Nope. No. Just no. It is dead end

Nope. No. Just no. It is dead end.

The thing is nobody but Kevin can help you with the ban.

I know. But I can’t contact him. I’ve tried.

I would say give this man a chance. If he rlly wanted, he could already make a new alternate account and contribute from there and no one would know. If he gets his ban undone, it will be easier to “control” ex-misbehaving contributor, and he will be more self-controlling than on some new anon account. And any new PRs will stay with us even if he gets another ban later or whatever.

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On what planet do you think a good way to circumvent a ban you got for starting fights is to go to every single cataclysm community and post one-sided stories trying to rile people up against the devs in your favour? In the Reddit thread we already told you that wasn’t really appropriate, and here you are again. I was on the fence before, but now I’m really leaning towards the assumption that you cannot change your behaviours from being asked to do so, because you clearly can’t. Every time you’re told not to do something you wait two days and do it again. When you are banned in private you make public posts trying to act wronged. Stop it. It does not make any dev want to help you.


Thing is - no one talking me that to do at all.
What should I do? Spam PM box? Spam reddit?
It is public project that relate a lot of people. Here I am just sking. That is all.

Really? I mean I rile people against the devs? By trying to excuse?

Really. Don’t you remember several of us telling you it looked like that before? This is exactly the sort of blindness to criticism we were talking about.

Why don’t you try spending a few weeks just interacting normally with the community instead of pming Kevin incessantly and randomly making community posts to try to start a buzz with people who haven’t worked with you before? When people have a bad impression of you, trying to make a different impression is a better solution than trying to argue the same case over and over


Easier said then done.
Since I’ve mosty do not interacting with community. In most cases I’ve jusf fixed game mehanics in various aspects or trying focus attention on current problems (at some times more furiosly then I should).

But, well, It is somethat advice. Thank you. I guess.

P.S. This all is really weird.

Firestorm, you are exhausting and unpleasant to work with, and everything you’ve said during your appeals demonstrates that you don’t understand the problem and therefore that the problems are never going to stop.

In the reddit thread I said it would require extraordinary measures to reverse your ban, and since then you have only made things worse instead of better.

I do not want to work with you any more, and I have no expectation of that changing.

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To be fair almost no one really bother to explain without “Shut up and listen”. Including you of course.

Oh great. Again no explanation needed.

Finally. Proper answer without “extraordinary measures to reverse your ban”. Without any bullshit.

I’ve tried to solve it and excuse to you but failed.

It was not worth trying. Not with your attitude.

I can tell that you are also exhausting and unpleasant to work with. My excuses are still relevant howerver.

I am not really sure how exactly I’ve made situation worse by asking for second chance, but I am sure come with some reason.

Still I’ll miss time working with you. I’ve helped to make great game and I thankful to that.

But don’t get me wrong here- I really dislike you now.

And just advice. Add remark about “Do not criticize what we do” for new contributors. It would be useful for them. To know what (and who) they are going to deal with.

P.S. Also for the Love of God fix new turrets and bring removed tilesets back before 0.E.

Huh? Tilesets are in.

Not all of them:

Yeah, but it is up to tileset maintainers/authors to fix it.

But it is up to developers to deliver proper stable version. As you can see new default tilest can confuse people who played 0.D before.

And it hurts game presentation a lot. Especially for new players.

It will be a proper version - all tilesets are still within arms reach.

Try to explan it for new players who deided to just try the game. It could confuse even old players alike (look my prevous link).

Imagine the game your buy contains only low qualtity textures. Others in “arms reach.” “Why” is obvous question there.

It would be easier to just cut problematic part from tileset and get it back. Like paint exact tile tottally black.

And also did you revove this tilesets from prdvious builds and from 0.D stable? If it is still in then whole situation is even more werid.

The thing is the game did not lose its quality - it is fully playable (actually even without a tileset at all). And you can still add tilesets, mods and whatnot to alter your gaming experience.

Author of one of the tilesets explicitly said they do not care that much about removing offending legacy tiles, so why would anyone else care doing their job?