New talisman based mod

After playing CDDA i decided to try my hand at a bit of modding, so here it comes another mod :D!

The aim

The aim of this mod is to add utility base items of already existing items, that while perpetual/easy to craft and storage, doesnt affect the balance too much or break it.
(like a light talisman, that is basically an eternal candle)

The planning

While the mod is basically scrapping ideas from other mods, and maybe just right out just copy-pasting the items under different names and recipes, im planning on adding some original tools/furniture, that helps quality of life in the game.
so any ideas suggestions will be welcome.

The spotlights

-items are aimed to be easy to storage (tired of carrying a lamp/fuel to just read)
-needs a lot of rebalance between recipes and skills required, maybe?
-made some of the wildlife animals with the flag “pet mountable” be tamed with birdfood
-at the moment everything is auto learnable, you just need 2 on fabrication to learn everything.


Is a bare bones mod, need help with suggestions and balances, since right now everything is balanced between it being consumable, or not having that much of an impact in the way of QoL and surviving. So any help appreciated.

So thanks for your time and feedback (n.n)/

Updates notices:

21 may 2020

-added spells for a builder kind of role (more based on a tower defense vibe and utility )
-added mosnters for said theme
-finally managed to make the book able to spawn


More magic is ALWAYS welcome!