Needful things part 2



You can welfare immune to both the glare and the bright hot thing that is melting metal.

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Needful thing: No such thing as auto-correct. :grin:
Then we’d be able to gramer liek a boz! :sunglasses:


Make it so that the the combat knife attaches to a bayonet lug rather than the under barrel of rifles.


A glass cutter, so that we have a way to get into sealed glass cases with out smashing them.


A use for roach eggs… scrambled roach eggs anyone?!? :thinking:


If we can powder ant and spider eggs why not roach eggs?


That is an excellent point. I already eat my daily powdered ant/spider eggs, why not roach eggs? Fried, scrambled, any way you like! I love me some unborn insect/arachnid on a stick. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Speaking of fried eggs, why isn’t that an option. Only scrambled and boiled… or am I just missing it?

  1. Zombie chariot. Solar powered cars are stupid and unrealistic. Powered by meat.

  2. Joy button cbm. Addiction and side effect are more important than morale.

  3. Pnumatic assault codpiece. Sacrifice the pants slot for an over engineered bullet hose that can’t hit past a few feet. A less silly weapon would be fine too, but the idea is wearable weapons that sacrifice encumbrance for being always ready and lethal.

  4. Windshields should improve aerodynamics. General idea is to have something fragile near the front to get it. Otherwise I don’t know what use these are for.

  5. Mounts for spikes. Should be like the battery cases, except it makes replacing spikes quicker. They can take some of the damage but should be more durable than the spikes. Maybe treat them like armor.

  6. We have gas tanks that can explode. Something similar for smaller containers like bottles could be useful. Cheaper than proper throwing items if we could use the laser finger pointer to ignite them.

  7. Things like engines perform better when reinforced. A note in the tool tips that suggests a significant difference when an item is brought to a higher quality could be useful. Not sure if solar panels do it, but engines were obvious.


A way to see wounds on our new found variety of puppers. And a way to bandage them. While drastic things like illness is out of the scope of the average person, bandaging disinfecting and splinting limbs are relatively similar to doing so on yourself.


pet_menu() in game.cpp is where you would start for examining animal wounds and then healing them. It’s the code that controls the menu that pops up when you 'e’xamine a pet.


We’re going to kill reinforced vehicle parts sooner or later. Probably sooner. I don’t really care one way or another but it’s going to fall out of the local overhaul of the vehicle repair code.


Welp time to start mocking up a mod for tuneing vehicle parts.

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reinforced vehicle parts? Like reinforced weapons? I never knew of such a thing.


Normally you have to do it on the part in your inventory.


I see, interesting, sounds gamey.


It is very gamey. That’s one of the reasons it’s likely going to get axed. Players shouldn’t have to disassemble their APC to get a minor bonus every time a hdframe is damaged.


Dynamite+Duct tape x3+Ball bearings x20= Fun times.


Did you know you can make a decent explosive by duct taping sparklers together.

Now that its been mentioned in my other thread…

Armor racks.


No, can’t say that ever crossed my mind.