Fat Dog Tileset - Alpha release 0.1 ( Cataclysm 1.6 with catatiles)


fatdog-0.1.zip - 4.3 MB

contains - cataclysm 1.6 for windows with the catatiles modification already installed, along with a brand new tileset codenamed Fat Dog

installation - just unzip the zip file and run catatiles.exe . the tileset is already installed!

This download contains the windows binary for vanilla Cataclysm 1.6 with the last version of Catatiles installed for you. It contains a mostly complete, original and hand painted tileset with a 16 bit era console theme, with Deon’s tiles used as placeholders until I finish the set. If you are interested in checking out what I hope can be incorporated into DDA at some point, or if you would like to see what Cataclysm could look feel like with a fresh skin on top of it, please download this file and let me know what you think!

I am releasing this prematurely for a few reasons, but mostly because I feel that it’s at a stage where people can actually enjoy it! I don’t know any other way to share it with you than by putting it with 1.6, so please forgive that fact for now. Afaik it was the last version of Cataclysm by Whales and it is pretty rock stable except for NPC’s.

I also looove feedback so please don’t hesitate to leave some here! This is a work in progress and still at an alpha state, and there are quite a few things that still use Deon’s original tiles for catatiles 1.6. I would like to thank him and Whales for inspring me to work on this pack, Whales for creating the framework of this entire community with his wonderful roguelike, and Deon for his work on the tileset I am overwriting, and the config file that is so easy to work with and get this into the game. And don’t let me forget to thank Gremour for his work on catatiles in vanilla Cat! Finally thanks to everyone on the current/past/future DDA team for continuing development!

Enjoy Fat Dog! (next version will feature a fatter dog)

gun shop -alpha 1


megamall - actual size

Have fun!

Let me be the first to say this is really awesome. I love the SNES feel it gives to the game. In fact, are some of those bushes directly taken from Harvest Moon on SNES? My childhood memories of wasted time on that game seem to recall that shape :slight_smile:

I - like probably most people on this forum - am already used to the ASCII version of the game, but I can’t wait for this to be implemented to be able to introduce Cataclysm to some of my more… ASCII-averse friends.

Again, great job on this. I think this is exactly the type of tileset this game needed.

Too bad is for the last Whales version (and not DDA), but still, it may be a good teaser to catch new players. Thanks for doing this.

Unfortunately, tileset support broke at some point during the transition to DDA (from what I gather). I think it’s something that a lot of people agree would be good to have, but nobody’s had the time to update the tile support to DDA.

I’d be willing to chip in some effort, although I’ve got other things on my todo list, so I don’t plan on tackling tileset support solo.

today’s work: fire and smoke!


Yep, after I’m done with items, I am totally committing myself 100% to getting tiles working again.

(Eek, I’m sure that’s going to be a nightmare)

Is that a Riot or a Motorcycle Helmet the firebug’s wearing there?

(Paper-doll sprites FTW.)

KA101 - Motorcycle helmet. :slight_smile: Riot helmet is black with a transparent visor, bicycle helmet is blue and shaped funny.

Gryph - yes please! I really, really enjoy the flexibility that Gremour’s implementation allows. If you could try to port it as-is I would have to nominate you for the pulitzer peace prize! The only thing I can think of that it’s missing is the ability to have tiles that can extend over multiple tiles in width and height. This would allow for scarier monsters or even bosses at some point, and for creative terrain that could allow for “angled” doors and windows withe the bottom half on one tile and the top on the other. Corners of buildings and stuff like that could be improved also.

Here’s a mockup of what I had in mind for over-sized textures. This picture is currently impossible to render inside Cataclysm, but you can see the angled doors and windows I had in mind. It would take a lot of work to re-do everything in this style, but it could make things pop if implemented correctly. :slight_smile:

One other minor thing I would like to see is the ability to define a default “empty” tile, instead of the standard black tile. Gremour’s tile tool might already allow for this but I couldn’t find it. If you could set the default black to dirt, than things rendered on top of it would fill out the tile completely rather than leaving empty space. Notice the black in between the corner of the building and the one next to it. I could fill it in with the dirt texture but it makes it look strange from inside the building.

And finally, here is yesterday’s work. Re-did walls, windows, doors, and floor tile. Recolored fences, tweaked player sprite, brightened zombies. Added weeds to the dirt and sidewalks, also added new overlays for dirt and sidewalks with up to 20 different variations of the standard tile. Phew! Small stuff like items and clothes are getting finished pretty quickly too.

I’d say it’s around 70% finished right now!

new enemies

item sampler

[quote=“daftigod, post:10, topic:731”]new enemies

item sampler

OK, let’s see how recognizable these are. Standard English reading order, no looking at the wiki:
Rabbit, Squirrel, Wolf
Sewer Rat, Zombie, Shocker Zombie
Shrieker Zombie, Eyebot, Secubot
Master Zombie?? (guessing by colors used)

Hoodie, Suit, Bike Helmet, Not-Bandana (those go over the mouth), Riot Helmet, Scapel, Steak Knife, Combat Knife, Broadsword, Machete, Butcher Knife (looks more like a Cleaver), Eyeglasses/Sunglasses
Dust Mask, Bandana/LabCoat, looks like some sort of sports bra?, Hard Hat/Motorcycle Helmet, Army Helmet/Baseball Cap, Wood Bat, Shotgun/Double Shotgun, some sort of Rifle, Safety Glasses/Welding Glasses (?)
Denim Jacket, Raincoat, Trenchcoat, Wool Hat, Cotton Hat, Sledgehammer, Hammer, Pipe, GPS
First Aid, bandages, Antibiotics, various drugs (cyan-purple), Crack, Sci/Mil ID, Marijuana, Cigarettes

Thanks much, in any event.

wow! you are 100% right on almost all of your guesses! not bad for 24x24 eh ehhehe

thanks for telling me bout the bandana, i did have it worn on the head. alot of the clothes are actually bigger than what you guessed, i should have posted the actual item pickup sprites instead of the player doll clothes, since they are larger. The player’s head actually takes up half of the tile 24x24 tile, leaving bout 13 pixels to cram a shirt, pair of pants, shoes, and overshirt/backpack! the red thing on the second line is a polo shirt but man, nice guesses !

tonight’s work: from Pedro’s Garage, very early in the drafting boards. If anyone can help me to figure out how to get vehicles working in-game with Catatiles 1.6 or can tell me how to get ahold of greymour i’d really really appreciate it!

progress! everything “finished” on the bike except for the engine. this is a really fun little project so far, but as usual it’s still WIP

edit - here’s a mockup in-game of what it would look like. the terrain has changed since this pic; grass is actual grass now, new trees and young trees, proper bushes/shrubs/underbrush. i didn’t have a character that had anything exciting happening but oh well

OK, so with the context I’m guessing the Zombie was actually a Fungal Zombie. Good to know. (Given the blood on both, though, it’s difficult to tell Fungaloids & Fungal Zombies apart. Is that intentional?)

actually all of those mushroom heads in the last pic are fungaloids big n small. there are currently 2 different sprites for grown fungaloids, orange and red. i will remove the blood from them so that they are more distinct, and thanks for the heads up again.

i might finish this guy up later on:

i’m not happy with the body shape so that will be improved. the car is actually structure more like a station wagon with the back doors, so i will have to keep that in mind. if you can’t tell from the pic, white = frame, grey = engine, muffler, gas tank, black = seats, red = trunk space, blue = controls, yellow = doors l/r. i didn’t realize a car is actually 24 tiles, so this will be quite a lot more work than i thought, but still fun!

edit :slight_smile:

Last one for the night:

Amazing cars. They will look weird when turning, but that’s okay.

lol, with tiles this lags my i5 4gb machine


  1. Motorcycle works well & everything important is visible. Will the car frame be see-through (to the player, not the character) so we have the same view within the vehicle as with ASCII?

  2. I take it that’s an artifact helm the vehicle-user’s got there…

just gotta touch up the engine, and the quad is finished!

deon - thanks! Yeah, I noticed that DDA has a new way of rendering cars at angles, not sure what to do about that. I guess technically it could be possible to rotate the sprite with some added code, but that’s way over my head. I’d be willing to try to do the vehicles at 45 degree angles if it helped, but it would still need to overlay into adjacent tiles at the corners in order to fit in the proper tile dimensions. see here:

mr lolz - not sure why tiles are lagging you. I have a mid to low range system and the only time I get lag is when the game is doing tons of calculations while driving or blowing shit up.

ka101 - not sure what to do with the transparency on the car. maybe when tiles are added into DDA, the wonderful human being who codes it could add a flag to make the top layer (body) transparent when looking at or using the vehicle! also, the helmet is just your standard great helm that you can find in a mansion, with the plate mail. still have to do an awl sprite. are these things even in DDA? I really have to play it more, been stuck on 1.6 while i’ve been working on this