Additional materials for armor construction


Adding 2 in game materials, Nylon and Titanium.

Also adding a distinction in tailoring to make leather into 2 options A) Light leather B) Hard Leather.
This has been a long standing contention of mine to make tailoring better. This change would branch leather into 2 grouping forms. With potential to make either transform into the other with chemicals and hard work :wink:

Needful things part 2

I’d argue that nylon would fall under plastic and titanium would fall under superalloy or possibly hardsteel, but that’s for devs to decide.

The hardness of leather can be modified through various treatments and through use. Even then, hardened leather is quite rare in modern times. That said, the thickness of leather is far more important, you’d be better off having garment leather and thick/strong leather.


There’s already boiled leather armor and plated leather armor. I’d like to see piecemeal versions of these, much like with armored leather. At first, I thought this might be unnecessarily completist, but the ability to choose the armor/warmth of each body part is pretty important, and leather vambraces, gauntlets, greaves, etc. would be way better for my current character.


Leather vambraces and gauntlets do exist. Greaves don’t but there is leather pants and leather chaps. Or a sleeveless leather trenchcoat, a leather apron, stuff like that. Other than dedicated leather leg armor, which seems unnecessary, I don’t know what else you could add.


Craftable light leather leg armor would actually be nice. There aren’t many good leg armor options before hard leg guards, and those aren’t trivial to craft. I would be good to have the equivalent of leather vambraces for the legs at Tailoring 2 or 3.


Yes, they’re already available using the “garment leather” level that was discussed above. I was suggesting that there be “boiled leather” and “plated leather” versions of these as well.


Ingame there’s only leather, but there are different material thicknesses and steel plating to make it more armory.

I don’t think it’s a particularly necessary addition, but if people want it it’s probably worth it.


I don’t actually care what is available in game. I want as I requested for reasons I wrote. Nylon is a form of plastic but distinctive to be a separate material from what would be in game. For example: you wouldn’t grab a plastic jerrycan and break it down and say Nylon!

I believe adding distinctions as time moves along to the game. The more detail to the game we shall have.

As for leather. It has bothered me a long time(over a year) that tailoring doesn’t have the distinction. Light and Heavy are easier to program in this case. The idea would be to simply add more layers/pieces to a garment to make it it “thick”.

Hard leather is easy to make and light would be the prefabricated modern clothing. Both have their place and adding layers can bulk it up. But the important part is to remember that light and fast is what I’m interested in. Hard leather can be lamelar as well to make a garment that is still mobile and light…well a heavy “light”. Something under 10 encumbrance. I only have my toon wear under 10 items. So this distinction in leather is important.

Titanium is feather light. I have items made out of it. Easy to work with and pretty strong. Bio friendly(can be used inside the body and fuses with bone). Heat resistant and durable plus water proof.

You can add layers of the stuff and not gain any encumbrance even in real life. Humor me. Don’t compare it to the games super alloy again. Seriously, super alloy in game is closer to platinum or some other heavy metal. Use a search engine will ya Dark? Startin to seem trollish when I come to the forum…sheesh >_>


Having nylon as a separate material to plastic is probably fine, but that means we need to add special materials for half a dozen other plastics as well. Which is also fine, but it’s a lot of work and I don’t see it being overly helpful. Extra realistic perhaps, but not actually better in any way.

I don’t actually see how separating leather into soft and hard is going to make any difference whatsoever. Like you said, most modernly available leather is soft garment leather and you can easily layer it and treat it into armor, just like the boiled/plated leather armor recipes do. I don’t see that having to process the leather separately for a handful of recipes is actually going to make anything better. Lamellar armor already exists in game, at least in the medieval items mod.

Titanium is around half the weight of steel and a little bit weaker. It sure as shit isn’t “feather light”, and it isn’t some magic metal that will make super strong armor without encumbering you. I need you to understand that the thinner and lighter you make a material, the weaker it gets and the less it can stop. Stronger materials will remain stronger and SOMETIMES you can mix materials to get an overall stronger material, but it still needs to be of a decent thickness to protect you. Even then, if you want full coverage to protect all your sensitive joints, you need even MORE material to cover them, which surprise surprise, means more material. Which means more weight, and more encumbrance, because you now have plates of metal/leather/kevlar/whatever hanging over your arms whenever you move.

Well I’m not sure where you got the idea of superalloy being like platinum from, but I’ll humour you, and we can examine it’s characteristics. It’s light and strong, like titanium, expensive, like titanium, and used inside the body in bionics, like titanium. Holy shit… I bet it’s titanium. Or something very similar, probably a high end alloy involving zinc and titanium, like some common real life superalloys?

Look, if it was so easy to make amazing armor with a few sheets of titanium someone would do it. I’m sure. And that stupid tuxedo just has a kevlar vest, so don’t bother bringing it up again.


Titanium is 60-70% as dense as iron or steel (~4.4 g/cm3 verssu ~ 7.8 g/cm3). It’s lighter than steel, but hardly feather light. Most titanium alloys that you’d use for armor about 25% better yield and ultimate tensile strength than most steels, but kevlar has 4x the yield and ultimate tensile strengths, and most steel alloys have much higher Brinell hardness values.

The US Navy tested some 0.625" titanium plates in the 1970s ( and considered them roughly equivalent to steel plates that were 0.31" to 0.39", depending on the type of steel, for the purpose of resisting 0.30 and 0.50 caliber AP rounds. Assuming most steel in C:DDA is homogeneous, that would suggest that titanium alloy armor won’t save much weight: lighter per unit thickness, but has to be thicker. Better grade/more advanced titanium alloys might improve that some, but even half the weight of steel armor seems a stretch.