MSX++ ZaragaTiles

So, I’ll post what I’ve added to my version of XshockXotto+ tileset here!

Use it alongside MX+ cosmetics mod!

So far it’s not that much. And, to be fair, I messed some things up when creating the GAWK script and forgot to add the part of the code that fixed the railings and fences on the tileset_config.json, so I’ll fix that ASAP.

Also, GAWK is so useful that it may be possible to create a script that you guys run on your machine and merge tilesets with one command. But that seems like an herculean work to me, so I’ll keep updating mine with what I know until now.

Here is what I’ve included/changed:



Awesome man!, that jug loooks weird. or Maybe its just me.

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“Sarah, is that you?”


Strange but my female have no hair in the beginning of the game. It is a bug of tileset or I don’t understand something?

OH Yeah I forgot to mention this tileset is supposed to be used with the MXotto+ cosmetics mod! Sorry, I’ll link that. Unless you’re already using it, then it’s a bug :0

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I installed cosmetics mod and now my character with hair :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Hi everybody!

This message is my first participation in the forums, although I was following CDDA during some years. I love the inclusion of higher biodiversity, but it is weird that differents animals share the same sprite. Then, I include new sprites using MSX++ Zaraga Tiles as a basis.

Here we go. Birds: grouse, canadian goose, pheasant, cockatrice, yellow chick, brown chick and waterfowl chick (the old sprites are here as comparison). It is weird that grouse and pheasant have male sprites while laying eggs and this kind of stuff, but in this species the male is by far more easily recognizable than the female (sorry :confounded:).
Dogs: all the breedings and their puppies. Labrador is maintained with the old sprite.
Plague and its nymph. Locust and its nymph.

For install this picture:

  1. Download last MSX++ version.
  2. Download and overwritte the Zaraga tiles.
  3. Download and overwritte these sprites. I used a different tile file than Zaraga, so both of us have space to build our proper sprites :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Download: Cnidus_Tiles

pD. Dog poops and bird poops are also included…


Who doesnt love poop.png! Gotta try this one out!

I’m using the cosmetics mod and my hairstyle wont change


Something in one of the recent experimantals has changed the way layered stuff is shown in the game, I think.

I haven’t got a clue how this stuff works, so we’ll just have to hope that someone who knows what they’re doing can sort it out.

I have made a report about it in the bug section, so we’ll just have to wait and see… :slight_smile:


The problem with the female overlays has now been fixed, so you will be able to change your characters’ hair again… :slight_smile:

Witch link has the fix?

If you are running the latest experimental (best done through the launcher0, then the fix will already have been downloaded for you…