What happened to SDG?

I’m genuinely confused, what made him leave the community?
Yes i know this issn’t the right catagory but I don’t know what catagory it would fit into.


Wondering the same, i’ve wrote to him via discord, he has not replied yet, but i’m almost entirely sure we won’t get proper answers here
I’m really wondering what made him flip his shit like that, that was very, very weird

Does it really matter? If your instinct when you’re frustrated is to come to the forum, call people homophobic slurs, and then bail, then you shouldn’t be here.

I understand that he put forth a great tileset, and I don’t know what the inciting incident was, but if you come in swinging like a petulant toddler, then you earned the ban.


I understand that, but i was just confused about what actually caused him to flip out.

Asked the same around discord. Got told he was being rude on discord, got a warning and the message you saw on the forums is the result.

Not sure what he was being rude about; only that it didn’t bode well with people.

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Honestly, the thing I want to know now is what happens to the dead tileset?

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Someone either picks up where he left off (like he did) or it falls to the way side and hopefully another talented artist puts forth a tile-set.


Not much else we can do, as players. If I had the time, and skill, I’d do it; but I just simply have neither. Only my gratitude to those who do

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Don’t know about anyone picking it up, maybe, hopefully.

Thankfully there’s Retrodays, and the currently being made Ultimate tileset.


It was their personality.

Last I heard, SDG made mention that he’ll still be working on the DeadPeople tileset, but people will have to get it from links provided on 2ch or 4ch from now on.

He started spamming music videos on the devdiscord, and left once he got muted after a heated discussion. Then there was a post over here which resulted in a ban here that was mirrored on the devord. He’s already banned from the fancord.


Then it was his fault for spamming irratating music, Right?

The spamming just got him a warning, then he decided to escalate, shouting at the mods and leaving the discord server, then asking to be banned here.

Regardless of what happened we lost one of the best tilesets for this game. Pragmatically, this hurt the game, as its the only tileset at least that I know that has tiles for mods like Fallout New England, Sencrom, Nechronica Redux ect, indicators for crouched and running, most mutations (Even the Dragonblood from Arcana) and possibly more.

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I would not jump to such conclusions, he did not say that he’s gonna stop working on it, moreover, he is still on reddit, he replied to me on Discord, for now he’s just not in mood for anything, i understand him

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The MSX++UndeadPeopleTileset was already being distributed independently of the game, because SomeDeadGuy was distributing images taken from other people’s work in explicit violation of the license terms. So now it will just take a little longer to find the link to the download.


It’s backed up by Chaosvolt on his GitHub, https://github.com/chaosvolt/Cata-MSX-DeadPeopleTileset-Backup


Personally I blame the devs, if they had just appreciated his crappy music, none of this would’ve happened. It’s not SDGs fault that he has a tendency to flip out and spew homophobic abuse when people dont like chiptunes.


That kinda does make it sound like it’s his fault.

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Yeah, sorry, im just messing around, thought it woulda been obvious dry sarcasm, ofc its his fault lol ( and im one of the devs :stuck_out_tongue: )