**20170216 Big Sprite Update** MShock32Xottoplus Tileset Oversprite Tileset

MShock32 Modded [glow=red,2,300]Xotto[/glow]

Hello, We`re korean modding team.

Our member, [glow=red,2,300]Xotto[/glow] complete his sprite work, so I upload his work.

  • Equipment overwrite sprites example. -

Base MShock32 Modded, [glow=red,2,300]Xotto[/glow] plus his works.

Below is his work list.

  1. Almost melee/range weapon - 180s sprites.
  2. Almost armor - 370s sprites.
  3. Almost mutation - 80s sprites.
  4. Some tile rework. - 20s sprites.

I applied all werable armor item to tileset and almost weilding itme to tileset.

[glow=red,2,300]Big sprite Tile example - 2017/02/16[/glow]

Nomore Hulkzombie look like normal zombie size. Hulkzombie looks Big. More big tankdrone, more big monsters, more tall trees.
But, ofcourse, collision size is same - each unit has one tile only.

Below is Download Link

2017-02-16 Update

  1. Many terrain tiles refresh.
  2. Big sprite added.

2016-01-31 Update

  1. little modification.
  2. Add farm quest`s new tiles.
  3. At build 4232, add new monster tiles.

2016-09-18 Update

  1. little modification.
  2. Add some monster, effect, food.
  3. Modify tileset name.

[ - Installation - ]

1 .Install this zip file and extract gfx\MShock32Xottoplus folder.
2. Run game and setup option graphic tab -> select [glow=red,2,300]MShock32Xottoplus [/glow]
3. If you want small tileset like legacy, select MshockXotto+ small tree.
4. If you want no more transparent big tileset, select MshockXotto+ opaque tree.



Awesome tested for about 5 mins as I gtg and cook the kids there dinner but like it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much

Ah, looks interesting. I’ve been kinda thinking about working on overlap sprites for equipment, but I’ve been mostly still adding more sprites for unsprited/new content, alongside other updates and distractions. @_@

Xotto, it makes me exciting.

Utterly gorgeous. Any chance of a 24x24 version for folks with smaller monitors?

Im sorry, we dont have any plan about 24 size tileset, yet.

This is a great tileset, I really like how character gear is shown on the sprites. Great job!

Wow, that’s an impressive amount of work.
Btw, you can just downscale your tile sheet (to 384 in width) for people that like 24x24.

I really like the look of this one!

Here’s an updated version. Cannot guarantee it’s bug free.

Also I will probably be gone for a year, so no updates will come from me.

Edit: I uploaded new version where I fixed chain-link fence background problem.

I can’t seem to get this working. The game can’t open tiles.png, it says.

Do you play with stable? I had the same problem. You need to use the experimental builds. For me it works fine with that.



THANK YOU, SO MUCH for adding clothing overlay to the mshock tileset! :slight_smile:

Wonderful, works perfectly. Thanks for your hard work!

Incredible work! Hope to see more.

Initial reaction:Okay it looks adequate idea for a mod…After playing: OMG I WANT YOUR TEAM TO FUCK ME WILDLY AND HAVE MY BABIES…Sorry thanks for the excessive level of effort

The female character isn’t knock-kneed anymore! Hooray!

BTW, are you guys still active?

I don’t think they are active anymore. I’m thinking of trying to continue the project at least a little by updating it to keep it up with changes such as monster and item introductions.

They are still active in their(korean) community. And they also did a some new update for this tileset lately. But, because of some reason, none of them had a chance to upload it.

Is there a way that we can get the latest updates?

And if you can reach them, please give the my regards. I’ve worked with Koreans before and their obsession with detail is truly breathtaking.