Needful things part 2



At that point you dont really need the pipe, just wind a thick metal wire around it and you have an excellent fragmentation bomb.


Since the knife spear is now fragile, the stone spear from More Survival Tools should be mainlined.


We could have some launcher-specialized holsters, or make them fit in a XL one if they’re small enough. As far as I know only a single launcher can be holstered at all, in a back holster (also an option).


Only one? I figured the pipe and m79 (or whatever) could fit in the back holster.


It’s the Milkor MGL. M79 does not fit in holsters and isn’t the pipe launcher a weapon mod?

  1. WOW I would not have thought that thing would fit in a back holster.
  2. While you are correct there is also a stand-alone version of it that can be wielded
  3. I did not think of this at the time but I am also surprised that the stand-alone m320 (or whatever) grenade launcher cannot fit in it either.


Didn’t know about the pipe launcher at all. I guess it’s two holster-able launchers then.


You do have shoulder straps, which are basically the same thing.


While looking up the nomad suit, I found @Chiko’s Extended Cataclysm mod

I think an updated version of Chiko’s shark feeder profession should be mainlined. Here’s one version linted and updated to use the no_auto_equip flag and buffed quite a bit:

    "type": "profession",
    "ident": "sharkfeeder",
    "name": "Shark Feeder",
    "description": "You were working in the public aquarium when the world ended. You only survived the initial onslaught because of your shark suit, which is why you are still wearing it.",
    "points": 4,
    "skills": [ { "level": 3, "name": "swimming" } ],
    "items": {
      "both": {
        "items": [ "wetsuit", "wetsuit_hood", "wetsuit_booties", "wetsuit_gloves", "dive_bag", "bucket", "shark_suit" ],
        "entries": [
          { "item": "swim_fins", "custom-flags": [ "no_auto_equip" ] },
          { "item": "goggles_swim", "custom-flags": [ "no_auto_equip" ] },
          { "item": "rebreather", "custom-flags": [ "no_auto_equip" ] }


Since the only grenade launcher rounds we are allowed to craft are essentially oversized shotshells I would like to see this thing provided its addition also allows the crafting of at least a reloaded solid slug.

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It would be good if shocker brutes were slightly hidden behind evolution. I wouldn’t mind if they appeared on day 3 or so, but day 1 can make it hard to survive.


I would say that as well but perhaps also add a static zombie that is essentially its first stage, doesn’t have the lighting attack and might be slightly stronger while having the zapback ability.


The ability to throw an item from a holster rather than having to wield then throw or throwing the container itself.


Is the superglue/duct tape/long string used to craft grenades supposed to be the fuse material or is it just for binding?

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Being able to use blanket to make a makeshift sling would be nice. It took me a bit to realize that the blanket I had didn’t count as a sheet for it.


–I feel like blankets could easily count as sheets for many different recipes in the game. Of course, the game doesn’t properly describe what kind of blanket it is (For example, thin, thick, soft, fuzzy), and certain blankets wouldn’t fit certain things.
–I assume a really thick blanket wouldn’t make a very good sling, whereas a thin, light one would work much better.


You should also be able to make makeshift slings or swag bags from untanned hides and pelts. Kill a moose, butcher it, pile the meaty bits on the hide, and carry the mess of stuff somewhere else for further processing.