Tileset - 16px Version. (Development Stopped)

[b]Development has stopped, I haven’t played Cataclysm, or worked on this project in 3 weeks.
My Real Life situation has changed and I no longer have the chunks of free time I was using to work on this tileset, so I’m being “that guy” and shutting down before the project is finished.

If it helps any of you out there working on your own tiles, I’m posting my raw tileset graphics file. GIMP format with way too many layers.
Probably won’t help much vs. modifying the .png version, but you do get the chance to manipulate alphas on several tiles that would otherwise need to be recreated.

Licensing and usage permissions to match the general cataclysm dda project. Some elements derived or copied from the original game graphics resources.

I’ve been posting to the Tileset project thread over the last couple of days, but think that I’ve now reached to point that I should be posting these updates to a separate thread.

Basically, This is a 16pixel square tileset based on the stock example provided with the latest experimental versions. The game is playable, most terrain and environmental effects are in place, vehicles are displayed (there is wierdness due to that part of the game being incomplete), All monsters have a sprite (Not necessarily a good one, poor Pink Mi Go and Constipated Wolverine Bear in particular). All items are in the tileset, but use a rendered version of their ascii representation.

As things stand, only CBMs and some of the Strange Temple items Artifacts and recently added items should still have the dreaded Pink mark of defaultness. But I haven’t extensively tested beyond running my characters around the game world.

Download Here, simply unzip and drop the 2 files into your /gfx/HoderTileset folder.

I like that you kept my “bacon benches” ™ :smiley: sorry that the vehicles are still weird

Yeah, the bacon benches are probably going away as I continue to clean things up :slight_smile:

But right now I’m still in “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” mode.

While you’re checking this thread, I have yet another “This is broke” moment for you… The highlight trail pointing to the local items using “V” doesn’t display, am I missing a sprite definition or is that not implemented yet? Throwing works, so I suspect the general code exists. Same question on the highlight for displaying item piles/items on vehicle squares.

And fiddly-fussing about how things display, is it possible to cross-reference the _h/_v versions of furniture (namely fences/railings), with the 2 separate definitions the multi-tile display can’t share a corner. Not a serious functional issue, more of a feature request.


This might just convince me to try out one of these new-fangled “tilesets” everyone’s talking about. Good work so far.

‘V’ should be displaying, it uses the ‘animation_trail’ and ‘line_trail’ definitions. animation_trail is for the (player, end of line) exclusive tiles and line_trail is the end of line display tile.

Hopefully, that helps. If not then I’ll need to look at the code again, since it worked on an earlier version of the code.
RE: _h/_v versions, right now the system is built to support exclusively top-down sets of tiles, and not isometric view. I will need to add in isometric definitions and maybe add in a value at the top where “width”/“height” are at so you can define what set of rotations you want to use. As for cross-referencing tiles I plan to add that in during my work on mod support which will probably alter the hell out of the tilejson format >.< Guesstimate start for that is next Monday, so hopefully you can bear with me until then.

Well, Line_trail was in the .json, I added animation_trail… but still no display in “V”.

And thanks for being so responsive to all these random questions, I’m sure you don’t have anything else on your plate :slight_smile:

Crap, sorry. Gave false information on the line bits. “line_trail” is the end of the ‘V’, “animation_line” is used for the rest of the line >.< Teaches me to go by memory instead of looking at my cheatsheet! :stuck_out_tongue: You can take animation_trail back out since it does nothing hehe

This is great news, I like Deon’s tileset too, but I definitely prefer 16x16 to 30x30.

Latest Version is up.

Now with the application of some pink lipstick, all available genders have a representative icon!

Also some cleanup and debugging, added multi-tile slime pits and cleaned up some mine/elevator/manhole cover display issues. Removed the drop shadows from the actual mob/item sprites and instead am using generic background drop shadows, should let you folks without my layered master image do some easier sprite modifications.

Sorry Galen, you had to mention the BaconBench… That’s fixed as well.

I’m on FIRE!

Basically just playing around with field effects and multi-tiles… Also added in gas pumps so I could watch the world burn…

What a Crappy update…

Found a Hazardous Waster Sarcophagus… So now we have sewage pipes and pumps for all your public service needs.

From now on, I’ll just update the link in the OP so people can find the most recent version without mucking through all my update posts.

It’s a nice one, i really like it, very readable ! Tanks.

That fire looks fine, but I like the “flames on the ground” more, could you try to make a 16px tile of something similar?

Can’t see your spoiler, but did you mean something like this?

I still have my “Classic Fire” sprite in the sprite sheet, so using it is just a matter of updating the Json…

I’m still experimenting with the field multi tiles, They have the potential to consume a lot of sprite real estate and I’m experimenting with using a base “color” graphic with a field effect over/underlay to give the “cloud effect”. I think it will be ok for the gaseous effects, smoke, teargas, toxic gas could all use a set of pretty generic sprites. I’m considering a specific fire multi tile sprite set, which could also update the explosion effect as well. Just need to doodle it up so it looks right. And add in a 1000 odd items…

{ "id":"fd_fire", "bg":182, "multitile":false, "additional_tiles": [ { "id": "center", "bg":198, "fg": 200 }, { "id": "corner", "bg":198, "fg": 201 }, { "id": "edge", "bg":198, "fg": 202 }, { "id": "t_connection", "bg":198, "fg": 203 }, { "id": "end_piece", "bg":198, "fg": 204 }, { "id": "unconnected", "bg":198, "fg": 205 } ], "rotates":false },

That should let you toggle between single sprite and a field effect by changing the “multitile” field.

(odd, now I can see your spoiler and I think my attachment disappeared…)

New V.006…

Basically been adding item graphics, roughed in Books/Mags, Containers, CBMs and some vegetables.

See link in OP.

[quote=“SirHoder, post:15, topic:2937”]New V.006…

Basically been adding item graphics, roughed in Books/Mags, Containers, CBMs and some vegetables.

See link in OP.[/quote]

Great news!

Today’s update has a bunch of misc. tools, hand weapons and pharmaceuticals…

This is coming along rather nicely :smiley:

To rerail the derail I’ll say I’ve sadly neglected this tileset while checking on Deon updates over and over :smiley: Both sets are awesome! Downloading to take for a spin… NOW!

This is getting added as a mainline tileset, in addition to Deon’s. Keep up the good work :smiley: