New to CDDA - playing my first game tonight

So I finally get to play this game. I know nothing about it other than it’s a rougelike survival game, set in a zombie apocalypse, with crafting. Pretty much pushes all of my buttons. I like to play games blind, without wiki’s or guides, so I’ll be trying that tonight. I’m hoping there is in-game help. I’ll know in a few hours, you don’t have to tell me. :slight_smile:

If you are interested in watching I’m going to stream it on Twitch. at 6:00pm PST tonight. It’s an easy game right? I heard it was easy. (I didn’t really hear that it was easy).



Using ? On any menu or screen will offer a keybind list (you’ll need it). That’s late for me but I’ll try to catch the start :slight_smile:


Thank you! That’s good news.

Best of luck!

While I can appreciate going in blind and learning everything from the ground up, don’t let it frustrate you to the point of giving up! There’s a delicious gooey center in this game waiting for you and there’s no shame in looking up one or two things to aid that journey, haha.

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I was able to enjoy this game because I was blessed to know someone who had already played, so I was able to poke them when I was confused. Otherwise without their help I might’ve put the game down; def recommend reaching out it you’re stumped. After you learn the basic ropes, you’ll be suckered right into it. Good luck!

They did very well going in blind, imo.

Well that was fun! Going in blind wasn’t too bad, mostly because a lot of you guys showed up in chat and were able to help out with some of the more arcane game mechanics, like the advanced inventory screen.

So we started with “Play Now” which I imagined was just a random character at a random spot in a random world. However we learned that it’s a random character in a randomly selected scenario. So the first scenario (notice, “first”) was starting as a prisoner in a cell. Still, we survived for quite a while and learned how to avoid zombies in the dark and that we can smash stuff up. Couldn’t really craft anything because it was too dark. Not wanting spoilers from the audience about how to make light, I decided to save that game for later and start a new one.

The second start was “firefighter”. We spent the rest of that session mostly running until we eventually chat pointed out that we have an axe. We searched a few buildings and are just about to “get our craft on” when it was time to save again.

One weird thing that happened; we were searching a random empty room in a house when our face was suddenly covered with “ectoplasmic slime”. Not sure what that was but eventually it cleared. We were nauseous for a few turns but that passed too. Hopefully that’s the end of that.

So tonight I’m going to try to deal with the fact that we are both hungry and thirsty. There seems to be plenty of food and water around but it’s all frozen. That’s are first puzzle to unravel.

Thanks to everyone who watched yesterday. This game is starting fantastically.



Now see, I should have figured something like that would happen on account of this community being pretty awesome in general, especially when it comes to introducing new folks, haha. That sounds great.

The random face slime sounds like a flaming eye gave you a glare at some point…? Did you see an eyeball floating above your characters head at any point? As far as I can tell from my playtime so far they basically give you a debuff pinata above your head that bursts eventually and hits you with a random nasty. Blindness and/or nausea are actually not the worst thing that can happen…

Glad you’re having fun, stay alive in there!

While playing the Terminator may seem like fun at first as well as random generation of your toon. You may find the most gratifying role to play is to customize your toon to the nature of what would amount as YOU, in game.

Making yourself into a toon and playing as your own character. In game. With all your skills and faults. Then figure how you would really behave based upon how some moments in your life frightened you or made you happy. What you would actually eat and behave like. Many real world items exist in game.

That sounds like a fantastic idea! I’m currently on character #4 but I’m definitely doing that for character #5.

So Character #1, the fireman, died after 3 days while heading towards a river on the map to find a source of water. I was overconfident and ended up taking on more zeds than I could handle.

Character #2 was the prison start. He died after 3 hours, killed by a security robot.

Character #3 died from and infected torso wound. It was amazing. The infection progressed much faster than I thought it would and I found myself the next day having to rest every two or three steps, occasionally passing out. I was trying to find a working car hoping I could drive to a town to find drugs. The first car was junk. The next closest was a motor bike. It worked, but it only took us about 60 yards and ran out of gas. Now we had to limp back toward town and tried a Humvee. The engine would start but immediately die. Nearby was a solar powered car. Two steps, rest, two steps, rest, pass out, two steps, rest. We get to the car and it is in perfect shape! The only thing broken was the security system. We died in the front seat of the car.

Now I’m on my fourth character, a female boxer, and things are going much better. This time we managed to make a fire-bow so we have a rudimentary base and a steady supply of clean water. We’re more careful around the zeds so they don’t bother us as much. Today is the start of Day 5 and I’ll be streaming it shortly. The plan today is to craft a sling shot, find some more food and then head to a hospital nearby to find drugs. We’re not sick right now, but we have to fight in this game, and it’s only a matter of time before that happens again.

What I’ve learned so far:
We need clean water.
Run > Fight
Infection is a thing and it’s bad.
We can drive vehicles.
In addition to craft/disassemble there is butcher (even for things) and a construction/deconstruction menu.


Rest In Peace Joe Average, died on Day 11. (character #6)

The cause of death was a small accident followed by a large explosion. To be honest, I’m really now sure what happened but we were moving some fuel tanks near an open flame so we’re going to assume that’s the culprit.

This game was going really well too. We had a fine base set up and had just gotten our first military APC to drive around. Now granted we were having painful spasms and puking up grey goo, but why look at the negatives? We were in fine shape for surviving the apocalypse!

So tonight (4:30pst) Joe Average Jr (#7) begins his run. I created the character at the end of the stream last night, so we know we’re starting near what looks like a large city. The refugee center is north of us quite a ways and we have no knowledge of the roads between here and there. I guess when everything went down, Joe Jr had just moved to town. Like literally the night before, I mean, this guy doesn’t even remember where the airport is.

Joe Average is pretty much an average Joe in every way. He has no profession, no skills, no traits and each stat is 10. I seem to like this start for now. There’s still plenty to discover and learn and it feels like the different starts are a way to keep the game interesting once you’ve “seen it all.” We’re not there yet. Close, but not yet.

As I mentioned, I’m starting again at 4:30pm PST today. If any are interested I’m streaming it; the link is up above somewhere. A few of the folks from this forum have showed up already and were extremely helpful with the controls and mechanics, especially in the beginning when they were still a mystery. The previous Joe’s strategy was to see what he could craft without leaving the evac shelter, and we ended up with quite a good evac shelter base (albeit with an open flame at its center). This time however, I think we are going to head into town to find a spot. That’s the plan anyway, but you know how this goes…