Tileset project

Now! Welcome to the Tileset Project! Here we (a bunch of normal Cataclysm players) are making a tileset as a group. So far, we are going really good, with some awesome contributors -they know PERFECLTY who they are)

This is where you can keep the track of the tiles that are made:

It as a Google Document. If you want to help, make the tile, show it to us in this thread, and if everyone is comfortable with it, you can register it there. If the item you made is not showed up there, just add it, going to Add Row (I guess it is Row, but for me it shows up as Fila, because it is in spanish) and then place it. Add that you made it, and the link to the image.

Well, we are using a 15x15 image size, i did not knew that the normal size was 16x16, but well. We are comfortable with it now.

So, lets “entile” Cataclysm! Why tiles? Some, the majority, are comfortable with ASCII. I am too, but i was inspired and started drawing some tiles. This awesome artist followed me, and now we are entiling Cataclysm. You can enter too, as there are lots of drawing to do!

FAQ (At least a basic one, for now):

But there is no tileset support right now. Why are you doing this?
-There will be a tileset support, and it will be awesome to say… WE WERE THE FIRST CATACLYSM DDA Tileset ever! Or at least that is what i think. ._.


Well, with a little of effort, i pulled out these:

At one row it shows the example, and at the other it shows the dude already with some example clothes. Can’t we do this now, to our beloved Cataclysm? We already have the system to support tiles, supposedly, so why we dont start a community based tileset? I have already seen a lot of good artists here. We also would need coder’s help, i think.

(By the way, that dudes i made are 15x15)

Thanks for spending your time making those.


What are the pixel by pixel measurements? I could have a go, but I need the measurements. Backgrounds and scenery would be more my thing, but corpses and some other stuff might be good too.

edit: Would it need to be 15x15 like yours or 13x13 as I’ve seen more commonly.

Would the tile sets conform to our chosen dimensions, or would we have to conform to the systems?

I would feel a lot better knowing exactly what dimensions the system would use before I do any work.

Well, it could be good to all of us drawing at the same resolution to not make things complex. I think that this might not make you comfortable but we could start from scrath with a new resolution. I vote for the one i use right now (with comfort reasons) because i not only already started (i made the rabbit and the squirrel, the bush, the rock, the ground tiles but that last 3 might be changed) , i also am comfortable with it because it is not too big to be difficult to draw, and it is big enough to make you able to draw something easy to understand.

My res is 15x15

I have done some dirt tiles and grass tiles as the ground seems to flick between the two lots. I am about to attempt the poppy flower and then I’ll start work on the variety of corpses. (Pulped corpses won’t have a variant as their map symbol stays the same.) I might also try to work on the huge list of items, starting with CBM modules

I will start doing the woodland creatures, pics will be posted in a while. Maybe 5 hours… i need to do something first.

Sorry for the doublepost: I use a program called Tile Studio, wich lets you make a tile at the size you want and see how it melts with other tiles. As the color picker is pretty basic, you should use it, export the img at PNG and then edit it with PS.

I actually use paint, Though I know it isn’t the most advanced program, I can melt the tiles together with copy paste and if need be I can check animals on the back. In the time since my last post, (Since I’m working smaller items) I have done the first 6 CBMs. They all look like little cans with pictures representing which kind they are. Will it actually to be possible to use items with separate images since lots of items share the same symbol. Ill upload my ground tiles in a sec, then get to work on the corpses. Giving CBMs a break

Dirt Tile, Sorry its so small. I’d enlarge it, but this is how’d it look in game

Grass Tile, Same as above

Grass Tile Edit:

Like This?

You know what? Instead of the grass tile being just the first tile green couloured, id like it to have sa few green dots, to make it look like only some leaves in the dirt. It woulb be more post apocalyptical

The grass tile actually looks different to the dirt tile. Both we’re drawn separately, but both meld into one another quite well. The new grass tile is just an edited dirt tile.

Either pick green grass tile or make the dirt tile more gray, if you want the grass tile to be brown/green.

Do you mean darken the dirt tile? I wasn’t sure if it looked too bright. I assumed that the ground would still look normal though I can see where you’re coming from, Ill look into it, but I can’t guarantee any changes.

Do you mean darken the dirt tile? I wasn’t sure if it looked too bright. I assumed that the ground would still look normal though I can see where you’re coming from, Ill look into it, but I can’t guarantee any changes.[/quote]

Aye, darkening it would also solve the problem. Basically, grass and dirt should be different.

I like the new grass tile. It melts perfectly with the dirt tile! That can make the “terrain changes” (when it changes from dirt to grass) less abrupt and forced.

Road tiles, Yellow road tiles ( Though I’m not sure how it will work for basket ball courts) Sidewalk (not too sure about how the sidewalk looks) tiles, Wall tiles, Window tiles (opened, closed, smashed, cleared, curtains closed) All complete. Doors will be next

I must beg you to show me these.

Hm… I want to try to do some stuff for this, but I’m not sure how my pixel art skills are. What programs are you doing the tiles in?

Well, we are using Paint, put if i need to use a really good one, maybe Tile Studio (for background tiles) For creatures, weapons, items, and that kind of thing just Paint


Try to expand it if you can