[32x32] MSX DEAD PEOPLE Tileset

Home of the most complete tileset for CDDA! :yum:

latest version (31st January 2020): https://mega.nz/#!wlF2SQ7a!vHZwjsnrD-pYEv4hiwF_z3czHR4-jU3ifYCP3IxB9uk

Some screenshots (OLD! dirt color was changed, updated screenshots later):


If I start making weird alien terrain I’ll see if I can bust out my old pixel skills and give you some tiles to work with.

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could I make a suggestion for this awesome mod

I am mainly asking for the space heaters I think there pretty cool :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance catch ya on Discord :slight_smile:

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Best tile set …period.


Totally agree with that…

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Wow, this is amazing! I usually use retrodays since it feels more ‘natural’ to me for whatever reason, but I totally want to use this now!


I have been using it for about three months. Its the best

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I guess it won’t hurt to decipher the MSX part of the name of your tileset and give credits to the people who worked on the base of this tileset in the past.

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Who was that? I kinda just stumbled upon this edited tileset on russian imageboard, and just started working on it.
All i know what Xotto was still maintained it when i started working on my variation.
Also i have no idea how to propertly make this sorts of things, where to put it and all that.

Heaters coming right up in next tileset update later today.
Started adding hydroponics too.

holy crap dude thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tile set =D

One suggestion though. Add your ghost to the github icon. The cat really throws me off. I dig your ghost. Like a sickly looking Boo from Mario Bros. lol



I like your set. Hate cats =P

Is there a worn version of Hooded Hat? or hat with a hood whatever.

Update tileset.
Heaters added.

Hydroponics also


Yay looks amazeing thank you kind Sir :slight_smile:

Be warned: I’m about to add a ton of terrain and furniture. I’ll probably put some of my own graphical tiles on the PR to be integrated into DeadPeople, but I probably won’t get all of them.

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Yeah. I would not like it.
How i see my tileset updated in main game is

1 some cotent IDs added to the main game
2 i add tiles to those IDs in my tileset on my github
3 someone who knows how to update my tileset on main repo takes my tileset from my git hub and updates old tileset in main repo with new one from my git

i want to be only one who edit Dead People tileset. I update it almost every day, so it is not a problem.

Please post tiles here with IDs for them, and i will add them. You just add furniture in the game itself, and i will handle the tileset after. Like on the next day it would be ready.


Can you add a lower spider body . Kinda like tentacle legs but more like a drider.

This tileset is a compilation of sequential work of @Waldo, @Tsu, @SirHoder , @Coleen, @Mshock and @Xotto. The last two authors form the MSX part. And now @SomeDeadGuy is the maintainer of this great tileset. Good job!