Latest experimental features

As of late, Mugling continues to do wonderful work. Most recent being a bugfix for a crash-inducing bug that pretty much broke reloading ranged weapons via crash-inducing.

However, it seems this fix is compiler-specific, and apparently the site’s official compiler didn’t work with it. Much confusion ensued.

EDIT: Bump your window size up. Of all the weird possible causes…

Now when you smash corpse blood splatters in directions instead of just creating a “blood pool” around the dead body. Streets become a bloody mess after cleaning up battlefield. Looks awesome.

[ul][li]NPCs eat and drink now. They won’t starve to death, but will get debuffs. Keeping them fed will make them like you.[/li]
[li]Gates are now loaded from jsons and thus modable[/li]
[li]Mutation slot restrictions are loaded from jsons[/li]
[li]NPCs will pulp corpses unless told not to[/li]
[li]Vehicle fuel and electricity rebalanced (batteries are heavy and small now)[/li]
[li]Explosions rebalanced (shrapnel mostly)[/li]
[li]Radiation rebalanced (less deadly but more harmful)[/li][/ul]

The “Crazy Cataclysm” mod is finally a thing, (this was literally on my very first todo list I made for the game like three years ago). A number of joke monsters and items are blacklisted by default, and re-enabled only if you enable the Crazy Cataclysm mod. It’s opt-in, so if you want to keep seeing thrillers and Granades and such in your games, you need to turn it on.

Thanks a lot for that!! I was tired of having to remember to disable joke monsters every time I made a new world :slight_smile:

Also a new vehicle lifting system. Now there’s more than just one small jack that can lift a tank.

How is this working? Because in my little game I was trying to figure out some decent logic, but it’s not easy.

For example, you want to avoid that someone with crap skill hits things even better just because he misses. In general you shoot at something, roll the dice, and see if it hits.

Unless it’s only trajectory based, so in that case you always hit as long the bullet passes through that cell.

Or you go double jeopardy and make it so its trajectory based % chance and % chance when it enters cell. Then include % chance of full penetration etc… just for added complexity and probably unnecessary accuracy.

But rememeber to account for the multiple layers of inacuracy or angry players…

Long time without the thread being updated, but with many updates to the game.

I’ll sum up quickly:

[ul][li]Traction update to vehicles - harder to drive on grass unless you’ve got big wheels, easier to turn around though. May be reverted, though.[/li]
[li]Zombie masters and necros won’t rush into fire[/li]
[li]Vehicle batteries have gained back their charge numbers in name when they’re items[/li]
[li]Some guns have more than 2 fire modes. For example, single shot, 3 shot burst and full auto.[/li]
[li]Bionics got a new UI showing body part limits. Limits aren’t enforced yet.[/li]
[li]Slimy mutation no longer leaves green slime[/li]
[li]Critters now drop offal when butchered instead of some meat. Less useful in recipes, but has some unique ones.[/li]
[li]Lard and tallow buffed[/li]
[li]Easier crafting of weak alcohol, harder of hard alcohol[/li][/ul]

And tons of other fixes and tweaks.

Filthy perma-morale thing should be fixed, but filthiness is still not up to par when it comes to design.

Kinda old:

The Traps skill has been reworded.
The 7.62x25mm has 2 more bullets: a JHP version from and a high-power version, and the Type P has different descriptive text.
The PPSh has 35- and 71-round magazines. (could someone provide a reference for the unloaded weight for the Soviet 71-round drum magazine with the 1mm wall?), and the rail has been removed.
The M14EBR no longer has a wooden stock, and it has a 10-round burst mode.
The Mosin EBRs have plastic stocks again, their aim speeds have been increased to 8, and their JSONs copy from rifle_manual.
The aim speeds of the M1903 and Remington 700 have been increased to 8.
The Steyr AUG no longer has a stock.
The M1014 no longer has a burst mode, but it’s range has been increased by 1.
The .22 CB and .22 ratshot descriptions have been enhanced.
The RM99 can be found in mansions, and wherever guns_pistol_obscure is present.
Some machine guns are burst-only.
The AN-94 now has 2-round burst and 10-round auto.
The RM614 has 4-round burst mode.
The TEC-9 lost it’s selective-fire capability; it is auto-only. (it is only semi-auto or mod full-auto irl.)
The Briefcase SMG and MP5 have a 3-round burst mode.
More 5.45x39 spawns.
The RM216 and RM232 have burst modes.

[EDIT: errors]

Ohhh whats this latest update

Vehicle traction and all the other cool stuff?


I knowmits build 5280 i meant more details on whats been added looks interesting :slight_smile:

Thanks to T-BENZIN, we now have a reference for PPSH drum weight! Thank you!

How do I use bar of soap to clean filthy items?

I cannot seem to find the activator for this function =/

Make wash board load it with soap activate wash board choose dirty cloths…
Im sure thats it only done it once mind.

Also you need to do this near a large supply of water. A pool/river/swamp works well, as does a vehicle mounted water tank. Toilets are not enough.

NPC infighting may be in.

Any recent changes? No-ones posted for awhile. I’m still using 5254.