"Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod"

Hm. Weirdness.

Fuck you min character limit.

That’s incredibly annoying. I don’t even know how that came to be.
Oh well, we’re probably due for a new update I guess.

God, I really wanted them to fix the turrets the turrets before doing this one.

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no worries, do what you need to.

im too busy these days to mod, i appreciate the love my mod gets.

i may have to do a blanket update to bugfix though

oh cool I didn’t know you were still working on the project

If you’re updating I’m definitely recommending pulling everything from the unofficial PK rebalance patch here
Unofficial PK’s Rebalancing Patch 5.6.4k, it’s fixed a ton of bugs.

Honestly until they’re fixing the turrets in mainline I’m either gonna blacklist them or just wait. For the vortex engine it should be an easy enough fix even if I haven’t really figured it out yet.

update incoming for the latest PK patch?

This modpack needs to be updated for the new Turret rules and also to account for Acid Anthills.

Update on the Anthill thing. Turns out Queen Ants aren’t dropping the egg upon death. I thought it was just me at first. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it’s spawning the right Queen Ant, because I see two Queen Ants in the description, I spawned one, killed it, and it dropped the egg.

Yeah, the queen ant bug is one I have to keep fixing every time someone works on ants upstream
Because of the old pk code queen ants transform into angry queen ants that shoot fire once hit or once you hit her babies, but can’t be coded to drop any specific items because of reasons.
Thus I did some magic and ended up not making the PK ants evolve and always shoot fire, but that means that with the anthill changes even in PK new regular queen ants (which didn’t exist when the latest release of oldPK was a thing ) would spawn. I think I either made those too drop the egg or tried to replace them with the oldpk queens.

But yeah anyway I’m just waiting for the dudes to update their repos completely and only update this thing once the dust has settled so I don’t have to do daily fixes.

And the new Turret Rules? I’m trying to mount weapons on my vehicle and having no luck at all.

EDIT: Apparently, you don’t need both turret mounts and swappable storage batteries.

EDIT AGAIN: Blazemod_A needs to be updated, still.

What’s the name of the Endgame Temple? Is it a Strange Grove?

Please say it’s a Strange Grove. I’m almost done and for the love of god I want this quest over.

Strange Temple? Groves are, iirc, Arcana stuff.

I’m looking for Moss Covered Relics, which I believe are an invention of this modpack.

No clue where they could be, though.

Strange temple.
You need a petrified eye to get in there, you probably found one if you raided a mansion.

oh yeah and before I forget:
Next version is gonna remove the dependency from the more locations mod, plus use the new PK rebalance (with misc fixes).

Just wondering, can you integrate the Cataclysm ++ mod? its also has a boss and I thought it would be cool.

I’d suggest taking Ascension off the Challenge requirements in that case, because C++ is broken as shit. I mean, being able to craft full-strength Laser Rifles? Survivor Armor/Power Armor hybrids. Assault Rifle that shoots teeth that bounce from target to target?

I mean, it’s not unsalvageable, but it needs work.

Granted, I never liked mod content being on the challenges in the first place. I just haven’t gotten a chance to voice my distaste for it.

As for the Ascension pack itself, has the issue with turrets been solved?

Ah, I suppose so, so never mind.

There’s a PK rebalance compatibility module for Cata++, but I don’t know how outdated that might actually be.
If you mean actual new stuff, I’m trying to trim the dependencies already because of the bugs and overtime I need to work to fix them (that’s why I’m cutting more locations while keeping the core files I need from it) so that’s not gonna happen on my end.

Okay then, no harm done.

got a bug from loading. It doesn’t crash the game, but maybe some vehicle parts would not work, judging by the debug message. anyway to fix this? Removing the blaze_a mod will perfectly fix this, but i want my blob mobile 2.0.