"Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod"



Hm. Weirdness.

Fuck you min character limit.


That’s incredibly annoying. I don’t even know how that came to be.
Oh well, we’re probably due for a new update I guess.

God, I really wanted them to fix the turrets the turrets before doing this one.


no worries, do what you need to.

im too busy these days to mod, i appreciate the love my mod gets.

i may have to do a blanket update to bugfix though


oh cool I didn’t know you were still working on the project

If you’re updating I’m definitely recommending pulling everything from the unofficial PK rebalance patch here
Unofficial PK’s Rebalancing Patch 5.6.4k, it’s fixed a ton of bugs.

Honestly until they’re fixing the turrets in mainline I’m either gonna blacklist them or just wait. For the vortex engine it should be an easy enough fix even if I haven’t really figured it out yet.


update incoming for the latest PK patch?