ChestHole Tileset

Check out the ChestHole tileset!

It’s a combination of MShock24, Pixelhack, and Fatdog’s original cataclysm tiles, plus a whole lot of work of my own. I really hope you like it, don’t hesitate to tell me about it.

I’m in the latest experimental! Click here for Windows.

I’m in 0.C! Click for the full Windows install.

It has tons of wearable and wieldable icons, as well as many that are just in 0.C!

Click here to download.


Oh no, competence (?

Welcome! If you did that, what an awesome work! IRRC those tilesets were really outdated so you really made a good thing for the community.

Saddles, etc are the same for every vehicle, I’m afraid.

That does look nicely 8-bit there. Let’s see about getting it in and perhaps removing some of the older ones. You got the ASCII-fallback code implemented?

Thanks for the welcome! I have only played a few hours of this game, so I don’t know some things I should.

Yeah, I think I got the fallback code working. It was pointing to the MShock24 directory instead of my own. (Edit: Oh, then I should prolly upload it for y’all. Done.)

How do you add tiles? I’d like to get rid of the earrings cars seem to have grown. I’m using CDDA Tileset Studio, and know little about tile_config.

Is it worth it to make the quad look horrible for the motorcycle looking great? Is there any way to change the background tile between the motorcycle and the quad handlebars?

This is really neat! I really can’t get enough of that player texture.

I’ve been making a ton of wearable sprites over the last couple days!! I added armor, clothing, items, and weapons. I had a really tough time with the guns and could use everybody’s help/. I made sprites for mutations too, which was a ton of fun.

So now every single profession and selected traits generates a different character. Now we’ve got one over on the ASCII only crowd! We can tell what we’ve got on with a glance. What NPCs have on too, (I think. )

Please let me know what you think! I feed on your praise. Also, let me know if stuff isn’t lined up right.

Did I not tile a weapon or armor or something you think is essential? Let me know that, too.

What do you guys think I should do next? Wearable bio implants? Vehicles? I ventured out of my shelter for one of the first times, and noticed I need to do glass walls and wood walls something fierce. Are there other sets of walls I missed? What walls do the sewers use?

Get it here!

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Hey, that’s really amazing!

If you need to check if you missed anything you can always use the debug menu to spawn terrain or monsters or whatever you want! It’s pretty simple. You need to add a command to the debug menu in options, though!

Ascii still has vehicle facing indicator, sound indicators, and IR questionmarks on tiles though.

Well, it’s your decision to use it or not, good sir! Personally I enjoy tilesets. I just think it would be good to leave that chats outside the tileset threads!

Tilesets can have sound indicators. Vehicle facing indicator does not matter that much unless you have small vehicle. With bike and smaller it is a bit mandatory for higher speed :confused:

Tilesets do not support target snapping either.

Still using tilesets.

Looks neat. I take it you used the paperdolling code?

If so, I’d really appreciate your getting this as complete of shape as you can in the next few days & PR’d, what with the impending 0.C release and all. Variable-sprite support has been in but unused, and your work could rock big stone bells.

This looks very promising as well, not usually fond of graphical tiles like this but might have to try this as well. So the sprites change I assume upon equipping different gear is what your saying though? That is what caught the majority of my attention anyway lol.

Oh! I was waiting for something major to check Cataclysm again (like Z-levels or inventory revamp), but I have to try this out. I know that MShock did some experiments with layering sprites but he seems occupied with school now, so I am glad you are working on it too.

Also, thumps up for using CataTilesetStudio :wink:

Hey KA101,

I set up the Github thing but haven’t PRd yet 'cause I want to finish as much as I can. Could you let me know when it is near the release?

Yeah Necrucifer,

Items, guns and ammo, everything I could think of that one would wear or equip now has an icon. I was playing just a minute ago and zombies ripped all my clothes off, and it was very satisfyingly depicted.


You made CataTilesetStudio?! I was working without it at the beginning, searching visually for tiles through the giant tileset, maybe placing a tile every ten minutes, then going in and changing the config file by hand. It was a ton of work and I would have still been in the early stages. I would not have even KNOWN that you can add wearable and wielded icons without it.

Now I make a tile, add it to the bottom of the tileset, fire up CataTilesetStudio and it’s right there in unused tiles on the right ready to be dragged and dropped. Plus the awesome search engine. Plus it changes the config file.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful tool!

We were hoping to release over the weekend but with one thing and another that didn’t happen. Likely next weekend, depends on Kevin having the time and no further showstopper bugs cropping up. Work fast and well, and we’ll look forward to having a kickass paperdoll-enabled tileset in mainline.

Here’s another huge update. Wing mirrors, RC cars, and a lot of the things there weren’t tiles for, plus I replaced most of the walls, more wearables/wieldables.

Looks lovely. This to current spec then?

Yeah, this should be good with the 'sperimental. And with 0.C!

right so. I just got this. it looks great! but uh. I have a really big monitor. any well its kinda hard for me to see what im doing even when im zooned in all the way. is there anything I can do to fix this?

Are you zoomed out? Hit Z a couple times. Better or worse?

You could change how many cells you see, (hit ?, 2, >, >, lower the terminal width and height)