight). I like the Evac Shelter start, it allows a faction camp to get going immediately and the sooner you can get NPCs to handle hunting and gathering the better - it frees you to do other, more interesting things like looting, construction, etc etc etc. I might try a fire station start, just to see how it goes.

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I play using static bases more then I did in 0.C and 0.D. I like the mall start too a lot, otherwise I usually use evac or a left behind start.

Mall start can be found in the large buildings scenario if you’re having problems finding it. You’ll pick the mall using the / key to choose location on the last screen.

It’s hard to keep up with the documentation but you can see the official change logs for each stable version.
there’s also a weekly change log on the subreddit, but it is dense to go back through for changes.

There is also a video where Murder Unicorn covers the major changes between 0.D and 0.E.

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Wow that’s super interesting! I never bothered using NPCs and was always lone-wolfing. That opens up a whole new dimension in the game.

I also found out that the stats, esp. early “first aid”, is super important now.

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Super helpful! I mostly went with Vormithrax YT-wise and your link sounds like exactly the information I needed. Will definately watch it!

I started reading through the change-logs, but that turned out to be just too tideous. And it’s a game in the end :slight_smile:

Also very interesting playstyle. I never really settled and always just built the bare minimum shelter. I like to roam about and explore the world. I might try setting up a proper base (maybe with some NPCs help (wink at @Nonesuch) and then go from there.

Do you use vehicles a lot?

It gives you an excuse to make all sorts of vehicles. Scout vehicles and long distance etc.

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I like my runs leaning towards a bit unpredictable. I play a lot of genetic chaos mutants and style my runs based around what I get. All the changes is the world don’t seem to have changed my odd ball roulette wheel of a playstyle very much though the game sure is fancier and more polished now. Gotta say the game does seem a lot easier than I remember though I was a weirdo that made one armed character starts so maybe my reference difficulty is a bit off. Having two arms probably makes things a fair bit easier than what I used to play sometimes.

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I tend to go low tech. Generally my chars will go with wagons & draft animals to pull it or at least a non-deathmobile, something not bristling with weapons. They don’t shun post industrial tech, I still make solar chargers to power tools, just I seem to enjoy the low tech, egrarian type of play.

Another favorite is island hopping. Making a base on an island, a farm on another island if the first isn’t big enough then boats to scout/raid the coastline & haul back my spoils.


I usually play challenge runs, my go-to was the lab start since I could start on mutations immediately and I usually have no trouble escaping the labs.

But on my most recent run I started out as a Really Bad Day shower victim, and it was… Very interesting. I progressed on the character to a point where I’m a super survivor, tons of bionics, chimera mutant with a death mobile security van and 11+ in all combat related stats with 20+ in all stats.

Starting from the bottom was really fun, but I’m equally enjoying the fun I’m having rampaging across the land as some superhuman.

Here are the posts where I documented the most of the run:

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Wait what? Islands and boats?! Oh my do have to check that out now :slight_smile:

Yep, you can build boats & amphibious vehicles now. The island prison and lighthouse starts get you out in the water from the start but you can always stumble onto a large lake, build a boat & go from there. Some islands even have a cabin, smoke shack & boathouse built in, so, instant base. :grin:

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I never use debug menu too. And I feel free with one pool stat 12-11-8-9. It’s decrease some challenge at start. And all happening later is your own badluck and your bad choices. Even in a desert with city=0 and distance=8… Nude&Afraid at Somewhere of Nothing it’s not too hard to play. Somewhere of Nothing is my fave start, and Landscape Designer, Woodcutter, Technomancer, Medieval Peasant (not scenario) are pretty awesome to start.

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Thinking about trying a boatman playstyle. Since you can now go under bridges this opens up a whole new playstyle and mode of travel that I haven’t seen anyone talk about yet. But it might be by far the safest way to get around and relatively fast to (no obstacles or distractions in the way).