Latest experimental features

Turrets now use magazines.
NPCs fight each other if they belong to opposing factions (currently quite buggy).

Did refueling vehicles with “f” ever get fixed? I’m still running 5130 and it was bugged then, fuel containers had to be "U"nloaded while next to a vehicle. Since you can’t unload batteries or plutonium cells (or vortex cores) it’s kind of frustrating to get more advanced systems/recharge vehicles with dead batteries.

iirc it has (works for me on my dev version). Unless you mean refueling with batteries. That feature has been removed.

Aha, I thought he was only talking about all ways to charge a battery, not just how to get the car started.

You can now also use jumper cables, or you can just rip out a working car battery, and install it in a car. You don’t need a welder/tape for that. Only a wrench.

Big aiming update. Dexterity is no longer required to aim well, but is required to aim fast. Perception helps with sniping, by decreasing sight dispersion.
Aiming perfectly (sniping) is much slower, so partly-aimed shots are more important now. Those got a moderate buff.

Book reading update. The UI is noticeably different. Most of the changes here only affects NPCs who now gain skills when you’re reading if they qualify for reading.

Mission code is mostly JSONized now. Has bugs here and there, but it should allow simple custom missions already.

Mutation attacks are jsonized. Currently only simple ones, but this covers most of them.
For example, all of those could be done with this json system (note: those aren’t in, just examples of what COULD be done):

[ul][li]If you have fangs and acid blood and your mouth is uncovered, perform an additional melee attack that causes acid damage[/li]
[li]If you have hooves and fleet footed, perform two hoof attacks instead of one[/li][/ul]

I made this account just to post this.
In the new experimental versions of the game, i cannot learn recipes.
Is there a way around that or do i just need to wait?

You need to memorize book recipes by doing them now, unless raising your skill level gives you that recipe.

Not learning recipes automatically from a book is okay.

Real-time mode is the real “what the fuck is wrong with you” change lately.

I actually really love the whole thing about learning recipes from books. It streamlines the process. If you really need a recipe, then you’re going to want to use it as soon as possible, and boom, you learn it. If you DON’T need a recipe right away, then thematically, it makes no sense for your survivor to be memorizing it. But it does make sense to be able to reference old books when you need to. It saves time that you normally would have wasted in game reading a book over and over trying to learn something you didn’t need. Or DID need, and can’t get!

There’s a lot of complaints about sacrificing fun for realism, and some of them I can totally understand. But ultimately, the game is made fun by the depth that it has. No one is playing Cataclysm because it’s simple, we’re playing it because very early on, we realized that climbing through a broken window without clearing it first could get us cut, and that the details like that were so fucking cool. This is just one more step in that direction of detail.

That said, eidetic memory as a trait that DOES let you memorize from books would be pretty cool. Though this is the wrong thread for that.

Unified Power Supply CBM now consumes 1 bionic power for every 1 ups power, instead of 1 bionic power for every 10 ups power. At least, firing the A7 Rifle now costs 40 bionic power instead of 4, much to my characters dismay.

WAD. Bionic power is both cheap and of low value.

Few recent merges:

  • Bugfix involving attempting to remove bionics.
  • Fix for circular saws generating message spam when trying to remove vehicle parts. I’m betting this was due to refactoring of use actions.
  • Arcana mod fixes I outlined back at the beginning of this month have been merged. Part of this was due to use action refactoring.
  • The useless morale penalty for zombie-dropped clothing has been pushed back into being mod-only.

And now that the only fuckup that drew me back onto the forums has been resolved, back to lurking. There is still a fuckup with Tank mod, I might have to cook up a solution then offer it for others to PR.

Big update to mainlined blazemod. Tested automatically, so may have subtle bugs, but should have less of them than old one.

Rather big change to aiming just landed.
Experimental, meaning it may be adjusted a lot until we figure out the correct way to do it.
At the moment it makes aiming take a lot more time at low skill levels. Expect to fire a lot more “snapshots”. On the other hand, snapshots are much better and you can expect to actually kill things with hip-fired rifle shots and gangsta-fired pistol shots.
Sniping is also much more useful. With a good rifle you can snipe things from level 0, especially if you have good perception. I tested it with the overpowered Rivtech sniper rifle thing and got semi-reliable "good hit"s at 30 range. Currently there is a hard cap of 30 range, because the accuracy formula “explodes” near that, meaning that anything that gets a reliable 35 range shot is also likely to get a reliable 100 range shot.

Holy crap, you can like actually use guns legitimately now. I don’t really like the five digit volume change, but that takes a backseat to being able to hit the broadside of a turret shaped barn.

For those of you who like to use filthy clothing, the spawn of soap has been drastically increased. Still needs changes to make it more viable, but imho a very good obstacle for the early survivor.

Next up is sensible recoil so that automatic fire is more than just a liability

Looks like the guns have been heavily nerfed. My survivor-carbine doesn’t even seem to hit a hulk which is 20 tiles away.

Electric engines got buffed.
Currently this means electric conversion is more than 100% efficient, but this doesn’t allow any exploits more severe than improving fuel efficiency by driving a hybrid.
Fixing the >100% efficiency is low priority since it allows no perpetum mobiles and will probably happen later, when we try to combine vehicle and item power scales into one.

New burst fire mechanics. Gun mods are now much more relevant and strength is required for effective us of the heaviest weapons. Bipods are partially implemented, you need mountable terrian to use them (window frames etc count for this). Some interface cleanup is likely to follow.