MshockXotto+ tileset (new thread)



current version: patch12
(experimental 7432)

download tileset

download cosmetics mod for mx+tileset

If you want opaque tree version, change treeO.png to tree.png

**20170216 Big Sprite Update** MShock32Xottoplus Tileset Oversprite Tileset

patch8: minimal update
changes - brighten trees, vehicle aisle, colored wall, wooden wall, military car panels, ect.

There aren’t many changes. I’ll work this later.


It’s nice to see you continue your tileset. It’s been my favorite for a long time now.

Do you plan on adding further mod support? There’s some mods like Niman Manufacture [Resurrected], Nechronica, Artyom’s Gun Emporium Reloaded, Cataclysm++, Kettle’s reapermod, Vorpal Weapons, Adurnsyl Assorted Arms and Armour and ZSFixed CDDAXP that could use some love. I now realize that that’s a pretty big list, but it’d be nice, but you don’t have to. Getting further base game support is nice, too.


Will the Solar Arrays from Blazemod get a sprite?


Awesome! I love this tileset so much that I’m trying to add all the missing base game tiles for it. I will merge my WIP with this new update right now and when it’s complete I’ll upload it github and link it in this thread.


I would love to see better tiles for winter (by far the ugliest season). It’s an issue in both Xotto+ and chesthole.


Good to see this tileset coming back in action. I was worried about it when the forums basically stopped working and not sure to see when we’d get updates. But glad to know, and hopefully you’ll be able to add in sprites for the newer stuff added as soon as possible.


In latest build, most of the turret sprites are overridden by big X letter. this because turret mount have “on_roof” flag, so other parts covered by turret mount’s tile. In previous version, general turrets had “on_roof” flag.
If turret system changes are not corrected, all turret sprites will abandon.
I dont know why turrets location changed, but this changes make every turrets looks identical.


I completed adding all of the missing base game tiles.
Get it here:

Yeah the turrets are all weird, I just gave some graphics to the “turret_mount” so it isn’t just an X, but all the different turrent variants won’t show up because of what you mentioned.


Thanks for hard work.

The turret problem, I fixed this by modifying json. I removed on_roof flag in “turret mount”, and then add the flag to other turrets, like previous version. There are no error occurred yet.

I have some questions about fixed tiles.
-sprite of “vp spring plate(shock absorber)” looks like crack.
-there are several invisible vp sprites like seatbelt or dashboard.(same reason with turret problem)


No problem!

I used the spring plate graphic from (, can perhaps just give it a null graphic instead if it looks too similar to the “broken cracks”.
Yeah, it seems like the vehicle tile layering is buggy at the moment.


I got bored and did a thing:

tile_config.json and expan.png are edited from budg3’s MshockXottoplusFix version


I cannot read the PNG. Its ok?
And its smaller that the original.


Sure you’re looking at the right .png? Mine is 7kb bigger than the original.


I click in the link on your post and “save as…,” the files from gitHub.


No, no, no. Click the green “Clone or Download” button. You’re saving the link to the image, not the image itself


Thank you.
20 chars minimal answer, this line is for fill.


palisade/sandbag reform

seasonal grass

snow tile B




So fire melts snow now?