What is the most complete graphic/tileset so far?

I asked this because its 2021 and and there are so many updates.

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Although you should still give a look at the tilesets included with the game. They update automatically with the game and even if they have less coverage they also don’t have crappy sprites copy pasted from google image.


And aren’t made by a bigot that throws a tantrum every few weeks. Last week he literally had a screaming fit because bright nights wouldn’t remove mentions of trans people.

Anyway, the most complete tileset is asciitiles, and in the packaged sets, retrodays is next best.


RetroDays is very minimalistic in comparison but it’s much less of an eye-sore than all the other ones. Personally the one I use and recommend the most.

I wouldn’t recommend SDG’s for the reasons mentioned above: the guy steals assets from other games or from actual artists’ sprite sets and he’s a Nazi turd.
(and yes, he was banned from BrightNights because of his anti-Trans and homophobic remarks)

The nazi turd stuff is one thing, and plenty of reason not to advertise his little corner of the internet, but the childish temper tantrum when Cool wouldn’t take out trans people is I think what we should all emphasize. It’s not just that SDG is a bigot, it’s that he’s a bigot that screams and cries and threatens to not play with people anymore if they don’t cater to him. Everyone should know that.

Also, despite screaming and crying and threatening not to play with anyone anymore, he is a coward who comes back three days later and tries to pretend everything didn’t happen.


That politcorrective crap is really annoying.
It do not make the tileset worse. The fact is it’s the best tileset for now. I don’t care, who made it, it’s just objectively the best

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No. That’s not a fact, that’s an opinion. Given that you’ve stated that, it’s probably your opinion.
In these days, it’s important to know the difference and not mix those two up.

If you mean “the most complete tileset for Cataclysm:DDA’s current Version” instead, that might be accurate, but I did not go through every tileset to count/compare it, so even there’s a possible inaccuracy.


It is objectively the worse and here is why:

Here is the sandwich folder for all sandwich art

Note that it has 5 style variations in sandwiches, note that the fish bagel is a literal HAMBURGER

This is something that happens constantly, there is no consistency ever anywhere in the tiles, and SDG doesn’t give a single shit if the art doesn’t represent what it actually is, all he cares about is if it has art. And he isn’t even an actual artist! so what he ends up doing is 1. editing existing sprites or 2. finding something online to steal so like… lol

Don’t get me started on the aftershock tiles either, those are objectively the worse.

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Yes, there are a ton of sprites that are just “whatever SDG found online that vaguely resembles the thing”, or worse… The raptors for example have no resemblance to the monster in game, and they’re by far not the only one. That’s not withstanding how much stuff is just plain badly done. It’s fine to like the set and it’s fine to value completion over art … but there’s no measure besides completeness in which UDP has ever been the best, imo

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Yes, because people deserve to be erased these days for liking something you don’t like. I don’t use UndeadPeople because I don’t care for the art style, but cancel culture is seriously making me want to support it.

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I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Who is it that you think I don’t like?
And how does saying that there’s an important difference between an opinion and a fact make you think that I support getting “people erased”?
Out of everyone who’ve posted here I’m probably the only one who didn’t attack or defended the (probably former) maintainer of UndeadPeople’s tileset, so please explain it to me, @Tatterdemalian_Threa.

I believe we’re trying to avoid linking directly as it technically falls under the purvey of piracy and could get us in trouble.

It’s… It’s not cancel culture when someone else chooses to leave and takes down their stuff, mate.


I don’t get it, is it because I’m a new user, or linking to github is not allowed. Or the problem is entirely with content in the link?

Cancel culture is when you rewrite history to pretend a ban is “self imposed because all he had to do was not be evil, and he kept being what I define as evil.”

You mean, cancle culture is like what you did by implying that I’ve somehow said that “people deserve to get erased […] for liking something I don’t like”, without me actually saying that or stating what I like or don’t? Because that’s a shameful way to rewrite the past.

Also, I’m not sure how any of this adds anything relevant to this topic (“most complete tileset”)…

To be frank this thread devolved into a debate pretty quickly. Some people like UndeadPeople and think it is the most complete. Others don’t like it and prefer others. Just try out a variety of tilesets one of them is bound to speak to you. Let’s try to keep things relevant to the topic.

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The content is problematic yes. It is unlicensed copyrighted material.