PK's Rebalancing Mod


Sorry guys. I work 2 jobs now and I have issues keeping up on it, but it looks like they spammed some updates in a cluster, which I appreicate.

Pisskop… Modders like you provide hours of fun for a lot of ppl… But that doesn’t mean you have to feel obligued to do it. I just did a precisse report just in case was a weird combo of mods in my case…

… Sorry if it looked like somekind of urgent request or anything… I was just trying to be precisse so, when you had the time, you could spot fast which build triggered the error. In the future I will be more careful in the way I report things.

…Excellent mods like yours deserve a Main Game version rollback :)… Not the other way around. I just rollbacked to 6868 while waiting :).

Hey, does the above version work with the latest main game version? I’d reeeeeally love to play this mod. <3

The listed version should work with the latest experimental perfectly. Or pretty close to perfectly.

Okay. Im here, and releasing whatever Changes Ive made. Of note is removing slave guilt.

Also D:

My 100k views, all gone . . . gone.


hugs It’s okay man. Your awesome mod is still here, and that’s what’s important. The views will come.

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Yaay! I luckily found out version 5.3.5 of pk mod works with the android version, a little weird because after that version its just open field and forest with no roads

remind me to note this

I dont know how to take that figuratively so i’ll take it literally
Im reminding you to note it :wink:

lol I’m so busy rn.

but i want to dl the Android version and compatibility it right

While i was lurking on the posts on august to understand why the pk mod doesnt work with the android version i read something about terrain something so i copy and pasted 4 overmap json from 3.3.5 to 5. version and made anew world and it worked there are cities and there are no errors about: overmap special and default groundcover

I’ve been informed that I’m supporting some relatively unique modding concepts in the mod. if you have any questions please ask.

Question for someone who likes the ideas of your mod, but is kinda iffy on getting shredded so quickly: As the developer, do you have any general advice for tackling this mod?

Also, do you have a list for all the mutation trees you modded. I’m pretty sure you modded Chimera to have quills, but I’m not sure what else.

I dont have a full list, sadly. But I did some tweaking around.

Search that for the name ‘chimera’ and whatever traits it will pick up will pop. Anything that has thresh_chimera requires you to pass the threshold before it will seek to acquire it. Otherwise it will just seek nonthresh traits.

somebody test out the android patch Ive popped in. Hopefully it works and somebody will tell me when it doesnt.

So someone in the reddit mentioned that all standard (non-specific types, plain mutagen, misshapen legs, fetuses, that sorta thing) don’t work for mutation anymore.

I’m also absolute trash with android compiling related things, BUT if anyone would mind compiling the latest android build from the github, it’s from memory a month or two newer than the most recently published apk?
Posting here too just to spread the word we could easily have at better android build if someone has an android compiling setup at the ready.

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Do you mean in the mod or in game? Because last I checked, plain old mutagen worked, but all the Weak Mutagens (like Tainted Tornado and Mutated Limbs) didn’t work. Also, I was the one who brought that up. >.> Don’t think its been fixed yet…

It should be good now. They added new flags . . .

I noticed a few things you might want to update (as in, I’m not sure if you kept them the way they are intentionally). So far, I’ve seen:

Battery Chargers are called "UPS Recharging Stations"
Spitter Zombies are called Acidic Zombies
Fast Metabolism, Very Fast Metabolism and presumably Extreme Metabolism don’t have their current descriptions (they were updated, and now make it so your stamina goes down slower).

Also, I had my first Acid Rain. Scared as shit that it destroyed my solar panels. Luckily, it just made the sprites vanish.