Needful things part 2



Vacuum cleaner for collection of liquids from the ground.


Don’t most vaccuum cleaners hate liquids?


The ability to tear fabric with your bear hands but with less usable rags.


electric steam mop for simply cleaning spilled liquids, weak stomach can make my base ugly from the vomit lol


Why not use a normal mop?


the principal here is I could ‘a’ activate it while wielded and have it clean as I walk over tiles.


Ah I see. Well in the meantime I am pretty sure you can make a one tile vehichle with a set of controls, a scoop and a charged battery you can make a similar if much clunkier system.


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Any chance we could get the Improvised Shelter construction item to use long sticks instead of heavy sticks?

Sometime recently, smashing small trees now drops long sticks instead of heavy sticks. Trying to survive as a naked and afraid character is an F-ton harder, now. Gotta find heavy sticks or 2 by 4’s.

Can’t think of any other things that would benefit from a similar change, recipe-wise, but I’m sure there are things.


Digging sticks?

Allowing cutting long sticks into two heavy sticks or allowing trees to drop both kinds of sticks might be worth considering.


This is already supported.


Yet again the Cataclysm forum makes me feel stupid for not knowing something that should have been obvious. You can in fact butcher long sticks into heavy sticks x_x

Thanks for that. I’ve been wanting to do the naked survivor bit for a while and now I’ve got the knowledge to help.


Huh, I thought I saw something about that in the original proposal, but didn’t know if it was in or not.


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Could we get a “safe NPC mode”? Or any other way of being told when your char sees one? Several times I only found NPCs through randomly opening up the map, and must have missed several potential encounters due a lack of notification. It can also be quite dangerous to unknowingly approach them until they’re in your line of sight.


The only safe mode notifications you get are from hostile npcs.


should be able to mess with the whitelist/blacklist settings…I think. Is there something other than their name that they can be identified as for that list? wouldn’t blacklist NPC work?


The survivor firemask is made with the PBA fire mask, but loses its glare protection. It probably should keep that since its a firemask.



Much love. Now I can continue welding in style.