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Just updated it to run error free on my linux build with latest expi…

I really don’t do too much with the game any longer, but I did want to attempt to bugfix the mod. Thanks to everyone who still uses it, and even more to those who actively maintained it in one form or another.

You may use whatever you want from the mod; it uses many examples that may help people aiming to make their own mod. Credit optional, but please consider supporting my ego.

You can also feel free to fork/edit/continue the work. Nobody will be mad, I swears it; and it is a great way to learn code.

I tested the mod with default settings, with a debug character and with 9 city size and 4 distance.

Thanks to:

@techincal (Unofficial PK's Rebalancing Patch 5.6.4k) for the unofficial pk patch

@trelatyraelis ("Ascension mod" or: "Winning DDA: the mod") for the ascension mod

@psyxypher for the support.

No spelling edits were made, nor balancing fixes. At least, not yet. So the above links are worth your time :wink:


so changes to come?

  • For spiders and wasps, re:poisoning

The plan is to add a chance of poisoning, and to nerf the poison a little. mostly for stat drops, like str or dex.

  • For mosquitos and RE: numbing poison

Going to have to finesse it, but will limit max pkill allowed by them. pkill of ~200 or more is deadly. Not that that is shown to the player directly.

  • For shamblers:

No change.

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  • Spiders and ants have chances to inflict poisons. Like 5 percent in weak cases and 50 in strong.
  • mosquitos have chances to inflict pkiller poison.
  • nerfed poison attribute loss. poison is going to hurt, best to wait it out if need be. Talk to me about duration, not just strength of it.
  • Numbing poison, I suspect was the culprit of breathing failure. that or repeated doses of medicinal strength pkillers. Should be fixed? Don’t fuck with large insects that prevent coagulation? IDK man . . .
  • re-verified that antibiotics REMOVE the minor inflammation penalty. They do, as they have for months. Added that to flumeds like dayquil/nightquil and now flu shots will block it. Hersey Squirts still a threat to a vaccinated player, though.
  • shamblers are and will continue to be behemoths. Updated their description to say so.
  • Going to run some playthrooughs, to test.

Very very cool! Nice to see you back in the game,I’ll wait until the major updates come up and then find a way to merge everything by cherrypicking the unofficial release and using your updated mod as baseline.
If you want to expand on the hell castle (I’m pretty sure those signs about mapgen generation are still there) feel free to grab my mastermind lair layout or anything else really!

While you were gone, technical did a lot of work for the mod, i would love to see you both work together on it.

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Hey, thanks!

  • I’ve reduced the chance of animals infecting your wounds.
  • Ive added more chances for 1st_aid to spawn in bathrooms and medical stashes.
  • I’ve added in a new profession, and an item for that. Should spawn in default too.
  • I’ve upped the chance for survivor’s 1staid to cure infections.
  • I’ve added the new state parks and lumbermill to the freqloc file, reducing their max.
  • I’ve shamelessly nicked the mod folder of the patch. @techincal, Credit to where it is due.
  • Looking for spelling errors, got any?
  • Now is the time to suggest changes, as I’m looking them over.

In my own news, I’ve made a descision to play with 8 city size and 4 spacing. and 1.0 spawn density. I used 1.5 for quite a while now, but this way I can get a feel for the common man’s afflictions. lol

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Recently established myself in vanilla and moving onto PKR for the challenge, looks like I got lucky with timing!

Only played a little bit so far but with the new heli crash changes it seems very easy to get perfect condition doom armour and could do with a change somehow, that’s the only thing I can think off the top of my head for requests though.

Big thanks to you guys for continuing to update the mod, I’ll keep an eye out for anything else.

I’m not sure, it used to require a lot of work to get a hold of. I’ll look at it, but if its too op then it’ll be moved.

I added in a warped-in scenario that allows access to the more clandestine locs in the game.
Also added in what’s essentially a modded survivor

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pks attempt to do playthrough!

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Typo in fungus.json

Noticed it by getting instant killed by a Squig after one bite into full hp torso with leather armour protection. Looked into json’s to check what the problem was.
The Typo is here:
“min_mul”: 85,
85 need to be changed to 0.85
Looks like the typo was copy&pasted also to:
and mon_fungus_pig to make the list Full.

There is a small chance that this is intended, but that realy doesnt make sense to me.

lol no. thats hilarious though.

ill have it booped tonight.


Love all the commentary very entertaining :+1:

I had a first real experience with the mod recently, very enjoyable adds so much more chaos and depth to the game and challenge of course. The better spread out specials is a pretty big deal over vanilla, the depth in the evolution progression is fantastic for overall gameplay. It’s hard to think of a downside to PRM honestly.

As for typos I found one with the doom boots iirc, not much but it’s something I guess.

I forgott to say that i play a bit older version and you removed min_mul from the pig. But i see you got the others. Thanks for the fast fix :+1:

Is there a reason why vanilla doesnt have pk’s mod as a add on in world creation. Sorry I dont know exactly all the code diffremces that may cause this to be impposible.


yes there is . . .


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Don’t know if this is from Ascension (which I am using) or from the base mod (which I want to get back to), but under the Hell Spire Citadel

The hidden door to the Spider Mastermind’s lair is just a steep drop with no clear way out. I think that qualifies as a Kaizo Trap, not something you’d want in a Roguelike.

Can I suggest more knit items using the knitting needles from thread?
at the moment we only have knit hat and scarf, can we have a knit sweater and turtleneck?

I feel like knit clothing should really be expanded on.

Takes a loooooong time to knit… well anything.