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You do not need both PKs Rebalancing Mod and this one! The PKs Mod has all the assets from this mod and using both might cause bug reports upon game loading. If you plan on using both simply download PKs mod and use that one, otherwise use this one for a vanilla game with th doom faction in it.

In this mod:

-Monsters themed after the Doom series, mostly from the first and second games.
-A new explosive, several off-limits guns, and rather protective armor.
-2 locations that the doom critters spawn in
-A challenge? Give me feedback and tell me!

This mod is an attempt to bring doom monsters into the C:DDA game as a seperate, if not somewhat minor, invading faction. They stick to established canon where possible, and as such most posess a form of ranged attack of the kind that most other entities in the game lack. This enviornmentally charges damage coupled with their speed and propensity to use fire and lava make them an endgame faction, dangerous to encounter too early.

The demons are a sadistic lot, often torn between their greed and desire for splendor and their basal lust for carnage. They take slaves, and emply humans who are willing to follow them, although they don’t seem to expect them to use guns.

The Locations

-Hell Spire

The hell spire spawns in cities or directly adjacent to them. It is a cathedral that was raised forth from the earth, from which the demons can eviscerate the landscape and capture what captives they may.

The hell spire embodies a cave-like dungeon, prominently featuring rock and spiraling paths littered with traps and the occasional secret. There will be intermediate shifts from tight passage-ways to more open structures that will house items and monsters.

-Hell Castle

The hell castle is a countryside fortress from which the demonspawn will range over a wide area. The fortress itself is a massive rock monstrosity with a lava moat and a somewhat more ‘refined’ feel to it. It will be a castle themed dungeon.

Getting inside this behemoth will involve slaughtering massive amounts of demons and it is fairly possible I may need to nerf it in the future, but as of right now it spawns with guarenteed guards in select locations and is impossible to sneak up to without optical cloaking.

And mine on the offchance this becomes a thing.

You sir are doing god’s work. I have seriously thought on doing this lots of times but always lazy. Keep it going. If you finish it i may do some tiles for ya.

Don’t forget to add BFG9000 :slight_smile: BTW, the cyberdemon named as arachnotron.

Hes getting better, but hes still too accurate. And also I nerfed the armor piercing value, but it sees that the heavy duty vehicle is rather capable of resisting 6-12 rockets.

Here is a fleshed out critters - group

Just the monsters and the items they need to fight. No home, no spawning, no anything else.

If you stick it into your


folder you can extract it out and use it. It is in the ‘rebalance’ section for now. You have to debug in the monsters.

Weak, pretty fast, low morale. Causes fire damage, but its fireballs are too weak to start forest fires under most conditions.

A meleer, drags you around with its oversized mouth

-Black Imp
Resembles an imp in superficial appearance, despite its name. It is a more competent pyromancer, however, and can start enviornmental fires. Its morale is also better.

-Lost Soul
A fast skull that flies at you. Will eventually appear in large numbers. Can spew gouts of flame at you.

A tall, skinny figure with a collection of shoulder-launched rockets. The rockets are not incredibly fast, but they can home in on you until they run out of ammo.

A revenant rocket. Flies after nearby foes, where it will detonate for a small emp burst and damage. If you shoot it out of the air its attack is much weaker than its own voluntary explosion

-Hell Knight
A bulky satyr. Uses a short range plasma attack to devestating effect.

-Hell Baron
More of the above, except its accuracy is improved and its range increased.

Oh my gawd is this thing strong to the infantryman. It shot my car with 2 blasts and I was choking inside the car. Im having trouble keeping their power down without sacrificing utility.
Not completely helpless in melee, but reliant upon its flames.

A slow hovering ball that snipe with lightning plasma. Perhaps more damaging per shot than the hell baron due to the turns paralzed and the extra layer of enviormental damage.

A brain supported by steel girders and in control of 2 laser weapons. One is a longer ranged carbine, and one is the automatic rifle akin to the laser turret.

A giant humanoid with a rocket launcher that does (666) damage. welp, its not as bad as it looks, although he fires 3 rockets in a burst. His accuracy is pretty poor, at least, and his tendency to shoot things too close to himself means that he often splashes himself.

Also, literally tapping him with a heavy vehicle with spikes will kill him. So I tried to nerf his attack to damage vehicles more.

They need homes. So I want to get to making a spot for them to spawn. Id actually appreciate some help in designing these. If we could produce 2 to 3 spots we could do a fair job mimicing the hard-codedness of the randomly-generated things.

Or at least not make everything so blah and repetitive. Have to consider that most of them have ranged attacks though, and use fire.

To Do

-Give them homes
-Make more items for use/harvesting/etc
-Make guns from doom. Mostly the BFG is missing.
-See about fire-resistant armor. Maybe it has poor armor stats / is ceramic/breakable, but is enviornmentally sound?

lost soul should get a lot of damage from fire extinguisher it its possible (doom rpg)

and nice job with rockets

Now I’ve gotten in trouble for suggesting this for the regular game, but why not stick them at z-10? It’ll mean you can literally dig down into hell, but that sort of makes sense. Stick some kind of hell portals on the surface that you can use to go down there.

one issue is I dont know if I have the power to stick them everywhere.

i might have to make designated areas for them.

It could be not only hell portals but some hell-changed, corrupted variants of regular buildings.

Replacing an entire z-level with a ‘hell-dimension’ seems a bit extreme, especially for people who use experimental z-level option. That simulates all the z-levels at once and leads to massive slowdowns if you are over an area with a lot of monsters spread over several z-levels (blobpit, ants, vault). I can’t imagine the slow-down if the entire world had a ‘hell’ below it with it’s own spawns happening and all the overhead that would involve.
Otoh, I read a comment in one of those nether expansion threads stating that the game could support an arbitrary number of ‘alternate dimensions’ accessed via a portal of some kind. I imagine that would need some work on the code side to implement, but would be a pretty awesome addition.

These monsters are awesome pisskop, what you’re doing with the special attacks is really cool. I can’t wait to try this stuff out when I get some free time.

I mean more that. I cant have the game randomly generate a town above them. Or have the area under a river. Or have it wherever.

It cant be a winding tunnel into the Earth that emerges into a city. Unless the whole structure is 3x3 or somehing. I dont think I can have the game place it below everything else but have the game normally gen other things. Look at the Temple.

Id want the lava rift style of generation. But thanks! I do hope that they are tough little guys.

Im having issues getting the game to recognize my mapgen doodad. any help here?


    "type": "monstergroup",
    "name": "GROUP_DOOM_ENTRANCE",
    "default": "mon_null",
    "monsters": [
        { "monster": "mon_imp", "freq": 10, "cost_multiplier": 0 },
        { "monster": "mon_imp_black", "freq": 3, "cost_multiplier": 3 },
        { "monster": "mon_pinky", "freq": 6, "cost_multiplier": 1 },
        { "monster": "mon_lostsoul", "freq": 5, "cost_multiplier": 1 },
        { "monster": "mon_revenant", "freq": 1, "cost_multiplier": 5 }
"type": "mapgen",
    "om_terrain": [
	"method": "json",
    "weight": 100,
    "object": {
        "fill_ter": "t_dirt",
        "rows": [
            "^^^^   ^^^   ^^  ^  ^^^^",
            "^^^                 ~~^^",
            "^^ xS    xxxxx     ~~  ^",
            "^^      x#####x   ~~  ^^",
            "^^     x#######x ~~   ^^",
            "^     x###S~S###x      ^",
            "^    x##1.....1##x    ^^",
            "^   x###..>1>..###x    ^",
            "^^  x##   ^^",
            "^   x##..1xSx1..##x ^^^^",
            "^^  ^^^",
            "^^   x##.1.1.1.##x    ^^",
            "^^    x#.1.1.1.#x    x ^",
            "^      S       S    ^  ^",
            "^                  ^x  ^",
            "^                 xx   ^",
            "^^                    ^^",
            "^^   xxx              ^^",
            "^    x1x        1     ^^",
            "^^   xxx             ^^^",
            "^^                  ^^^^",
            "^^^^^^ ^       ^^  ^^^^^",
        "terrain": {
            ".": "t_rock_floor",
            "#": "t_rock",
			">": "t_slope_down",
			"1": "t_column",
			"~": "t_lava"
        "furniture": {
            "^": "f_rubble",
			"S": "f_statue",
			"x": "f_ash"
        "place_monsters": [
            { "x": 21, "y": 20, "monster": "GROUP_DOOM_ENTRANCE", "chance": 40 },
            { "x": 21, "y": 18, "monster": "GROUP_DOOM_ENTRANCE", "chance": 40 },
            { "x": 21, "y": 16, "monster": "GROUP_DOOM_ENTRANCE", "chance": 40 }
        "place_items": [ 
            { "item": "trash", "chance": 20, "x": 10, "y": 19, "repeat": [1,3] },
            { "item": "vet_softdrug", "chance": 40, "x": 17, "y": 10, "repeat": [2,5] },
            { "item": "vet_softdrug", "chance": 20, "x": 15, "y": [10, 11], "repeat": [1,2] },
            { "item": "vet_softdrug", "chance": 10, "x": 20, "y": 8, "repeat": [1,3] },
            { "item": "vet_softdrug", "chance": 10, "x": [16, 17], "y": 15, "repeat": [1,3] },
            { "item": "vet_hardrug", "chance": 80, "x": 13, "y": 20, "repeat": [2,5] },
            { "item": "waitingroom", "chance": 25, "x": 10, "y": 7, "repeat": [1,3] },
            { "item": "waitingroom", "chance": 25, "x": 10, "y": 9, "repeat": [1,3] },
            { "item": "waitingroom", "chance": 25, "x": 3, "y": 7, "repeat": [2,3] },
            { "item": "cleaning", "chance": 50, "x": 20, "y": 7, "repeat": [1,2] },
            { "item": "cleaning", "chance": 35, "x": 13, "y": 19, "repeat": [1,3] },
            { "item": "vet_utility", "chance": 35, "x": 3, "y": 7, "repeat": [2,3] },
            { "item": "vet_utility", "chance": 50, "x": 15, "y": [15, 16], "repeat": [2,5] },
            { "item": "vet_utility", "chance": 25, "x": 15, "y": 18, "repeat": [2,5] },
            { "item": "office", "chance": 40, "x": [15, 16], "y": 20, "repeat": [1,2] },
            { "item": "office", "chance": 25, "x": 17, "y": 8, "repeat": [1,2] },
            { "item": "office", "chance": 20, "x": [8, 10], "y": 13, "repeat": [2,5] },
            { "item": "doctors_books", "chance": 35, "x": 5, "y": 14, "repeat": [1,3] }


“type” : “overmap_special”,
“id” : “hell_city_1”,
“overmaps” :
{ “point”:[0,0,0], “overmap”: “crater”},
{ “point”:[1,0,0], “overmap”: “crater”},
{ “point”:[2,0,0], “overmap”: “crater”},
{ “point”:[0,1,0], “overmap”: “crater”},
{ “point”:[1,1,0], “overmap”: “crater”},
{ “point”:[2,1,0], “overmap”: “crater”},
{ “point”:[0,2,0], “overmap”: “crater”},
{ “point”:[1,2,0], “overmap”: “crater”},
{ “point”:[2,2,0], “overmap”: “hell_entrance”}
“locations” : [ “wilderness” ], “//”:“what special locations does it spawn”,
“city_distance” : [-1, 1], “//”:“how far from a city it should be”,
“city_sizes” : [8, 16], “//”:“what city sizes should it spawn in”,
“occurrences” : [0, 1], “//”:“how many per overmap”,
“rotate” : true, “//”:“allow rotation”

Thanks for the halps. Still some work to do.

All better? (this is me asking an opinion)

Im debating the usefulness of a 3x3 structure. Given that its intended spawning in inside a city or abutting it a 3x3 restricts where I can put it. And with presumably 10 levels of funtimes to cover . . .

Im down to z-3. Ive seen some traps around somewheres . . . so thats what ima do.

I want themes for these things. This one here has taken on a rocky, grundgy sort of feel. Relatively unpolished and pragmatic in nature instead of awesome. Maybe due to that and its size a more backwoods area is better for this?

Traps are in, Ive removed all spawns for convenience of debugging and genning in game.

So the 3x3 overmap tile is just soo big. The cty hardly ever has a space so large open for spawning, so I popped it down to 2x2. Which posed the problem of symetry.

This was solved by the perhaps neurotic method of lining up 4 overmaps to make 1 structure. A bulging cathedral. Inside Im 7/10 on. it will suffice. Outside, the barren dirt dopesnt do it for me. So I looked and found how to place randomly generated crap on the lawn. What think?

Also, I found that putting the old one underground to act as a ‘gate’ was a pretty spooky feel.

Got onto monster genning now