Problems at installing Ascension/Winning DDA Mod and endgame thoughts in general


After I long break I decided to try CDDA again. I’ve been recommended an endgame mod called Ascension or Winning DDA. However, while trying to get it working, I ran into some problems.

It seems I can’t find the mod on the launcher tool list of mods page. I tried installing it manually, but got flooded with errors when trying to start a new game. While I think I could fix/bypass at least some of those myself, I thought to ask first whether this module is still supported. I wouldn’t want to start a campaign that is guaranteed to get me in trouble.

I’m particularly interested in this one, since in my humble opinion, the biggest shortcoming of the game has always been the lack of some ultimate goal and preferably a story driven narrative. I understand that roguelikes are not intended to be full role playing games in that sense. Still, most of my plays end with getting bored in not having anything meaninful to do. Of course I could set arbitraty goals for myself, but it seems somehow artificial.

I am sorry if this information already exists somewhere on the boards, but I was unable to find it after a reasonable number of searches.

And actually, while I am at it (and pardon me if this is a noobish question), but would someone be able to briefly clarify in what kind of process the new content to include gets chosen? Is there some kind of democratic process (with the game being open source) or is there an oligarchy calling the shots?

Just curious, because, if possible, I’d really vote for including more narrative content and even a possibility for a good ending (i.e. saving the world). I never quite understood why the choice to exclude such scenario has been made =)

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Usually the best case is to try and private message the mod author to ask to update the mod, or what version the mod is updated to.

Usually it’s endgame for mod authors to get their mod supported on the main menu, especially since at least 4 new versions come out everyday, changing large parts of the base game.

It can be a process too, as one of the forum mods for the github (Mainly the good man KG) has to background check the mod for copyrighted material (it’s a community sourced game, and is more of a hobby to program than anything else).

Usually the priority is bug fixing, but each of the trio sorta specializing in their own thing: Kevin is adding to the base game DDA, Erk I think is adding mainly to the NPC’s, and Mlangs I think is a general programer/bugfixer too, but trying to say either of them has their own thing they focus on is like saying a rainbow is just one color, and there are always random people adding pr’s that the can change the game.

I know Mlangs helps mainly manage PR’s and fixing .json code and basic code too, so if you figure you could add something, it’s best to ask Mlangs about the github link to adding things to CDDA

But yeah, there was an old link to when the O.D version was going to release, and a survey that showed what most wanted from the game. I’ll try to find it and link it in this post

This copy is working as of build 9467. I had to disable the arachnotron boss map, but I added it to a spawnlist so it still appears in the world (lol, needs balance…so much balance). Afaik, the author of Ascension gave up on the mod, check the later messages in the thread. I plan on trying again to get the boss map to work someday, but don’t hold your breath.

edit: ah, as far as starting a campaign n running into trouble…don’t run my version without changing the spawnrates for the arachnotron or you’ll regret it. I’d suggest giving them a late start date and/or making them an evolution of one of the ordinary spider types. It just needs a sanity check lol. As long as the mod’s working when you start, if you don’t update until your campaign is done you won’t run into issues with things falling apart.

Ah, great. Thanks. This explains a lot. I’ll give that version a try.

Cheers =)