Cheer up! It's a Cataclysm out there. [WIPTiles 16x16]

I am basing this tileset on the work done by SirHoder, as included in the default CDDA install.
It is heavily inspired by “Jolly Bastion” - A Dwarf Fortress tileset that employs colour to give things a less dreary look.

The basic idea is to make the world feel vibrant and employing colour to differentiate between all the various things in the world.
It will be 16x16 which means detail is quite a feat to achieve, But due to gameplay I feel like you need that view distance more than you need to look at my pixels very closely…

Updated 15.11.2013:

[b]Version 0.5: -Made and tested with 0.9 Stable, Should work for experimental.

Includes both a JSON file for the tilemap and the tilemap itself, aswell as a .txt file that makes this selectable from the options menu.

Happy Cataclysm!

I think a colorful palette might make the scenario all the more jarring (in a good way), because after all, the cataclysm would tend to be bright (no smog) and quiet(no traffic noise, just birds chirping and such), it’d be a veritable paradise if it weren’t for the ravening hordes of the undead and the implacable futility of your existence :smiley:

Thanks for the Encouraging words there :slight_smile:

I actually have a question to those who may want to help me… What does a survivor look like?
Because this is something I struggled with, It’s easy to make an astronaut, you give him a fancy helmet and a astronauty look - Similarly if I was making a Viking, Big axe and a horned helmet does the trick representing it.

But. How does one make a “Man” and “Woman”. I had great difficulty making something generic in 16x16, and think I perhaps need to create a persona for them before I can finalize.

Some go lightly clothed, but I think a typical loadout has a backpack, ancillary bags strapped all over, and sturdy and full coverage clothing. Possibly a trenchcoat motif, that’s a popular outerwear.

Birds… yeah.
Zombie cardinals. Welcome to Omsk, dangit.

On the topic - jolly apocalypse? Kudos to you, this is what I always needed.

Jolly indeed!

I have a question.
The Walls of shelters you start out in, they have code that allows you to make them pretty little corners. I came across some buildings made of Logs however, and while there are different states of log wall ( damaged etc. ) I cannot find the same code.
Is this fundamental to how the walls themselves are defined, or could I make similar code as to the “Walls” so that log walls behave the same way as other walls?

Edit for an update: I’ve changed a lot of small things and added some additional tiles where there were none ( apples )
Will probably release a test version if people want one once I have made the most common enemies stand out better in game.

Since this is based on Hoders work, a lot of tiles are already atleast functionally done… - I want to redo quite a bit of it to all fit the graphical style and look a little more neat in some places. For instance some textured things stick out like sore thumbs, and some of the monsters need to be redone.

But! I added a bunch of things you will find in the forest, updated a few animals, updated the most common zombies so that they will be easily visible.
That’s it for today, Uploading the current spritesheet so people can give it a whirl if they want and hopefully give me some feedback or pictures of weird things they find for me to fix.

Thank god, some tiles I can actually use and see more than twenty tiles! Plus they ain’t half bad looking.

That’s a pretty squirrel and there’s a nice field of view. I still think the ASCII is currently the clearest interface, but watching with interest…

I think making things obvious is going to be an interesting challenge. Right now I am focusing on everything except items on the ground, because in the end I am not sure I want to model all the items individually.

I guess my thinking on this is that making them look good, to scale, and stand out is a daunting and nearly impossible task… But making every other element of the game stand out clearly is doable - Perhaps the items themselves should retain the appearances they have in ASCII, with colour outlines for clarity, Will see down the line.

Added a playable lady character, and a kabillion small changes and modifications to everything I could find inside of cities and most types of buildings.
I am adding things and changing depending on what I run into when exploring the world, so some stuff will have bad sprites or whatnot until I become aware of it.

Added pits!
Here’s a picture of my pits.

Nice style, i like it.

I don’t like the spiked pits, they just look a bit too much like anuses.

You or your partner needs serious medical help… o.o
I added another pixel to the middle of it to represent another spike, should remove the horrifically mutilated anus effect.

EDIT: I haven’t uploaded the next iteration of the tileset yet because we are now into modified .JSON territory, and I am adding some more things before I release it… doing some basic playtests to try to find bugs and oddities.

Here are my gooey pits. Extra goo just for you~

The goo is nice and vibrant. I prefer the chunkier tiles (like the large bushes) rather than the messier small-lines-of-pixels-everywhere ones.

Great work! Although I’m a big fan of Deon’s work (especially as I have a big screen and so the big tiles are an asset) I think this makes for a very welcome change when you don’t fancy looking at different shades of brown and grey.

My absolute only wish is that you’ll keep this regularly updated, even if you only put in roughly done sprites for stuff!

The current plan is to have a workable sprite for anything that can kill you, and then release the first version of the tileset. Then I will want to iterate on some tiles to improve them in terms of contrast and visibility, aswell as making changes based on peoples feedback.

I can’t promise anything, but it is possible that I will release it tonight sometime if I can get through all monsters and traps. The only stumbling block would be if there are more things like pits, which did not even have a declared tile.

Updated the main post with a download link to the tileset as it stands now. I believe it is playable to a great extent at this point. It’s likely mostly polish or adding missing objects left. ( Though that is a lot of work )

Here’s my shelter with your tiles:

The black tile SW of the car is a rope and pulley system for the gate.